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  1. Success! Thanks scook. Love this forum.
  2. @scook RX10 is not showing in the Tools Editor Edit pull down list as an option.
  3. Using RX 10, followed @treesha instructions, clip loaded up nicely, rendered the fix (removed a click on the vocal track), but can't seem to get it sent back to cakewalk nothing happens after I click send back. What am I missing, any ideas?
  4. Figured it out, highlighting across the time ruler just the length of the song limits the export to the highlighted section. Now if I could only figure out how to delete a forum post when I find the answer before anyone replies LOL.
  5. Tracks are running on past the end of the audio after exporting - i.e. exported song has dead space at the end. Thinking there's something hidden at the end of the track like an automation or similar, but can't find it. Appreciate some tips P.S. I know this has been answered before, sorry to re-ask but not coming up when searching the forums, appreciate a quick answer or link to the answer. Thanks cake mates.
  6. I see said the blind man! By resetting to the original path - thanks @@scook - and utilizing the set of Save As settings for new projects moving forward - thanks @msmcleod - I am back on track and after some testing everything is located correctly when re-opened. I get so caught up in new projects and moving folders and files around I forget the basics sometimes. Love his forum!
  7. Similar to you Cactus, I save projects to separate folders as many are for specific clients and I want to keep the project file and associated wav files, etc. all in the same client folder... especially the auto generated wave files created during composition and editing. If I could somehow get back to that to a default that will automatically pick up the current project that would be great, maybe I can find what the original file path was from someone and insert it into the export path, that may be worth a shot.
  8. When I am working on multiple project and open a project file and check where the locations are for saving the project file and the audio experts, Cakewalk always defaults (or retains) the locations from the previous project. I end up having to change the folder locations to the current project folder each time I move to a diff project. Is this normal or is there a way to adjust the settings somewhere to default to the current project folder? Screen shot attached. Notice the name of the current open project top left and the default folder locations listed on the right from a previous project. Not sure if I've explained it properly, hopefully it makes sense, happy to provide more details.
  9. It's been pretty fickle for me. Saved plenty of times after applying the setting and sometimes retains other times doesn't.
  10. Any reasons why my my bus meter settings are not retained when I re-open a project? i.e. I set bus meters to Peak Hold and when I re-open the project later those settings are not retained and I have to re-set the meters.
  11. Interesting ideas Reginald and Craig - thanks ! There are 2 compressors in Neutron but both appear to be tied to the same threshold control to. But I can probably insert two external compressors outside of neutron that will get me there. Adjusting the send balance of the two tracks should work also, , great suggestion.
  12. Using Neutron Pro in Cakewalk, I'm sending two tracks to sidechain compress a third track - i.e. a vocal track and a guitar track are both sending to a keyboard track to compress the keys track. When adjusting the threshold in the Neutron compressor for the keys track I can't seem to distinguish which of the two sends I am affecting when changing the threshold? Is that possible to adjust each send individually or are both sends just blended when adjusting the threshold? P.S. Big love ❤️to this forum, always great answers... or more questions that make me think things through,.
  13. Chris, I can't remember exactly what the fix was (my brain on drugs) but recall it was related to what Terry Kelley posted. Did that work for you?
  14. Mo Jonez

    No clip fade handle

    Thanks Will. I finally figured that out after trying a bunch of options. More work than should be needed, but it works. Appreciate the suggestion as always.
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