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  1. Besides Melodyne (witch is awesome for this case), i can recommend Debess from Airwindows (works only with 44.1 and 48 kHz samplerate recordings, because it's kind of filtering the high frequency samples out) and Waves Sibilance. These two are as transparent as possible. Not perfect, but very good!
  2. I still use all 3 of them sometimes. Adaptive Limiter is on almost every mastering project.
  3. Yep, the plugin behavior is one of the reasons, why i asked the CW-team to implement more customisation options for multiple screens on Skylight.
  4. Hey folks, i want to share my first track from the upcoming album "Age of Garb". I hope you enjoy it, although its in german. As i'm not professional, there isn't a real video, just some background footage. You can go to my Bandcamp site svsx.de or to the big streaming services and check my other songs too. Leave a like or support me if you like this song! Search for SVSX (speak: Savis X) or follow the videolink below:
  5. I dont think you need to go down to -30dB on your tracks. I'd rather set some busses and feed them with my tracks. Then you can adjust your bus/groupbus gain. I think many people, are approaching this whole gain staging to technical 😉. But just my own opinion, i'm trying to set it roundabout -18 RMS and if a plugin runs hot, i turn the input gain down.
  6. The guy you are referring to, is the dev of VC64 not VX64, which was an inhouse developement.
  7. Everything was working good (IK Sampletank, Miroslav, Syntronik Libs, Dimension Pro, XLN AD2 and many more) with exception of Spitfire LABS/BBC. Tried the repair and relocate function, it startet processing data but wasn't usable after it went "installed". Besides that, i had a bad experience with older Kontakt 2 Librarys (Ethno World 4, Complete Classical Collection 2, Galaxy Steinway, and Drums Overkill) whitch dind't include the .nicnt file. Native Acces 2 cannot locate Librarys without this file. So i had to install Native Access 1 to let it locate my data. Could not figure out a different way to do it manually. When i kontakted the support team they basically told me i should try to kontact my library supplier and bye. FU Native Instruments! Oh and i had to redownload 65 GB of my Independence 3 Pro Library through Magix website again, because the Magix DLM coudn't recognize my existing folder correctly... So i dont know what to think about all of this... Some day it seems that many expensive and important librarys will not work anymore, whitch upsets me, cause i still use them and paid a good amount of money for their crap.
  8. Bought VCL 864U, VCL 4, VPRE 376 whitch adds a nice flavour on my voice, and VREV 305 (awesome!) I think that was the best Black Friday deal 2022 .
  9. I recently installed my new PC and just wanted to use the library from my old SSD. I couln't get it running and had to redownload the whole LABS library again... Spitfire is awesome, but their management app is crap!
  10. Ok, now i know whats going on here 😅. THX i found a thread on UA forums, where this question came up. So its intended to check in with UA Connect. An UA employee there mentioned, that some users are unistalling UAC after authorizing, or that you can leave it as it is and it doesn't take CPU cycles away. I'll be looking further and decide how i handle it.
  11. Hey guys, i installed some native versions of UAD lately and noticed, that everytime i start my PC and load a project with UAD X plugins included, UA Connect starts too and does a online check. Is this necessary? Cause i have my iLok stick connected with them and UA Connect takes some RAM (i hate unnecessary usage, even if i got enough). Tried to deaktivate Universal Aufio Helper on Services and on Startup menu, but it still loads.
  12. SVSX


    Is there a reason for deleting your account?
  13. Yes to both! THX Craig, cann't wait to read the next chapters of these books.
  14. THX guys, it seems to be my mouse. Tried a different model and this one was working flawless. There arent dedicated drivers for my mouse (Microsoft Wireless 5000), just HID conform mousedrivers. Everything else ist workig fine, so i'll turn knobs on CW with mousedragging and leave it as it is. Thank you all for your help.
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