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  1. that's all good info. Unfortunately a lot of my Sonar 8.5 projects were done in 32 bit mode due to some of the plugins I liked "tape simulator" being one a quite a few, thus the reason about original registration licenses and codes etc. ...I was also on XP at the time of original install. Luckily they were still the original cakewalk when I switched to Windows 7 ... When I open CbB many of the plugins are missing even in 64 bit version some of those aren't there either. That's why I am hoping to clone my drive and do my 10 upgrade on that. I will always have my Windows 7 (offline) to rely on. I just actually prefer the older interface and work flow of 8.5 Producer to be honest, both 64 and 32 bit versions... only issue with 32 is you are limited to 8 gigs of ram and i have 32 gigs installed. Stayed with 8.5 when i decided that yearly liscense fees were for the birds!
  2. I have a "I'm in Limbo" situation. I have both Cakewalk by BandLab and Sonar 8.5 Producer installed. However I need to finally make the transition to Windows 10. I am currently on Windows 7 Pro. My problem is this. I plan on "cloning" my current hard drive to another internal Hard drive for the sole purpose of "just in case"... I have projects i still work on in Sonar 8.5 because some of the plugins do not transfer to Cakewalk by BandLab ( which really stinks by the way )My problem is if i update to Windows 10 ( i still have an anytime 10 upgrade ) it may not recognize Sonar 8.5 if i have to do a re-install. ACtually it maybe registration codes and license etc that maybe the issue ion reality! If i do have to do a fresh install of a Sonar product that I (Paid 400 US dollars ) for by the way...I intend by gosh to still use it as needed! This is why I am cloning my disc so i have a Windows 7 Pro backup in case my license codes are "rendered useless." ...I will still have the "fix patch exe. files" however but will I be able to re-install Sonar 8.5 before installing Cakewalk by BandLab? ... I have read many articles that when jumping to BandLab version which is essentially "Sonar Platinum" you should first have former Cakewalk versions installed prior to recognize the .cwp project files. Last thing i wish to do is to have to render all my upteen hundred projects as an AIFF file and have to buy a new DAW to learn all over again! Any and all help is Greatly appreciated and thanks in advance! currently on Windows 7 Pro .... 64 bit Intel i5 3.2 ghz quad core 32gb DDR4
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