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  1. Would email or some form of messager (Instagram, FB, Reddit, Discord, etc) be alright because I'm getting a new phone in a few days.
  2. Hello to me fellow producers! So I don't know how many of you will know this genre but my problem today is that I can't hear a melody for my song. The genre for today is Electroswing. Electroswing is a genre that is derived from the olden days Swing music which was an evolved form of Jazz music from the 20's. Today, Electroswing has evolved from you typical live bands (think about the Cantina Band from Star Wars), into an electronic iteration of Swing which now features synth basses, leads, and many many more digital stuff. Now that you just finished your history class, it's time to get into my problem. So I never knew what Electroswing was until my brother showed it to me and asked me to make him a song. I accepted the challenge and got to work on it. For about a week I attempted to use the foundation as the Cantina Band but I quickly found that that was going to make it difficult to structure a song around. I tried again and this time with an acapella but I only got to the kick pattern and called it quits because the acapella was wrong. So I spent the better half of about a week and a half studying the genre for real and learning how to make and learning by ear. This was a better approach as I was finally able to get somewhere and I had laid down the basic "puh doo puh doo puh doo" rhythm. From there the song took off and I find myself nearing the end and all I need now is a melody. "This is no problem. I've made plenty of melodies before, what's one more?" My own thoughts lied to me. While the rest of the song was somewhat easier, the melody posed to be the hardest because of how I made the chords. What am I asking? Well, I came here to ask for help or advice with my melody problem. I wanted to know if anyone is able to either make a melody for me since I'm not an Electroswing expert or to help me figure out a way to make an Electroswing melody meaning giving me tips or ideas or something that will help me to spark an idea that will fit within my song. And lastly, I've never worked with brass before so I don't know how to make that cool ensemble so if you know how to make that, then please by all means do. If you're making the melody, I ask that it would sound good on piano (duh), saxophone, and a synth lead as those are the key elements in Electroswing melodies. Below is my song demo so you can take a listen. Key of D major BPM 130 P.S. it sounds phasey because I had to lower the bit rate in order to shrink the file size so if anyone has a way to shrink file sizes as well, please let me know. Electro Swing demo.mp3
  3. Because I don't know if this the right way to go about it but it's working fine so I think I got it fixed.
  4. It's all good. I didn't appreciate how you handled it at first but I understand that I was gone for 4 months and never said a word. Trust me, I returned everyday to check back incase anyone had a fix but no one ever did and I never got the chance to say anything because I was so busy. I do think that the issue is that they weren't uncompressed or unzipped or extracted or whatever it's called because the "audio" samples seem to working fine in terms of drag and drop. The sound is indeed coming through from these files which is a good sign. So I think that the whole problem is that maybe, POSSIBLY, I should just extract the files. And as for the sampler a.k.a. Komplete Kontrol. I wound up downloading it and now I have a new plugin / interface thing that I can mess around with. I found out that Komplete Kontrol has a Synthwave pack that I must try out because I need this for my new song I'm making. Anywho, the problem seems solved and I ended up with a crap ton of files to extract, and a new plugin. So now I have tons of sorting to do but I thank you for helping me out and the same goes for everyone else. If something goes wrong, I'll come back here and this time I won't leave you hanging.
  5. I seem to think so. EDIT: But I'll wait for the responses from the pros before I get into anything I can't handle.
  6. I did manage to get one sample pack working! It's one of my recent ones that I downloaded from Slate Digital which is a Synthwave pack. I got the idea from all the talk about "extract" and "unzip" and "uncompress". So what I did is simply extract the sample pack and I placed it in my sample pack folder and Cakewalk allowed it. Should I continue to extract my other sample packs or would this pose a problem in the long run? If so, propose me a new idea.
  7. So what you're is that I have to rename every file so that it can become a .wav file again?
  8. So I found out what you meant now. It did allow me to access my samples but now Cakewalk won't let me use them. That's the same thing I see in File Explorer. How do I make it so that these samples can be used in Cakewalk?
  9. Below is a screen shot of one of my samples. I clicked on the properties and the file says "Media File". I know that normally it says .wav or something like that. I'm using the stock file app. "File Explorer". No because I figured that it was something wrong with my computer instead. How so?
  10. Normally they're .wav files but for some reason now they're being listed as "Media File" which is strange. The picture I showed all the way up top is what I see when I open my files app .
  11. Normally they're .wav files but for some reason now they're being listed as "Media File" which is strange. The picture I showed all the way up top is what I see when I open my files app .
  12. I don't remember exactly where I got most of them but I know that majority come from Cymatics who is obviously a trusted source. The rest I don't remember but I know that those are also trusted people.
  13. I do want help and I left for 4 months because life caught up to me and I am in a real blackhole of problems right now. I do apologize for leaving all of you like this and I do appreciate all the help and assistance that you guys are trying to provide. And the "other guy" is the John Vere guy because yes I did respond super late but he still managed to find time to disrespect me and create a toxic conversation. That's what I meant. Again, I'm sorry for leaving but you can't stop time and you can't prevent life from passing you in the race.
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