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  1. Sometimes when I clone a track the the mute solo button gets linked with the original track... when I click solo on one track it triggers solo on the other track. I unchecked "link to original clip" in the clone properties window. Can't find any answers on this in the forum, so appreciate any advice. Thanks friends
  2. I think I finally figured it out. Sort of related to Sreams comment. After investigating the project files some more noticed some of the audio files for the project were being saved on my C drive, but sonar and related other project files reside on my F drive (second internal drive). Once I moved the audio files to the F drive and deleted those on the C drive things seem to be working again with no dropouts. Guessing the delay in reading between the two drives was causing the dropout. Thank you all for the great suggestions, all were helpful. This forum is the bomb!
  3. Yes, of course. Win 7 64 bit (yes, I know, upgrading soon). Intel core i5 3.2Hz. 6 Gb RAM. Sonar X2 (yes, I know, upgrading soon also) Sonar main app and plugins installed on C drive. Project and audio files running on F drive (second large internal hard drive). Have had the occasional dropouts before, but mostly ASIO driver/buffer related or running too many synths at same time. In this case nothing is running, all bounced to audio tracks. Also running AVG virus but is turned off when I run Sonar.
  4. Can you elaborate on "real-time" bounce? I did a fast bounce.
  5. This one is baffling me. Bounced everything to tracks to do a final mix. No FX, no automation, basic tracks and some buses. Should not be sucking alot of computer power but sound keep dropping out. What am I missing friends?
  6. Some clip fade and gain automations are not working on one of my tracks. Automation works on some clips but not on other clips in the same track. Tried trimming and bouncing the clips but no difference. I have a feeling it may be a setting issue I'm missing. Appreciate any advice Sq
  7. After applying V-vocal to clips and making some minor adjustments I'm getting a lot of clicks in the resulting clips. The original clips are click free. Would it be CPU or RAM related? I tried it in a new project that has no other tracks or fx or anything using up CPU or RAM power and still getting a clicking result. Could be ASIO buffer setting related, but have also played around with different buffer settings and problem still exists. Any ideas?
  8. Good advice. Been thinking about switching and researching the potential consequences on my roster of projects. So your opinion is helpful. Need to move to win 10 as well. Will look into it some more. Was able to salvage things by opening a new project file and pasting tracks into it from the old file. Maybe the original file git corrupted, who knows. Bitch to build back all the settings and fx l, but so far so good.
  9. Still baffled. Emptied the pic cache. Made a copy of the project file and moved to the C drive (original project file is on the D drive). Played with the ASIO/sample settings. Froze all tracks. No luck. Inserting a new virtual instrument (Dimension Pro) seems to be a trigger point, but haven't tried other instruments yet. Hopefully my HD's haven't gone bad... that will be my last option. Open for other ideas
  10. Do you know where the pic cache is located? Don't see any program folders related to pics.
  11. Always backing up man, always. Sonar's too unstable not to LOL.
  12. This could be the issue also, will look into it. Thanks.
  13. That's interesting. I likely tried to import an MP3 into the project by mistake at some point before learning it was not possible, not sure, in any event, would that historical action, that did not execute, now be causing the error? Sounds like the best approach will be to rename and remap the project and associated files, will try that first.
  14. scooc is correct, MP3's can't be imported into a sonar project. lapasoa, my drives are large and have ample space available. Will try bitflippers advice. Another piece of info in case it's relevant... I am running two drives. Sonar and related system files, VI's etc. are installed on my C drive and project files are saved on my D drive (just another hard drive with a ton of space specifically to accommodate project files (nothing else on the D drive) P.S. peeps on this forum are awesome, so helpful, thanks again.
  15. Please tell me there's a relatively easy fix for this. Running into this all of a sudden on, brace yourselves, X2 Win 7. Have lots of hard drive space available. 6 GB RAM, but maybe a RAM issue? Sonar's been working fine for a while other than that. Fingers crossed.
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