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  1. Thank you very much @Glenn Stanton and @Jim Fogle I got VB-CABLE to work for me, it has a delay as it's not ASIO, but It's getting me somewhere.. I've seen it's also possible with ASIO, I'll try it as well. Thanks so much again! Roy.
  2. Hi @bitflipper, Sorry for the late reply, I wrote this twice already and it somehow got lost twice, apparently there are no "drafts" on this website but somehow in the third time the message was saved on my PC but was also restored by the forum.. I was checking out all of your recommendations, thanks a lot for them and for your explanations I've tried FabFilter's Pro-DS and it also turns out I already have some plugins of the MFreeFXBundle. The other software I'm recording to is "OBS Studio" which is an open source capturing video-audio software and which I assume you might already know/have. It has the option to use VST2 plugins, so I'm at a point when I need to decide if I'll be using VST's through OBS or VST's and ProChannel in Cakewalk and route the audio from Cakewalk to OBS. would you think the Cakewalk option should have some advantages over OBS running VST's? maybe it will because of the sound engine or something? (besides of course the option to use the Sonitus suite.. Right now I'm trying to learn more about compression and getting the sound I want.. still testing. Thank you so much again for your reply 🙏 Roy.
  3. Thank you @Glenn Stanton, All the plugins I mentioned are free, I actually need the audio to go into another program which does support VST so I was thinking I'll find the right plugins and go with that. But was also thinking if I could use Cakewalk to process the audio (in real-time) and route it to the other program it could also be great as you've mentioned, I just asked this question here.
  4. Hello friends, I'd like to use Cakewalk's audio processing capabilities and have the audio recorded to another program on my PC. Is it possible to route the audio out from cakewalk (on a windows system)? Thanks a lot, Roy.
  5. Hello friends, I'd like to record voice overs and would like to set up a vocal strip that would get the best result from the equipment and setup I have and achieve radio like- rich sound. I have a Roland Quad Capture card and a good quality lavalier microphone. Sorry I have a few questions which components would you recommend using in this vocalstrip? by now I was thinking of these following free VST components : Gate and Compressor (the Quad Capture's or the free ReaGate by Reaper?) (isn't the Quad Capture is better since it's suppose to be hardware?) EQ (I'm using the TDR Nova, I like the real time graphic analyzer) De-esser (SpitFish? any other? ) mono to Stereo effect? (any one from here?) any reverb at all? from here?) Any other component that I'm missing? would you recommend anything else? Eventually I could get a professional to test and dial in the right values for all the components, but I'd like to have your help first so I would know what could be best practice for voice overs.. So I'd like to know which components I should use and in what order and if you could add , what would you try to accomplish with any of them. Thanks so much in advance 🙏 Roy.
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