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  1. Hello people After the message that Eric Parsons sent us yesterday, it occurred to me to make an English version of this song. I speak a little English, but not enough, for my liking, to do a good job, and also the translated lyrics would have to be fitted so that it fits well with the rhythm of the song. Someone, man or woman, dares to sing it? You could do the recording in your own studio and send me the wav for mixing. It's just an idea, but it would be nice to hear it in English 🙂
  2. Hi Eric, thank you for your comment, it is appreciated. Regarding the title, I think a better translation would be. "I'm not going to get it" or I will not get it ", or" I'm not going to put it on ", referring to the famous vaccine. I really don't know which of the three would be the most correct, could you help me? You have given me an idea, maybe I sing it in English too 🙂 The whole letter is very small, I want to add a little more to it. It would be something like this.. (I used a bit google traslator) AH, AH ,AH ,AH (BIS) -NIÑA NO LO DUDES, PIENSA EN TI -NO TE VAYAS A ARREPENTIR -PARECE UNA VACUNA Y NO LO ES -YO NO ME LA VOY A PONER AH, AH ,AH ,AH (BIS) -UNETÉ A LA QUINTA COLUMNA BOY - NO ENCIENDAS LA TELEVISIÓN -NO DEJES QUE TE ENGAÑEN OTRA VEZ -PRONTO TE SENTIRAS MEJOR. SÓLO GUITARRA -------------------------------------------------------- AH, AH, AH, AH (BIS) -GIRL DO NOT HESITATE, THINK ABOUT YOU -OR YOU CAN REPENT - IT LOOKS LIKE A VACCINE AND IT IS NOT, - I'M NOT GOING TO PUT IT ON AH, AH, AH, AH (BIS) JOIN THE FIFTH COLUMN, BOY - DO NOT TURN ON THE TELEVISION -DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU AGAIN - SOON YOU WILL FEEL BETTER. Guitar solo P.S. I hope don't bother people who are favorable to vaccines, I like to sing what I think.
  3. Magnificent, you have made me remember my beginnings with rock and roll 😉
  4. Nio Sebez


    good for author movie soundtrack, Bravo!
  5. Inspiring music, congratulations bdickens 🙂
  6. Thanks you Wookiee for your comment. By the way, I say one word in English: boy 😉
  7. Last update version Does anyone detect the changes? https://niosebez.bandcamp.com/track/yo-no-me-la-voy-a-poner
  8. Very quiet, I like it 🙂
  9. Thank you KurtS, I'm glad you like it 🙂
  10. Very nice song and correctly produced. Congratulations 🙂
  11. Gracias amigo, poco a poco le voy pillando el truco al Cakewalk 🙂
  12. Hello again people, I bring you my latest creation, although it lacks some text that I will add in the next few days .. 😉 https://niosebez.bandcamp.com/track/yo-no-me-la-voy-a-poner
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