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  1. Apologies if the solution has been written elsewhere, but can anyone reveal the solution to the greyed out Sunset in Mixbox? I'm suffering from it too!
  2. Same problem here, although the plugins are 5.9.0.
  3. As a very long time user of Sound Forge, I cannot see enough to make me want to upgrade - possibly for the first time ever.
  4. Agree with all. Far too expensive for limited use. At £29.99 yes, maybe even £49.99 - but £199 + VAT no thanks. I have everything GForce have done and really like their stuff. I don't think there is a piece that I've done recently that doesn't have the M-Tron Pro (recently = five years for me) on it somewhere.
  5. Is anyone else noticing a delay in links appearing in their promotions? I seem to have some not appeared yet.
  6. Modartt Pianoteq 7.4 Updated to 7.4.1 https://www.modartt.com/ 7.4.1 (2021/07/05) Fix random crash of the plugin version. Restore compatibility with macOS 10.7 and 10.8. Damping duration reduction in all Jazz presets.
  7. First time ever done this, so here goes. UVI PX SunBox - Galactic Analog/Digital Hybrid Synth 49 Euros Intro Price https://www.uvi.net/px-sunbox "A feat of instrument design, the SunSyn is a fantastically complex-in-all-the-right-places labor of love from German synthmaker JoMoX. Released in 1999, it can be considered in simple terms as an 8-voice polyphonic analog/digital hybrid, or in a more adventurous way as 8 discrete modular mono synths. Each voice is outfitted with 2 true analog oscillators capable of saw, square, or pulse with PWM, and 2 guided digital oscillators with hundreds of waveforms and custom sample support."
  8. I installed it and it worked. However, I got tired of the constant scanning of the Presonus Hub as i started up - took a while (Waves style). I decided the wait wasn't worth the gain ands so uninstalled it.
  9. Elsewhere, on this wonderful world we call the internet, they (inMusic) have said that no one should lose out. So if you had BFD2 licenses you should be getting them in BFD3.4. When? Who knows?
  10. Brilliant. Just got to wait. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Have had to dust off BFD2 for those .... BFD2 kits! They have not made the journey over to BFD3 v3.4.0.24 (where they previously lived). Don't want to pay £99.99 for "London Sessions" when I already have the content. Anyone else managed it yet?
  12. Love the VSM. Use it far too much. The 'Essential String Machine' list is virtually my record collection!
  13. Just found the upgrade path!
  14. Can the H949 single and dual only be bought as part of the Clockworks bundle? I have all the other plugins in the bundle, already. Would like it as an individual purchase, please.
  15. Happy Christmas to all the forum. Don't comment a lot, but I read this section first thing every morning!
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