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  1. Oh my gosh, thankyou. Never had this problem crop up before in Sonar/CbB so the Split Instrument feature never had to be used - but a super easy fix. Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks for your response. That's obviously a solution, but across multiple projects (e.g. a TV series with muliple cues) and with multiple synths per project? Absolutely not feasible especially when under time pressure. This applies even when starting a new project with Track Template. The routing is completely messed up.
  3. Hello, I don't think this error is tied to a recent update, but from digging around the forums it appears it may have something to do with MIDI devices and how they're assigned? Anyway, I open up a project. I solo the synth instrument track and all it's related MIDI tracks are solo'd. Here you can see Kontakt 1 VI is solo'ed, with activates all the related Kontakt 1 MIDI tracks. This works fine with the next VI track(Omnisphere). I solo it and then all related Omnisphere MIDI tracks are solo'ed too. Here's where the fun starts. From here on out, my remaining VIs are not syncing up with their corresponding MIDI tracks (and indeed not playing the correct sounds if they are even mapped at all). What happened?!?!?! How is this occuring? The K 2-* MIDI tracks sohuld be highlighted, but instead it highlights the Omnisphere instruments again? How?! Likewise with the next set of Kontakt tracks. The Kontakt 3 - Choir VI should correspond with the CHOIR MIDI tracks, but instead they correspond to the Best Service Engine MIDI tracks?! How?! I don't know if this is a Cakewalk error, or if I changed something on my system to affect this. Irrespective of that, I can see no way to change the routing of the VI? Any help would be appreciated, the only way around this is to start from scratch and re-route, which is a horrendous waste of time and frankly soul-destroying, especially if this is going to apply to every single old/legacy project. Thankyou kindly.
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