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    Drum Map &PRV

    Just applied a drum map for AD2 and when double clicking on a midi clip the 'Piano Keyboard ' of the PRV is being displayed as well as the drum map Even if you resize the PRV to taste (in my cast Drum Map about 90% and Velocity section 10%) the selection is not saved and I have to resize each time I open the PRV (See Screenshots). Am I missing something here ???
  2. I've just discovered gain staging and seeing waveforms so low is freaking me out... on to my questions Firstly 'Chris Selim @ Mixdown Online' recommends to gain stage at -12dbfs Peak rather than -18dbfs RMS when gain staging drums. Is this a good way to gain stage Secondly, I've set the outputs to each drum and bus in AD2 to record on separate audio channels and used 'FreeG' and the above method to record the output to around -12dbfs but the waveforms look way too small. I don't know if I've done something wrong and feel uncomfortable when looking at the results. Is this the right way to gain stage AD2
  3. I know that meter colouring can be changed but as far as I can tell the db level at which this change occurs is not configurable and there are only 2 clours I want to be able to have meter change at three levels to assist with the 'Gain Staging' process Between Infinity & -18db = Colour 1 Between -18db & -10db = Colour 2 Above -10 db = Colour 3
  4. Time for a feature request
  5. I know that meter colouring can be changed but as far as I can tell the db level at which this change occurs is not configurable and there are only 2 clours I want to be able to have meter change at three levels to assist with the 'Gain Staging' process Between Infinity & -18db = Colour 1 Between -18db & -10db = Colour 2 Above -10 db = Colour 3 Can this be done in CbyB, if not anyone know of a third party plug in that does the same thing Have Fun
  6. The ability to load the same icon into multiple tracks at the same time rather than the current tedious load one track at a time approach
  7. It can be done using ...... but its clunky and easy to end up with midi clips or audio clips ending up on the wrong track. Its also flawed as if you have Track Folders that have been 'Coloured' in the original the colour is not copied over with the folder so you have to manually re-colour the folders (the tracks inside the folders which were also 'coloured' do maintain their colour though} A simple 'Merge Projects' option would be appreciated
  8. Back Story . . . . . . . I'm trying to make an orchestral template and its looking like I might be going to run short of RAM...... I upgraded from 8 to 16 Mb in the last year and so didnt want to double down on the memory stakes
  9. My PC has 16gb of RAM and when CbyB is first ran it reports 1.7GB of memory used (9%) thats 43 background process and 84 windows processes !! Is it an idea to mess about with these to free up ram or is it more trouble than its worth ??
  10. Sorted . . . . . That's 3 hours I wont get back, well I was watching John Wick 3 as well Kontakt FactLib Full Percussion.map
  11. A drum map so that when you review this intrument in the piano roll view it shws what sample the note is playing not just C3 C#3 etc !!
  12. Can multiple projects/templates be merged into one file ??
  13. A Bit Of Background - I'm a 62 year old who writes stuff for fun... Is creating a template with all the Kontatk libraries I have the start of a slippery slope ??, Discuss !!!
  14. Yep but they're out of tune with the rest of thier freebies !
  15. I already have a project that is tempo mapped (Speed increases by +4bpm every bar). What I'm wanting to do is play a line on my Bass at a certain tempo until it's 'Under The Fingers' and then increase the tempo by having the now marker move forward a bar. Cant have it play like a song as at faster speeds it will take longer to get right. Now the idea is to keep playing ... tap the sustain pedal and get it to advance to the next bar thus upping the tempo
  16. There is already a (Computer) keyboard shortcut that does what I want (i.e. Ctrl+Page Down) what I want to happen is when I press the sustain footswitch is that it triggers 'Ctrl+Page Down' ??
  17. I have a project with the tempo changing +4 bpm every bar and currently select a tempo and press play on drum VST I want to be able to move to next bar and up the tempo without leaving the instrument and was thinking I could use it to start play back and stop it when it gets to the next bar or preferably for it just to jump to he next bar when its pressed Is this doable ?
  18. Just reinstalled windows on my machine and have noticed that if a project is loaded that includes any VST FX that I havent yet reinstalled onto the PC then performance meters are jumping about a bit until the unloaded effect is removed from the FX Bin This seems a little inefficient as CbyB has already informed me that they are missing but is using more CPU trying to use something that isnt there ??
  19. I've been sloppy! When loading an old project I've got a midi channel called 'Brass' but have no idea which library I've use Is there a way for me to find this out directly from the project ?
  20. Now we've all got too many libraries in Kontakt . . . . just me then ! I know you can click on the Settings (Cog) icon and manually select and deselect libraries to display in the Library Browser and even you deselect all libraries and load a project with a Kontakt instrument in it the instrument loads into the Multirack and plays fine. What I want is for Kontakt to only show libraries in the browser if there is an instrument from that library in the multirack …. can this be done
  21. As expected, a comprehensive answer ……... Thanks to you all
  22. Off topic I know but you guys here have never failed me !! Currently have focusrite 2i2 and wanted to get new headphones and was recommend the beyerdynamic DT 770 but they come in 30 80 250 ohm versions now the focusrite heaphone out is only 10 ohms so does than mean that if I went for the 250 ohm version I would need additional amplification or should I be getting the 30 ohm version if I'm never going to have a outboard mixing console in my set up
  23. I have a Roland JV1010's (Yest I'm That Old) Audio going into CbyB and what to apply the same mastering settings that Im current using for the rest of the instrument (All VST instrument outputs go to a 'Master' Buss before being passed to the main output How do I route the incoming audio to the 'Master' bus without having to record each of the instruments individually as Audio then passing the audios output to the 'Master' Bus. Thanks in advance for any help
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