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  1. Update. I re-created and then deleted the volume envelope on all tracks. No visual sign of envelopes anywhere. I have 3 custom screen views set up. When I switch between console view and track view for an instant I see the enveloped visually on the screen then they're gone when the view fully loads. Seems like there is a view in behind everything where the envelopes still exist but I cannot get to that view. Very weird
  2. Trying to delete some volume automation envelopes in Sonar X2. For some reason the envelopes are visibly deleted, but the volume automation is still on. Only happening on certain tracks, on other tracks the envelope deletes. Read a few posts on this but none seem to fix my problem. Thinking there may be a master envelope control or lock setting maybe somewhere?
  3. James nailed it ! Lee... really ?
  4. Sonar X2 question... not sure if this is the right place, if not please point me. Trying to bounce several clips in the same track together into one clip. For some reason they won't bounce. Has not happened before so wondering it there is something underlying the clips preventing them from merging together. These are midi clips.
  5. I'm using Splice sound samples with Sonar x2. After I preview a sample in Splice there is a big delay before the sound on Sonar kicks back in. Sonar actually hangs a bit, unfreezes and then after 1- seconds the sound is back on. Thinking it's something to do with my interface - Presonus Fire Studio - and/or maybe sampling or latency or buffer settings. Anyone experiencing this or know a fix ?
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