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  1. I take note from your suggest. In the last version that I uploaded last Monday I corrected the drums a bit, anyway, the concise mix will be done when all the parts of the song are completed, including the lyrics of the melody, the verse, and some other arrangement which, surely, I will add. Now I'm waiting to see if I can think of some lyrics for this melody that I have recorded (the chorus). What I fear the most is when it comes to singing it, my voice is limited and I'm not sure if it works well with this musical style, we'll see .. 🙂 Thanks for your words treesha. All the best Nio
  2. I did it, you right, sound is better now 🙂 Thank you brother.. Tomorrow update the outline in bandcamp..
  3. yes, although I had thought that this melodie would be the chorus.. You abother question: No banjo my friend, just the electric guitar and nylon. Thank you 🙂 Nio
  4. I like it. Sounds like you have a good template going here. Looking forward to hearing more as you ideas and mix progresses. Yes, I also like the idea. It needs more development, of course, and more melodies to complete the song ...
  5. Hi, thanks for your tips, like I said, it's just a sketch and there's a lot to do. I take note of your subjection I think they are correct ... 🙂
  6. I hope it gets big ... 🙂 https://niosebez.bandcamp.com/track/vive-y-deja-vivir v. 019
  7. I recorded the guitar solo without an amp, I plugged the guitar directly into an old beheringer multi-effects, and from there to the audio card and cakewalk. The truth is that I'm not totally convinced of the solo's sound, but hey, I think I'll just leave it as it is. Thanks again for your comments, they always enrich
  8. Thank you for your kind words, it is very comforting to hear them, although I did not want them to create too much vanity 🙂 There is something that I do not understand, my mother tongue is Spanish and I am not fluent in English. It's this: "I got a little set back from the tone, which could do with maybe a bit more high end? The bite got muffled a bit, for me."
  9. Thank you my friend, I appreciate your words. It is true that in the end I lowered the tempo 🙂
  10. Thanks Mark for your words. I have to confess that the short solo (chopped), of flamenco guitar, not mine, is a sample, the rest is, of course. As for the guitar, at that time my guitar had a mass noise that annoyed me a lot, it still has it, although less loud. The problem that I see in the end is that it gives me the feeling that something is missing, some more instrument, perhaps an organ or another guitar. But hey, I did this song several years ago and I don't think I'm going to play it anymore. 🙂
  11. Hello again. I'm thinking of finishing the end of this song. It's too empty, isn't it?
  12. Very, very good. I like the sound, and the studio 😉
  13. Very good my friend. I also use EZ Drummer 😉
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