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  1. Same issue here. Also rebooted, same thing.
  2. I also stopped by the Bandlab booth and chatted with Mike. I told him I was a loyal Cakewalk user and a Sonar Refugee who was glad the DAW came back to life. I also learned that "BREVERB" is pronounced, "BEE-RE-VERB" and not "BREE-VERB." 😮
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    Hmmm, I won't have 8.5 since I went from Sonar 7 to X1. I doubt my Sonar 7 DVD will have the 64-bit DX version.
  4. Need some recommendations for go-to reverb VST plugins for CbB. I default to Breverb, but it doesn't have everything I'm looking for. I *REALLY* liked the Lexicon DX plugin that was bundled back in the Sonar days. I was going to buy some of the current Lexicon plugin packages, but unfortunately they all use iLok, which is a major turnoff for me. I also have the Waves Diamond bundle, which has R-Verb, but I only really use that on occasion. What are your go-to reverb plugins?
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