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  1. Wow, check this out. I passed by my DAW PC's tower case which had been sitting on top of my dining room table, and out of frustration, hit the power button. Guess what? IT POWERED ON!!!!! 😮😮😮 I turned it off, turned it on again...still powered on, LED lights and everything! Then I moved it back to my studio, plugged all the cables in and... IT TURNED ON! EVERYTHING BOOTED UP! I had to reset my computer's date/time and go over my CMOS settings (most were on auto anyway)...but...my DAW computer is working again!!!!! All files intact! In fact, I'm typing on it right now! Dunno what happened, but it works now!
  2. A few weeks ago a transformer blew in my area and the power went out in my neighborhood. The power came back up a few minutes later and everything was okay, but when I turned on my DAW PC the next day (it was off during the power outage), it wouldn't turn on. I thought it was peculiar since it's plugged into a Surge Protector - two of them, in fact (both a power strip and a specific Surge Protector that plugs into a wall socket). I recently opened up my PC to take a look. No visible damage or smell. No funny-looking capacitors. I removed and disconnected the PSU, a Kingwin 650W and did the "paper clip test" by shorting out two wires in the Motherboard plug with a bent paper clip and it turned on, the fan was spinning. But I theorized that incidentally or coincidentally, the PSU may have gone bad, yet had enough power to turn on by itself but not the whole computer. I borrowed my dad's PC and temporarily transplanted the PSU (It's a generic brand 450 or 500W), plugged it in the motherboard and CPU sockets, and turned on my computer. MY COMPUTER TURNED ON! I didn't have any drives or the monitor plugged in, I just wanted to see if it was the PSU or Motherboard at fault (I have an ASRock Socket 2011 board, which is still pretty expensive on the used/NOS market). But I heard the CPU fan spin and the power LED on the case lit up - which didn't happen before. So I assumed my Kingwin PSU may have gone bad. I ordered a 700W Seasonic fanless PSU off of Newegg and it arrived today. I installed it, plugged all the modular cables in (Motherboard, CPU, SATA), checked, double-, triple- and quadruple- checked if all the cables were firmly placed in their sockets, and...the computer still didn't turn on. I even tried turning it on with only the Motherboard and CPU sockets plugged in...still nothing (Yes, I had the switch next to the power cable on the PSU turned on). I had researched about computers not powering on due to dead CMOS batteries, and my CMOS battery was the same one that came with my motherboard when I bought it in 2012, so I figured it needed replacement. So I bought a brand new CR-2032. Still nothing. I'm at my wit's end. It may be possible that I had bad luck and bought a bad PSU but what are the chances? I've had over 20 years' experience building my own systems so I'm no noob when it comes to PCs. I have no idea what to do now. I could check the PSU's voltages but I don't have a digital multimeter handy. Halp...
  3. Thanks, I was wondering whether it had something to do with a plugin (Aly James Lab's V-PROM (Linn LM-1 drum machine emulation VST). I tried closing a project that didn't use that plugin and got no error. I recently ordered the latest version of that plugin so we'll see if it's addressed in the update.
  4. I'm extremely militant with keeping drivers updated... What app do I use to open the .dmp file? I used Notepad and it's a bunch of characters.
  5. I have the latest version (2020.11 build 099) and I've been having this Fatal Error whenever I close projects (See attached). I've been noticing this since Build 098 and updated it to 099 but never noticed any difference. It's more of an annoyance since fortunately I'm able to save the project file before closing it so there's nothing lost, but it's better to not have an error that an error, right?
  6. Same issue here. Also rebooted, same thing.
  7. I also stopped by the Bandlab booth and chatted with Mike. I told him I was a loyal Cakewalk user and a Sonar Refugee who was glad the DAW came back to life. I also learned that "BREVERB" is pronounced, "BEE-RE-VERB" and not "BREE-VERB." 😮
  8. Elson


    Hmmm, I won't have 8.5 since I went from Sonar 7 to X1. I doubt my Sonar 7 DVD will have the 64-bit DX version.
  9. Need some recommendations for go-to reverb VST plugins for CbB. I default to Breverb, but it doesn't have everything I'm looking for. I *REALLY* liked the Lexicon DX plugin that was bundled back in the Sonar days. I was going to buy some of the current Lexicon plugin packages, but unfortunately they all use iLok, which is a major turnoff for me. I also have the Waves Diamond bundle, which has R-Verb, but I only really use that on occasion. What are your go-to reverb plugins?
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