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  1. I've got some issues to with SampleTank 4 CS. This month i bought some ST soundpacks due to the 25th anniversary buy and when im closing my ST4 window CnB just shouts down. I tried some settings, till i found that it saved my root folder 2 times. After i deleted the second folder it was working again... But sometimes it happens again, regardless. I dont know why this happens, but at least its not everytime im closing the ST4 plugin window now. IK Instruments are really buggy, i also had some issues with Miroslav 2.
  2. I dont have other DAW's for a comparison, but my i5 750 (first gen iCore) is overclocked to 4 GHz and runs beautifully with Cakewalk on Win10. So CnB seems to be not so heavy on CPU. With 16 Gigs of Ram i can use plenty VSTi's and FX, without having issues. My only bottleneck i ever had, was when some plugins needed GPU reccources. I bought an used GT1030 and everything runs fine again.^^
  3. VX and PX 64 are still included, but you have to unlock them manually in the plugin manager. They are under the hidden plugins menu.
  4. That would explain a lot. I'm not home, but i wanna do some testing, when i'm back.
  5. I' using Sonitus Plugins extensively, because the're awesome. No need to throw them out. They're not going to get suddenly broken just for beeing old. DX is still supported and backwards compatible, as long they are 64Bit everything is fine. 🤗
  6. I've got the newest version and my DX Plugins are still there 🤔 Maybe try to rescan in Plugin Manager?
  7. Some years ago, i discovered a issue in combination with UAD Plugins, where my rendered tracks had crackles too. I used to render in fast mode. When i switched to realtime rendering, my issues where gone. Later i found out, that it has to do with the checkmark "Sonar compatibility mode" wich i had enabled. Now everything is fine. Maybe your problem is related to this?
  8. I'm sorry, i thought you meant master matching.
  9. I think you mean TDR Nova? Yes its free, versatile and holds up well against commercial plugins. Highly recomended!
  10. I agree with abacab, besides Dimension Pro 1.5 (still working without issues on my system) wich has even now really good sounds available. Same for Pentagon, Zeta 2 and Rapture Pro. I am using them on almost every project. But you are right, if you cant use them, you have many options, even if you are looking for feebies only. 👌
  11. If you installed the newer FX and Instrument Suites since SPlat or CnB, everything is DX 64Bit or VST. I'm loving my Sonitus FX btw. still usefull tools^^
  12. Wasn't Beatscape supposed to be a sampler back in Sonar 8? I am not sure, cause i was using allways Battery 3 for my drums, but why not taking this as a starting point? Off course i dont know, if Bandlab has the source code for the older Roland software.
  13. Yeah, its awesome for stereo widening. I'm using it for adlibs for example.
  14. Have you tried the "Flat White" theme from Colin Nicholls? Looks awesome and minimalistic, although ist a bright theme.
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