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  1. @bitflipper & @rfssongs YES - I do want to purchase a Korg NanoKontrol 2, I just thought that I should learn how to map a single basic mod wheel before using a more complicated midi controller. Looks like this thingy isn't that simple - I followed what @Johnny Tsao suggested and download the driver and Kontrol Editor to assign my mod wheel to CC11 via Communication function. I clicked "save" after I finished the reassignment in the Korg Kontrol app. I have no idea what the save filed is for but I kept it anyways. Then I opened CbB and got this message... The solution I got on YouTube was to uninstall the USB-MIDI driver - which is required to use the Korg Kontorl Editor. Anyways, I uninstalled it. Then I tried to assign my CC1 to CC11 again without the USB-MIDI driver. Then opened CbB. This time the microkey is detected and I have no problem using it, but on my VST (Spitfire Studio LAB plugins), the mod wheel is still with the default CC1 after I used the learn function comes with the LAB plugins, not the CC11 I reassigned via the Korg Kontrol Editor. I then go ahead to record a couple of measurements by using the only wheel I have to control both CC1 & CC11. Then it turned out that the data from the mod wheel is merged into the same track with the notes. Even if I opened the automation track, there's no data there and I found no ways to separate the notes and the data I "drew" via the mod wheel. Okay... it's bit lengthy. Let me sum up a bit. 1. The mod wheel assignment still didn't work after using the Korg Kontrol Editor + Korg USB-MIDI driver, and the USB - MIDI driver somehow made CbB unable to detect my mini keyboard. After uninstalled the USB-MINI driver and reassigned the mod wheel via Kontrol Editor again, I still don't see the desired result when using a VST plugin with ready-made learn function. 2. I then used the ready-made learn function of LAB VST, I used my only mod wheel to control both CC1 & CC11, but turned out the automation data are all put together in the same track with musical midi notes. However, they should be in a separate dependent automation track. How could I put these data into an A1 or A2 track whilst recording/playing my keyboard? These problems seem to relate to each other, as a newbie these basic settings all seem pretty complicated - but I imagine a DAW is here to make the life of a composer simpler, right? 😃 I really love how generous everyone on the CbB community is and I am sorry if my questions irritated anyone 😅 PS The plugin recommended by @scook looks promising, I would give it a try after I learn how to solve the problem of using mod wheels to draw automation in the automation tracks.
  2. Hello, I am a new CbB user learning to compose on a DAW! I used to compose with a real piano and a pencil - yeap, this kind of humans still exist in 2021! But I adapted. 🤓So I am with CbB as a new starter. I am using a Korg microkey 37 and I watched loads of youtube tutorials but still cannot figure out how to map the MOD wheel to CC11 for writing automation whilst I play the tiny keyboards. I tried ACT lean function, but nothing suggested CC 1 or 11 or 21 on the ACT control panel. I also tried to select MIDI from the dropdown menu of the automation track (aka A1) to enter the "MIDI envelope" and select Control (type) --- 11-Expression (value) --- channel11 (channel), but nothing happened when I use the MOD wheel on my Korg microkey37. One thing strange happened tho - I could see midi signal input on the VST track but I heard no changes in the expression of the sound. So, I must be missing something. Could any one help me to solve this so I don't need to return to composing with a piano and a pencil😅? Thank you!
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