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  1. Would have liked to talk with him! One of my best encounters was to hang out with Robert Moog while we watched a friend's band.
  2. Welcome back to the Coffee House Doctor! 🙂
  3. Not sure if this counts, but I found it interesting for the Faux Paul proponents!
  4. That's a real Dandy there Bob! 😁
  5. Oh, right. Like we're supposed to believe that? Didn't you already have one last year??? 🤔 (Have a good one! 🥳)
  6. I'd watch some of the shows, but I'm too busy doing hallucinogens and listening to Jean-Michel Jarre and watching 4k trippy screen-savers. (Or is that just me? 🤔)
  7. I think she eats Clyde in the next scene...
  8. I thought I had the issue resolved, but we finally had some time to rock out last night and I was pretty disappointed! Thanks for the suggestion Kenny!
  9. I'm starting to have shorting issues with one of my custom guitars again... Do any of you have a place that you'd recommend for me to take the guitar to and get it fixed? I used to go to 12th Fret on Belmont for this type stuff, but started hearing some bad feedback about them... I last took it to River City Music only because it's very close to home, but the guy there wasn't an expert in guitar electronics. I'm avoiding the big guys (like GC) and I wasn't impressed with the staff at Beacock, but I haven't been a heavy customer of any music store for about 15 years so I don't know where else to try. Any recommendations are appreciated! 🙂👍
  10. Ok, ok... I'll add something constructive if I must! 😆 SSD's are better in almost everyway I can think of except cost (at least for now) and in giving some warning before they die. While spinner drives are noisy, slower and (currently) cheaper, they at least usually provide some warning that they are about to die and, unlike SSD's, can SOMETIMES even be read even after they've died (this includes fixing bad access tables & sectors; replacing chipsets; as well as removing the platters and installing them into a working housing). The most important takeaway is to make sure you have current backups with SSD's! That said, I'll reiterate what I've said before: 🙂 (Oh, and, for reference, I've got at least eight SSD's - about 18 TB's worth - and at least a dozen spinner drives - at least 30 TB's worth! 😎 )
  11. If you stay inside alone you shouldn't get any STD's. Wait... Oh! You have questions about SSD's! 😮 Nevermind. My bad. 😁
  12. But, as Bauhaus reminds us: 😁 Jethro Tull found a way as Ian explains in the start of this:
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