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  1. Oh crap. When I undo the delete, I do NOT get back the Melodyne'd clip. OK, time to redo Melodyne on those clips. Luckily there are only handful.
  2. Well I believe I found a fix. If I delete the Melodyne region from the clip and then UNDO the delete, I get back the Melodyne'd region. I then I take your advice, scook, and RENDER which I assume means the Melodyne becomes permanent? Actually I had better check that when I undo the delete that I do indeed get back the Melodyne'd clip and not the unMelodyned clip.
  3. Thanks, scook. Not sure how to do what you suggest. How does one APPLY and RENDER to the clips (not complete tracks) that did the region disappearing act? Are you suggesting there's a method for reinstating my region work or are you saying I need to start from scratch? UPDATE: I've decided I don't like pressing CTL-T to get regions as it seems that with multiple regions, when I enter the editor, they're all combined into one editor as opposed to doing manual Melodyne work where one edit session applies to only the clip to which I applied Melodyne. UPDATE2: After clicking BYPASS REGIONS multiple times, I got back my region. But now the RENDER REGION is greyed out??? And sometimes when I select BYPASS, I still get no sound from the region. Crazy !
  4. This same thing happened to me today in the middle of a recording session. I closed Bandlab and reopened it, and after reopening the Melodyne RFX regions disappeared. The wave forms are there fortunately. I had to select "Bypass RFX Regions" so at least the track can be heard. I see that no one responded to this issue in 2 years. Bummer for sure. UPDATE: This disappearance happens only on Melodyne regions. Manual Melodyne applications aren't affected.
  5. This worked for me. I had added a new track, recorded guitar on it and saved it. Then I added 3 effects to a clip I recorded on that track. It was then that SAVE generated the error message. The effects were ProChannel EQ, Sonitus Reverb and Cakewalk Multivoice Chorus/Flanger. My software is a Bandlab client.
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