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  1. Hey, thanks for your comment. For the voices and instrumentalization I have used Strezov Choir Essentials and Tha orchestra Complete2, for Kontakt. The truth is that I was pleasantly surprised by the versatility of these tools. The truth is that I have been pleasantly surprised by the versatility of these tools. I will keep working on that path. Receives a warm greeting. Nio
  2. Friends, I leave you my last work. For me it is important since it is the first result of my experimentation with this style that could be called epic music. I have played classical instruments such as violins, violas, cellos and double basses. Also on percussion it resonates medieval. After so much Pop and Rock I wanted to vary and I think I'll continue down this road a little more. I hope you like it and my English is well understood. A hug to all! Nio Luna de Hispania
  3. Hello friends from Spain. I would like to ask you a question related to the equalization of the electric bass. I usually use Ezbass, and I have noticed that when I listen to my basses on a cell phone, mine are barely audible compared to the professionals, they are louder and clearer. I guess it has to do with equalization. Do you know any easy trick to fix this? It seems silly, but many people only listen to the songs on their cell phone, not from good speakers, at least the first time. I put 2 samples as an example. professional.mp3 me.mp3
  4. Hi John, I know what you mean, I'm also getting used to hearing it without voices and, in the catchiest part, it's not missing much. The truth is that from the beginning I wanted to write a somewhat philosophical text about things that I have read that say that it happens after death, and that we become reunited with loved ones, although perhaps not with all of them. That's why I'm having a hard time finding the right words so that the lyrics don't get too cheesy, or too silly. I want it to be simple, but deep. Inspiration hasn't hit me yet. In addition, I need to create a variation, a kind of bridge before the last chorus... Thank you for your words, and also those of the other colleagues, I appreciate them very much πŸ™‚ Sorry my english, I used google traslator
  5. Good song, and the video too. Very professional. Congratulations!
  6. Hello dear friends, I present to you the work I am doing. It's a simple song, at the moment it has no text, and maybe I gave it an instrumental, (sometimes I find it hard to write) 😞 I have titled the musical piece "We will meet again", and it is not finished yet, especially in the first part something is missing, and the part, let's say, of the chorus, I repeat it too much, that's why I will make some changes before terminate it. Nos volveremos a encontrar | We will meet again
  7. By the way, I am going to present you the original song to which I wanted to make my little homage. Thank you! Me quedo contigo Me quedo contigo (I stay with you)
  8. Many thanks to you too, Bajan Blue, you are very kind πŸ™‚
  9. Thank you very much Mark. I am very happy that you liked πŸ™‚
  10. Thank you, Dream Art Scientists,for appreciate my work πŸ™‚
  11. Thank you very much, freddy j, for your words. Nio
  12. Thank you. I try to made it similar to original, of Los Chunguitos band. Is a 1980 song
  13. Β‘Hello everyone! Any question please tell me. "Me quedo contigo" ( I stay with you) PD. I'm sorry, I had a mistake with the automatic translator,
  14. Well, I found it, thanks to John Maar As VSTi: In spanish, (sorry, my melodyne is in spanish). Asignaciones----->preferencias----->Look----> Contraste mΓ‘s alto. As standalone version: File | Preferences | User Interface | Look
  15. Hello, in Melodyne, does anyone know if there is any way of Making the Grid more visible, more contrast? I think it can't be changed
  16. Hello whoisp Anothe good song. Good job buddy Excuses for my english, google translate πŸ˜‰
  17. Nio Sebez


    Hello Abull, a like your song. Thank you for exist πŸ™‚ Nio
  18. Yes treesha, the truth is that I think you have understood me very well. I was very happy talking to you πŸ™‚
  19. Hello dear friend, thank you for the message. In the first version I uploaded, I think I recorded the voices with my cell phone, this time I recorded them with a microphone of a certain quality, although not very expensive. I understand that you say that the voices are low in volume, but I did it on purpose, because I don't like how my voice turns out, I'm not a great singer, and I don't like the bass parts at all, that's why I don't want to give it too much presence. I wish I had a better voice πŸ™‚ Sincerely! Nio
  20. Edit: April, 23, 2022 Hello dear colleagues. I bring you an update of this song. I have retouched the ending. A hug πŸ™‚ https://www.bandlab.com/niosebez2/miedo-ira-5cf7ba7d?revId=8209d9e0-49c3-ec11-997e-28187831e8a1
  21. I like it. Congratulation!!
  22. I take note from your suggest. In the last version that I uploaded last Monday I corrected the drums a bit, anyway, the concise mix will be done when all the parts of the song are completed, including the lyrics of the melody, the verse, and some other arrangement which, surely, I will add. Now I'm waiting to see if I can think of some lyrics for this melody that I have recorded (the chorus). What I fear the most is when it comes to singing it, my voice is limited and I'm not sure if it works well with this musical style, we'll see .. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your words treesha. All the best Nio
  23. I did it, you right, sound is better now πŸ™‚ Thank you brother.. Tomorrow update the outline in bandcamp..
  24. yes, although I had thought that this melodie would be the chorus.. You abother question: No banjo my friend, just the electric guitar and nylon. Thank you πŸ™‚ Nio
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