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  1. Arranger track is a game changer, not that the game needed changing all that much. Going to save so much time and already has!
  2. Benny Bear

    Banned from KVR

    cclarry, unfortunately for my wallet, this is the first forum i look at every morning ... and throughout the day. Keep up the good work.
  3. I have both Arturia and UVI and I love both of them, in their different ways. . I realise that's no help. UVI has other stuff beyond synths - Ircam Prepared piano saves you having to look for the right size screws to put on your piano strings!
  4. Benny Bear

    MODO Drum

    Don't forget MODO Drums needs support for AVX instructions. That's why i can't have it.
  5. Loving this thread. Great memories and gear. Quite like using some the old gear, just to remember and sound different.
  6. Pre-Midi here as well. Thought it was magic that one synth / sequencer could control another. Pre Midi synth - a second hand Yamaha CS01 (still got it). First midi synth - Yamaha DX100 (still got it). Had a Yamaha QX21 sequencer follow by an Atari computer with Steinberg Pro24. Suddenly my Fostex X15 cassette four track had a lot more possibilities (with a synchronizer).
  7. Have almost everything of UVI. Got VV3 upgrade for £25 (29 Euros / $) via coupon. Which got me JP Legacy - the only one I didn't have. Very fair.
  8. Totally agree. I have Reason 10 but hardly use it as it is such a pain to connect through rewire. Wasn't going to upgrade, but now I will. Game changer!
  9. Not very happy. Six months of waiting only to find I can't have it (as part of Komplete 12) as my processor isn't AVX compatible (something i'd never heard of until today). No way around it. Not happy at all. Could be the last Native Instruments purchase form me.
  10. The plug in manager has driven me nearly insane waiting for it to do things over the years. As someone who has hoarded thousand of plugins this is so good. Thank you.
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