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  1. Thanks for responding! I've done that several times before, but usually the tempo derived from the audio has little to do with the music.. the feature is far from trustworthy I'll give it a try for this track but I'm skeptical.
  2. Hi Folks! How can I, after Editting the Clip Map through AudioSnap to resemble the beats and measures in the audio clip, extract that Clip Map to become the project's Tempo Track? The information should be there in AudioSnap's Clip Map, right? The beats have been corrected to resemble the first beats of every bar in the audio clip, so the variable tempo should be no problem either. It can enter the tempo on a per-bar basis, basically. How can I / why can't I do this? Now when trying to Set Project from Clip, it gives me one singular tempo... but that doesn't work with/give me a variable tempo. Naturally doing this without any help on a track like this (Flume, Peter Gabriel) is rather hard. But I'm inputting beats manually. In 2021 I do think we should be able to extract a tempo map from a clip map resulting in a variable tempo, when I input beats/measures into the clip map manually. Am I missing something? Sincerely, Arjen
  3. I ended up finding it, indeed. I edited it, but it reverted back somehow, and the installer again pointed to the 'ghost drive'. I just renamed the drive to G instead of my preferred letter, had to fix some other programs that allow for being pointed to a changed install folder, and it now works again. What a hassle! Thanks for your input, though. I hope it may help others in the same/similar position. For me it didn't work, but perhaps for a next reader!
  4. Oof. Imagine on 1440p or even 4k. I'm on the former myself. the UI sometimes doesn't lend itself too well to 1440p, but mostly the added real estate is GREAT.
  5. A small work-around to temporarily at least get Cakewalk installed is simply renaming the Drive G again... It's kind of crazy I can not adjust this in Bandlab/Cakewalk and I'm simply stuck with a drive name when I install this software, though. Edit: It installs. But please give me the option to point to different folders and tell Bandlab/Cakewalk where things are in the future. Perhaps even a 'Move install folder' // 'Move VST plugin folder' (the latter is tricky as a lot of people share VST plugins between hosts) // 'Move Picture Cache' etc. Perhaps even consolidating the jungle of folders that Cakewalk comes with would be a great idea.
  6. Hi! I changed my drive letter in the midst of installing software. (Not DURING installation, just in between installing all sorts of plugins and such. AFTER installing Cakewalk in any case) Therefore some programs had problems starting... I referred their settings and shortcuts etc. to the right folder/drive again and they were fine. Cakewalk was fine too, until I wanted to update it. The update installer said it could not find it on the Drive it was somehow/somewhere noted to be installed on. That'd be the old drive letter....... I have never regretted something this much. So I reinstall the whole thing. Scanned for leftover files and registry entries, even. Deleted it all, rebooted, ran Bandlab Assistant and ran the installer. When configuring the vstplugins folder... the 'Browse...' button is greyed out, and so is the path text entry field. Pressing next results in a dialog that tells me to choose another folder. And I still can not after pressing OK. What now? I will try reinstalling Bandlab too. Perhaps Bandlab is asked where it thinks standard folders are... and I haven't completely reinstalled Bandlab yet. If there are any other ideas. Like where to find a file or a registry key containing these standard folders.. please let me know! Reinstalling Bandlab did not work. Same problem persists.... I am now without the DAW I need to complete my work, and without a way to install it, short of changing the Drive Letter. Should not have tried to fix, nor update, while I had acute work to do. Lessen learned there, too.... Sincerely, Arjen
  7. Hi! This feature request is an odd one, as the reason for it having to exist is... odd. I got myself a new drive and reinstalled my DAW software on it. I then realized it got a drive letter from Windows pretty far out in the alphabet so I changed it to be D; right under my C boot drive in explorer. Most programs could deal with this drive letter change, however Cakewalk could not. I can now no longer update Cakewalk, as the installer tells me it can not find the program on the disk with the drive letter the disk had when Cakewalk was originally installed. Now I admit it'd be great if Microsoft got their act together and fixed things like this. It's probably all to do with the registry system. A system Linux apparently doesn't need... and is the source of many issues in Windows. Now.. to the actual feature request, if you hadn't seen it coming by now: Could you add a way to point to the install folder(s?) if the installer can not detect the installation drive? Perhaps this is better suited to the Bandlab Assistant, though; to have the Bandlab Assistant app point to the install drive and clean up the registry and such? Sincerely, Arjen
  8. I can not see the woods for so many trees anymore. 1. It's an enormous pain to have Cakewalk successfully analyze an audio source for its Tempo, and apply this Tempo to the (it may be said.. awesomely improved Tempo Map view!) Tempo Map, by ways of dragging the audio clip into the tempo/measure bar (what is the right term to use here?). Ableton Live among others can do this almost without failure. 2. Audiosnap offers a feature to check the timing values of a clip (fourths or eights for example) and place those resolutions over audio transients (Edit Clip Map). It's EXTREMELY headstrong, however; when I try to move the first beat on top of the first real musical audio transient, it often refuses. When it does snap, the other values often do not follow. I then move the second, third, fourth, or even the 1 of a next measure.. expecting the algorithm to then have enough hand-holding to figure the rest of the audio transients out and place them within the tempo parameters of the audio. But nope. Why can't I input the average tempo myself, to give the struggling algorithm a hand? Why doesn't it change dynamically based on me dragging the temporal anchors (is that the name...? Clip Map Flags? I don't know) on the top of the edit clip map UI? 3. Audiosnap menu is rather wizardy in general. So many buttons.. while Live, or even Logic does it so enormously simply. I think we can do better and clearer in 2021. Although I am one of those customers that asks better and yet does not know how... sorry. 4. What is Groove clip? I can make an audio clip follow the tempo of the project by checking a box in the track/clip inspector view. Does it use the same system as Audiosnap? I've used them both, however these features seem to bite one another... and I have not gotten it to work well once. I probably need to read more documentation/watch tutorials.. but I also really think everything can and should be under the same feature set.. clearly named, with the same iconography, the same or similar UI elements, under the same overarching name, such as AudioSnap. 5. Graphical & UI/UX issues with Audio Clips that span over more than 1 tempo and/or time signature. I've had them display over more or less time than they should be displayed, and when I drag them around, it shows double or half the drag than actually executed when I release the mouse. There's some shady stuff going on there.. Of course you've inherited SONAR and Roland's code.. along with some of their talented programmers, and I'm really hoping that all that code shows promise and can be improved upon, with all these tempo detection/warp/follow features consolidating under one more modern, better functioning algorithm, and more intuitive to use UI. All in all I love Bandlab for rescuing this wonderful DAW. I'd pay a subscription if it were available Keep on rocking and improving this community and software please! ❤️
  9. I like the LFO idea. Do you mean to use it as a MIDI control value for automation on FX parameters and such?
  10. You mean an improvement upon the already existing Auto-save feature? I'm with you on that one. I'm really glad the feature exists, but it interrupts workflow and sometimes even causes crashes depending on when it decides to auto-save.
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