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  1. Yup, I've seen that vid! And I know Mark is the man! 🙂
  2. I have the QCon Pro 2 and EX G2, and they're great DAW controllers. I simply can't get Cakewalk to respond to them when I use them in User Defined Mode, which I need in order to send CC1, CC11, etc, when I record orcfhestral parts. Hence the need for the Monogram CC which I ordered about two weeks ago. Should arrive in another week of so. I'll let folks know how that turns out. FWIW, IMHO the Monogram controller is quite a bit more than a cute little controller. It'll send MIDI of course, but it'll also send Keyboard messages, App-specific messages, OS messages, and even Joystick mode . And you can program up to 15 Profiles, so the knobs, faders, buttons, etc, can have multiple definitions. I've seen a guy use on with another DAW and set it up with a profile for Recording, another for Mixing, another for Editing, etc.
  3. Is anyone using the Monogram control surfaces successfully with Cakewalk? Christian from Spitfire uses it very successfully with Cubase, I think. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work with CbB, because it can be programmed to send just about any MIDI message. Modular Productivity Tool for Creative Pros | Monogram Creative Console (monogramcc.com) Thanks! Tom
  4. And in this pic you can see the CC data in the PRV when recording the faders from the Impact keyboard controller. They're recorded as MIDI Events, not track automation. This is what I want, but from the QCon, not the Impact (because of the much longer faders on the QCon).
  5. In case a picture helps. As you can see, Track 1 (High Strings) is showing the recorded CC1 and CC11 automation. But it's not shown in the PRV below.
  6. Update to my efforts to use my QCon Pro G2 to control CbB, specifically, orchestral VST instruments like Abbey Road One by Spitfire. I found out that I can use the Pro G2 in User Defined Mode, but keep it setup as a Mackie Control control surface in Cakewalk. It sends CC messages and all other MCU-type commands to Cakewalk. The issue now is that while I can send CC1 and CC11 to Cakewalk from the Pro G2, MIDI and Instrument tracks do not record it. The track Inputs are set to All Channels, so it should be listening and receiving the incoming CC messages. I suspect it's something in the MCU protocol that's interfering. I am, however, able to record CC1 and CC11 if I setup the track's Automation Lanes to be Remote Controlled and Abbey Road One does respond to them. Unfortunately, it's a real pain to have to Write Enable each lane to record, then Write Disable and Read Enable to play the track back. There must be simpler way, such as recording simple incoming MIDI CC messages as Events. In fact, with my Nectar Impact LX88+ I don't have to jump through these same hoops to record fader movements. The Impact is also setup as a Control Surface, and it records fader movements during normal track record. The CC messages are displayed in the Piano Roll as MIDI Events. I understand the difference between MIDI Events and Automation. What I want is simple MIDI Events that I can view and edit in the PRV. For some reason, I can record them with Impact but not QCon. Should I be barking up the QCon tree instead? FWIW, their Support is very minimal; I'm hoping someone here is using a QCon and figured out how to customize it for use in CbB already.
  7. I'm talking about the QCon Pro G2, even though I referred to an M+ tutorial. I assume custom mapping is the same across the lineup.
  8. Hello everyone! I recently purchased the QCon Pro G2. I was able to set it up with CbB using the Mackie Control protocol and it works fine. My question is about Custom Mapping the Pro G2. Specifically, I want to assign CC1 (Modulation) and CC11 (Expression) to two of the faders in order to control my Spitfire Audio orchestral library Abbey Road One. I watched Mike from QCon show how this is done in another model, and assumed it's more or less the same thing fro the G2. So far in my efforts, I've been able to use QCon's iMap software to switch to User Defined Mode and reassign Faders 1 and 2 from their Default assignments (Pitch Bend) to CC1 and CC11. I validated that the faders were indeed sending CC1 and 11 on Ch1 using MIDI-Ox to monitor the output. The Abbey Road One plugin doesn't respond to the fader movements, however, even though it's also on Ch1. I suspected it's because CbB is still expecting the Pro G2 to be in Mackie Control protocol, but I'm now in User Defined Mode. If I delete the control surface in CbB and create new ones based on Generic Surface, Abbey Road does indeed respond to CC1 and 11. But the problem is none of the other Pro G2 controls have any effect. I don't want to have to program a complete Generic Surface just to make two changes to what I get using Mackie Control. Has anyone had success using a QCon iCon control surface with a custom mapping?
  9. I'll third this request! Because Ticks are divisions of the Beat, and Tempo affects the frequency of the Beats, it also affects the frequency of the Ticks. One cannot set a negative MIDI Time Offset and achieve a result that is consistent across Tempo Changes. Media composers rely heavily on Tempo changes, and it's impossible to achieve a consistent alignment of the note's attacks/onsets. If Cakewalk is to be considered by Media Composers, this feature enhancement must be added. Please, I strongly encourage you to add MilliSeconds as an option to the Time+ Offset feature. Thank you for your consideration!
  10. Awesome! Wow! Talk about listening to the customer!!! THANK YOU!
  11. Hi all! Setup ... Turn Auto Track Zoom ON. When I use my Control Surface to move to Next or Prev track, and that track is in a Collapsed folder, Cakewalk moves to the correct track but doesn't Expand the folder for me to see the track. I'm requesting this functionality be considered for a future version. In fact, I feel it's a deficiency (defect) in the Auto Track Zoom feature. The Auto Track Zoom feature would also Collapse the current folder when it moves to a track in a different folder, and of course, then Expand that new folder. Ideally, this feature might be included in the Preferences or Track Options. Thanks for your consideration! Tom
  12. Thanks for confirming my results. Interestingly, Cakewalk does indeed go to the Next or Prev track. But it doesn't Expand the Folder to show the track. Tom
  13. Hi Bassman, Thanks for going to the trouble of creating and posting a video. Looks like the difference is that my folders are all Closed by default. Yours are expanded. I agree, it works if the folders are already expanded. I'm asking for o automatically expand the folder if Next or Previous track goes to a track in a Closed folder. Tom
  14. Hi Bassman! Agreed the first track must be clicked on by the mouse. But if the next or previous tracks are inside Folders, the Folder doesn't expand to show the track. Works fine for tracks outside of Folders, or for tracks within a single folder. Doesn't work when tracks are inside multiple folders. Tom
  15. Hi All, I'm using Auto Track Zoom in a project that has multiple tracks in multiple folders. When I use my MIDI Controller's Next Track or Previous Track function, Cakewalk won't Auto Zoom to the track if it's in a Closed Folder. I would like it to Open a Closed Folder and Auto Zoom the nested track. And if could Close the Folder when I move from the last nested track to the first nested track of the next Closed Folder and Open that one3, that'd be perfect for my workflow. Mind you, Cakewalk does indeed move to the appropriate track using the Next and Previous Track functions on my Controller. But it doesn't Auto Zoom the track. The Folder holding the track remains Closed. Does Auto Zoom work with your controller? Is it possible it's only a problem with my Controller? Nektar Impact LX88+. Thanks for any insight! Tom
  16. I resolved the issue by using the Replace Synth feature for each instrument that's in Discover and deleting the instruments that aren't. End result works perfectly!
  17. Thanks. I'll do that if no one replies here after a day or two.
  18. I realize I'm quite late to this thread. Hopefully, the OP is still around and can assist. I only own BBCSO Discover. Seems the template is built for Core. I'm able to load the template and Connect synths in the Rack, but I don't get any sound. I made sure all MIDI, Instrument, and Busses are routed properly for my system, but still no audio. From watching the Spitfire video on Mode Switching, it would seem that it's merely a simple matter of selecting "Discover" as the Mode in the VST plugin. Unfortunately, I don't see the Mode dropdown in the Discover edition. Am I out of luck in using the template? Thanks! Tom
  19. Hi All, I searched the topic and the forum ahd couldn't find this specific issue. Of course I may have missed it, so I apologize if it's already been covered. When exporting to MP3 I may set the bit depth to something other than the new default of 256. When I export the next clip, I'd like my previous selection to persist. Instead, it goes back to the default of 256. Can we get the setting to persist, at least in the same session? And maybe the default setting can be changed by the user in Preferences? Thanks! Tom
  20. Another vote for hitting the Enter Key! Forcing me to use the mouse is too slow. Further, Tabbing through the fields is useless. No highlight of which field is current, wrong order, etc. Please improve for the next release. Thanks!
  21. Thanks, Kevin. The template is being saved in the right folder, that is, the one specified in the Template Folder option.
  22. Workaround Sort Of? If I start a new project from a template, add an Instrument Track, and re-save the template, new projects based on the template don't include the Instrument Track. If however, after starting the new project from a template and adding an Instrument Track, if I first save it as a Normal (CWP) project, it seems I can then save it as a Template, and the next time I start a project based on that template, it includes the Instrument Track. OTOH, this didn't always seem to work. I had to do save as a Normal project more than once before I could successfully save it as a Template. I also noticed that my MIDI Track Settings (Input & Output) didn't always persist. That, too, seems dependent on saving as a Normal project at least once or twice before it would save correctly as a Template. It all seems very odd, and I have no explanation. Maybe I'm just lucky ... or unlucky. Thanks, Tom
  23. SOLVED I Uninstalled and Reinstalled. Problem solved. Thanks!
  24. Thank you so much for the reply. The Metronome drop downs are populated, but still no audible metronome. I used the SHIFT+launch option but no Metronome. I also used the CTRL+launch option but still no Metronome sound. I've tried sending to a different Output, including Master, but no audible metronome. I also tried sending directly to all my audio interface outputs, but it makes no difference. Any other thoughts?
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