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  1. 16 hours ago, David Baay said:

    Is there an audio file in the project folder? Maybe share the project for others to try and investigate. 

    Ah-hah! I removed the audio folder, and the clarinet play is gone. There was no audio track when I removed all tracks but 1 piano, yet somehow that clarinet audio was still being played. No idea how that can be. But thanks a bunch!

  2. 8 hours ago, John Vere said:

    Open the track manager and see if there’s hidden tracks. Hard to tell by your screen shot. Would be better if you showed the track pane and not the video view or bus pane

    There is only 1` track, the piano. No Play synth, which has the clarinet MIDI. No such track, yet it plays.

  3. I have a 30 track project with symphony instruments. When I solo a clarinet track, there were extra notes not there that were playing.  I then deleted all tracks but the clarinet, and yet these extra notes are played.

    I then copied and pasted the notes onto a new track, a piano synth, and erased the clarinet track. No more symphony synths. So all I have is 1 piano track. Still, I heard clarinet (or flute?) notes being played (from the symphony synth, even after I erased all instances of that synth). How is this possible? There is no video that could be a source of these notes. What could it possibly be?

    I also output the audio to Bus A, then directly to my computer monitor. Same thing.








  4. 1 hour ago, RBH said:

    Double check that the midi note wasn't shifted. Also there are occasions when the note duration is so short that it is not correctly triggered during rendering operations.

    No shift, not short. It sometimes plays fine, and only after I play the rendered audio that note is missing. I did a work-around by adding several same notes on top of it and got the result. Just odd. Thanks.

  5. 1 hour ago, John Vere said:

    Most people only drop the video into cakewalk as a guide to score the music to. Once you have your music track you export it as a wave file and drag it to the original in your video editing software. The quality of the video in Cakewalk is not the greatest. 

    I don't use it as a video editor.  I just import a finished video. I don't want the audio to degrade by having it rendered again in a video editor. Would quality suffer if I have to render the audio twice, once in Cakewalk, once in a video editor?

    Anyway, it works on 1 of my computers. I guess no 1 knows what I need to download for the codec to work?


  6. Trying to render an audio and video track. The settings I have are in the photo. I am able to render on my new computer, but on my porior 1 I get an error from all the video players I have that there is a codec issue. Any idea why?

    I have Windows 10, and the latest Cakewalk version.


  7. My SSD drives that hold instrument sample libraries have changed. When I load Kontakt, it asks me to find the location of library samples. It asks me each time. How can I avoid having to manually direct where the samples are? I don't have this issue with installing libraries,  but I do with instrument that require using the File tab, not the Library tab.



  8. I have a new PC. I installed Cakewalk, and transferred my projects onto the new PC. But, when I go to open a project, I get this error:

    "cakewalk could not open this project because the file has been truncated."

    any idea what's happening?

    On another project, the error reads:  unexpected data chunk (file corrupt)/


  9. 5 minutes ago, aidan o driscoll said:

    @Jimlau A few posts below yours I posted about not being able to save but getting GENERAL ERROR.


    Im just adding this here wondering does the workaround I found solve your issue too. Before hitting save, temp turn off the audio engine .. Does it save now?


    yeah, I saw that tip, but no, didn't work.

  10. 12 minutes ago, scook said:

    Any issues with an Early Access build should be reported in  the appropriate early access thread.

    In this case 

    "Crash" by itself is not very meaningful.

    If there is an error message, this should be reported.

    If there is a crash dump, make a mention of it as it may be requested for review.


    It crashes in the last 2 versions (2021.04, Build 175) and even X3.

    There is no error message. Not sure on a dump file. Where would it be?

  11. Not sure what changed, but now I can't save a project. Even when I open it and don't make any changes and try to save, it crashes. Any idea why this could have started happening?  Other projects can be saved just fine.

    I have Version 2021.06 (Build 041, 64bit).

  12. 10 minutes ago, msmcleod said:

    It's probably going wrong because there's no events on track 2 within the selection (i.e. the selection is in a blank space between two clips).  A lot of the older commands rely on event selection before considering other things like envelopes.

    To be honest, you're better off turning on Ripple Edit All (or Ripple Edit Selection) and pressing the Del key. 

    The 2 tracks are the same form. There's no event in Track 3 either. Nothing that makes the 2 tracks different.

    Will check out Ripple.


  13. I'm trying to remove a blank time span from all tracks, moving all data to the left, filling the hole. But even tho all tracks are selected, some slide left, some don't. In the before and after photos below, you can see Track 2 worked, Track 3 not.

    When I try to use Slide, it does not slide the automation data, just the MIDI data. I need both moved.

    Any idea why Delete Special doesn't work on tracks selected?




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