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  1. Whenever I open Cakewalk the Control Bar is configured 'minimally' - see screenshot for explanation. I then have to right click Control Bar and select Options and reset Control Bar. I now have the full Control Bar (see screen shot 2) ....until I exit Cakewalk and start it up again. It is now back to the 'minimal' config? How can I fix this?
  2. Please please please provide an option that will turn off the docking. It is the most irritating feature and ruins the work flow. I realize that you can hold Ctrl down when moving a window. That just shows that the function of turning it off is already there. Please make it an option via menus. I see that I am indeed not the only only with this request. Br Greg
  3. Hey, I searched to see if that was discussed before but didnt find anything. Is there a way or could you please allow for disabling docking. When you like to move your windows around it's gets totally annoying if you dont want them to dock. Actually I never came in a situation where I needed a docking function. Br Greg
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