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  1. It is both. MP3's are considered a "lossy" format because, after compression, you can't uncompress them and get the full fidelity. FLAC (and others like ACC) are compressed, but they don't lose any of the information required to recreate the original. Hence they are obviously larger than lossy types, but are still much smaller than uncompressed formats like AIFF and WAV. Also, FLAC files can also provide a resolution of up to 32-bit, 96kHz, which is even better than the standard CD!
  2. This Other Strummy Shows Pilgarlicks Opinions That Sting! 😁
  3. For those of us seeing "Video unavailable" from Strummy's last post...
  4. I actually used to look a lot closer to the guy on the far right. Then my six-pack turned into a pony-keg...
  5. *Don't ask why Kenny was looking at pics of men with six-pack abs!* *Don't ask why Kenny was looking at pics of men with six-pack abs!* *Don't ask why Kenny was looking at pics of men with six-pack abs!* 😜
  6. That and the fun you could have by putting your monitors (audio mix monitors) too close to your computer CRT monitor!
  7. Since it has music in the backing track, maybe this won't be deleted off-hand...
  8. And this would be different than Chinese Water Torture how? 🤔
  9. Heh, I traded Commodities back in the 90's and the quote there was similar: "Want to make a small fortune in the Commodities market? Start with a large fortune!" 😁 Of course, back in the day, many top-name musicians and bands made very little compared to the marketers. The Who didn't even make a profit until after Tommy came out! (But that might be due to all the equipment Townshend destroyed on stage! LOL.)
  10. Yeah... I'm about to tell them to F-off and leave. This is supposed to be like a Coffee House! In other words, the ONE place in all of their forums where you CAN discuss off-topic stuff (like normal humans would). This is also my only refuge from all of the crap going on right now, so it would suck to have to leave just because of some power-high mods acting like 5-year olds. It used to be a lot of fun, now it just feels like a government program. Me-thinks you closed your forum down too soon Ed!
  11. Ah, Bill... We've told you at least 12 BILLION times not to exaggerate! 😜
  12. Exactly! So far I've probably "made" close to $-200k thanks to music. $140k minimum spent on my music studio (mostly lost now) and, at least, $50k buying music! That said, I have no regrets (just repressed rage towards the financial institutions that illegally stole my money and assets!). 😉
  13. I bet she feels that's snot funny! 😁
  14. Even without any comparisons. 😁
  15. Get a new tube, it'll brighten your day.
  16. Bicycle Race > Tour de France!
  17. Real Paul or Faux Paul? 😁
  18. And I see that "C" is apparently for Censorship (again)... 🙄
  19. Is vindaloo to blame? 🤔
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