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  1. Hello Mark, I appreciate your advice, I take note and I will let you know when the next update goes up. All the best
  2. Thanks mark. I'm still working on the issue and have made some changes. I have changed the VST for the bass, and I have also modified some volumes and final mix. There is still a lot left to finish it. You can hear the update I uploaded. A cordial greeting.. Nio
  3. That's right, the voice has some artifacts that I haven't been able to eliminate, it's the best I've been able to isolate the vocal track from the cassette. Thanks for participating in the thread
  4. Thank you for writing your comment. I think you're both right about the kick, it sounds a lot and I'm going to touch that up.
  5. Impeccable sound. Beautiful ballad..
  6. Hello friends, today I bring a song that is almost finished, it only needs a guitar solo and some other final adjustments. I have not been able to improve the girl's voice (a bandmate at that time) since I have isolated it from a cassette recording from 1998. Let's see what you can tell me about the mastering or the sound in general. A hug Nio sebez I am attaching the digitized mp3 of the cassette where the demo was recorded in 1998, which I used to make the cover. Also a photo of that band. I am the guitarist Solo para mi-completa.mp3
  7. Oh thank you very much, it seems that it worked by deactivating that button. I am very grateful to you. Happy New Year 2024!
  8. I can't find that option. Is it on the screen I put?
  9. I have done what you told me and everything seems fine, but the problem persists. I provide a video capturing the screen so that it is easier to understand what is happening to me. Poltergeist Cakewalk_03.mp4
  10. Hello, okay, I'll try what you tell me. I just installed a version from last October and the problem continues. Right now I'm running an antivirus and when it's done, I'll try your advice. Thanks, I'll tell you later...
  11. Hello everyone. I want to raise the problem that I have been suffering for several days now. Something that had never happened to me before, and I have been using Cakawalk for more than 15 years. This is a kind of poltergeis that happens when, for example, copying and pasting part of a track in a later measure, and things like that. It turns out that by doing that, it erases midi or audio information, divides tracks, or separates the recording, making cuts anywhere. Of course, it disrupts the whole project for me. This way it is impossible to work. Is this happening to anyone else? I already said that I have been using cakecalk for more than 15 years and it has never happened to me? Greetings and please, I need help. Nio Sebez PD. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language
  12. This is the version I've made of a flamenco piece of music. I've given it a rock touch, to turn it into Andalusian Rock!
  13. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I continue to outline the trumpet, there are parts where I want it more sharp. That's my problem, I'm never satisfied.
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