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  1. If you installed the newer FX and Instrument Suites since SPlat or CnB, everything is DX 64Bit or VST. I'm loving my Sonitus FX btw. still usefull tools^^
  2. Wasn't Beatscape supposed to be a sampler back in Sonar 8? I am not sure, cause i was using allways Battery 3 for my drums, but why not taking this as a starting point? Off course i dont know, if Bandlab has the source code for the older Roland software.
  3. Yeah, its awesome for stereo widening. I'm using it for adlibs for example.
  4. Have you tried the "Flat White" theme from Colin Nicholls? Looks awesome and minimalistic, although ist a bright theme.
  5. Generaly speaking is the Sonitus suite my go-to-tool in many cases. I think it has an neutral sound, an while the UI is old, it's self explanatory and user friendly. They are also light on the CPU site. I like them and hope they are here to stay forever with CnB 😉
  6. I can't see an issue with older Sonar Plugins, like someone said here. I can run even some of the old 32-Bit Plugins like Beatscape and Dropzone with the internal Bitbridge. No issues here. Just start install everything you need with the older Versions and the go on to CnB. And to your question about system requirements, dang you got a monster of PC! I can still use my OC'd i5 750 (4,0 GHz) with 16 GB Ram, 1 TB SSD for System, 750 GB SSD for my Libraries and an oldscool HDD for my projects. No issues, or bottlenecks.
  7. Hey guys, i'm new here, but a longtime Sonar/Cakewalk user (since 2008). I hope i use the right category for my question: I've installed Windows 10 on my PC and while doing it, updated some of my older plugins, like Kontakt, Reaktor and more. Now when i try to load my older unfinished projects, i need to reassign some files and instruments, wich is working so far... But when i used for example Reaktor 5 with "NI The Mouth FX" i cannot reassign anything, because Reaktor 6 gets recognized as a new Plugin. So my old project loads everything besides my Reaktor FX. Same goes for some updated synthesizers like Circle.. My old presets are gone, and now i can guess, what i was exactly using. Is there a better way of preserving my old projects, or do i really need to search and guess, what sounds/fx i had saved before the updates? Thankfully i've got still my old Win7 HDD hooked up, but its a p.i.t.a. to jump back and forth for comparisons 😆.
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