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  1. Good advice. Been thinking about switching and researching the potential consequences on my roster of projects. So your opinion is helpful. Need to move to win 10 as well. Will look into it some more. Was able to salvage things by opening a new project file and pasting tracks into it from the old file. Maybe the original file git corrupted, who knows. Bitch to build back all the settings and fx l, but so far so good.
  2. Still baffled. Emptied the pic cache. Made a copy of the project file and moved to the C drive (original project file is on the D drive). Played with the ASIO/sample settings. Froze all tracks. No luck. Inserting a new virtual instrument (Dimension Pro) seems to be a trigger point, but haven't tried other instruments yet. Hopefully my HD's haven't gone bad... that will be my last option. Open for other ideas
  3. Do you know where the pic cache is located? Don't see any program folders related to pics.
  4. Always backing up man, always. Sonar's too unstable not to LOL.
  5. This could be the issue also, will look into it. Thanks.
  6. That's interesting. I likely tried to import an MP3 into the project by mistake at some point before learning it was not possible, not sure, in any event, would that historical action, that did not execute, now be causing the error? Sounds like the best approach will be to rename and remap the project and associated files, will try that first.
  7. scooc is correct, MP3's can't be imported into a sonar project. lapasoa, my drives are large and have ample space available. Will try bitflippers advice. Another piece of info in case it's relevant... I am running two drives. Sonar and related system files, VI's etc. are installed on my C drive and project files are saved on my D drive (just another hard drive with a ton of space specifically to accommodate project files (nothing else on the D drive) P.S. peeps on this forum are awesome, so helpful, thanks again.
  8. Please tell me there's a relatively easy fix for this. Running into this all of a sudden on, brace yourselves, X2 Win 7. Have lots of hard drive space available. 6 GB RAM, but maybe a RAM issue? Sonar's been working fine for a while other than that. Fingers crossed.
  9. Thanks for the further insights. Thought about rendering the midi clip to an audio clip David Bay and then adjusting the tempo of the audio clip, but still at early stages of writing the tune and working out the drum track which is much better done in midi than in audio. I ended up editing the midi track by manually removing some of the notes which brings it down to the tempo I need. Bit of a hassle, but not too bad and I need to play with/write the drum part anyway.
  10. It's a midi track, not an audio track. I understand now that in Sonar midi tracks will automatically follow the projects tempo, so no option to adjust the tempo independent of the project. Thanks for the insights!
  11. Hi Sonar (Bandlab) friends. Here's an interesting one for you... I want to use some midi drum samples that are set at a different tempo than a song I am working on. The project tempo is 120 and the midi clip is at 70 - 80, so when I import it the clip speeds up too match the project tempo and is much to fast and doesn't give me the rhythm I'm looking for. I realize I should be using midi clips set at 120, but I can't find anything I like at that tempo. I know in other DAWs there is a way to adjust the midi clip tempo independently of the project tempo so it can be maunally matched up. Is there any way to do this in Sonar (x2) ?
  12. Trying to figure out how to enable my track automation envelopes to shift simultaneously with my clips when I change the Project tempo from 100 down to 80? Somehow the tempo changed in one of my projects from 80 bpm originally to 100, not sure how, probably human error, that means me Anyway, I can easily change the tempo back to 80 and all is well, except I did a ton of automation while the tempo was at 100 and seems that when I adjust the tempo down to 80 the clips shrink a bit to fit the new tempo, but the automation remains as before, does not shrink to fit, and is now out of place. Is there any way to have the automation shift the same as the clips when the tempo is changed?
  13. Squonk

    Storage /Memory Problems

    Buffer setting adjustment and turning off my anti virus (even though it has the proper exceptions) seems to have solved it. ... for now. Thanks all.
  14. Squonk

    Storage /Memory Problems

    tried that scook, problem still occurring. Maybe a corrupt project file?
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