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  1. It's been pretty fickle for me. Saved plenty of times after applying the setting and sometimes retains other times doesn't.
  2. Any reasons why my my bus meter settings are not retained when I re-open a project? i.e. I set bus meters to Peak Hold and when I re-open the project later those settings are not retained and I have to re-set the meters.
  3. Interesting ideas Reginald and Craig - thanks ! There are 2 compressors in Neutron but both appear to be tied to the same threshold control to. But I can probably insert two external compressors outside of neutron that will get me there. Adjusting the send balance of the two tracks should work also, , great suggestion.
  4. Using Neutron Pro in Cakewalk, I'm sending two tracks to sidechain compress a third track - i.e. a vocal track and a guitar track are both sending to a keyboard track to compress the keys track. When adjusting the threshold in the Neutron compressor for the keys track I can't seem to distinguish which of the two sends I am affecting when changing the threshold? Is that possible to adjust each send individually or are both sends just blended when adjusting the threshold? P.S. Big love ❤️to this forum, always great answers... or more questions that make me think things through,.
  5. Chris, I can't remember exactly what the fix was (my brain on drugs) but recall it was related to what Terry Kelley posted. Did that work for you?
  6. Mo Jonez

    No clip fade handle

    Thanks Will. I finally figured that out after trying a bunch of options. More work than should be needed, but it works. Appreciate the suggestion as always.
  7. Updating my audio interface, currently a Presonus FireStudio w a Firewire connection. Looking at USB-C vs Thunderbolt for a win 10 PC... which is better... which is faster... which do you like/recommend?
  8. Mo Jonez

    Unapply Neutron Preset

    For those of you using Neutron with Sonar... I've selected (applied) a preset in Neutron 3 Elements compressor module and don't like the sound and want to turn it off. I know how to change to/apply another preset in the module settings and know how to turn off the compressor module completely, but I simply want to turn that particular preset off without turning off the module - i.e. if I turn the module off then turn it back on the preset I selected previously is still applied. I know how to delete the preset, but if I understand correctly that removes it from being shown in the menu which is not what I want to do. I'm using Neutron 3 Elements, but imagine presets it work similarly for all Neutron versions. Dumb question, but driving me nuts!
  9. Mo Jonez

    Export to MP3 Problem

    Yes, Syphus, that's what I think has happened. After I unfroze the synths all was fine.
  10. Mo Jonez

    Export to MP3 Problem

    Related to Cakewalk X2... I've been exporting to MP3 for a while w no issues. But will only export about half of one of my projects, ends halfway through the song. All of the tracks are exported but only half the song time span - i.e. 1.5 min of a 3 minute song. On DAW it shows the entire export process being completed with the progress bar going to the end and the export finishing, but the resulting MP3 file only has half the song. Probably something simple, but can;t seem to figure it out or find it on the forum. Thanks friends! Update: Problem solved, seems tied to frozen synths, when unfrozen whole song gets exported. Guess the mix down process on exports bangs up against the synth freeze which is essentially a mix down.
  11. Mo Jonez

    V Vocal Format Function

    Ahh, I see said the blind man!
  12. Quick related yet unrelated Nectar question... I'm using nectar for a bunch of vocal trax (about 8 trax), do you prefer, or is it better, to apply Nectar to each track or to rout groups of tracks to a bus and apply Nectar to the bus? I'd prefer to apply it on individual trax as the vocal tones of each track are a bit different. Appreciate your thoughts friends.
  13. Mo Jonez

    V Vocal Format Function

    Been using V Vocal for a while, but never used the "Format" function. Does anyone know what that function does?
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