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  1. Many Thanks to all! I read that CAL scripts are derivated from Lips languaje. The problem is that meaby is neccesary to create a manual for musicians since the complexity of this, is not a few. So I will try to underestand the sintaxis and them, make a manual more intelligible for musicians. For example if I want to make a particular procedure, random permutations etc, what specific sintax I have to put in the CAL program to do this. THANK YOU FOR ALL PEOPLE THAT RESPOND ME IN AN AFABILY WAY!
  2. Do you know how I can get a PDF manual or guide explaining the CAL scripts? Thank you!
  3. I tried to do so but seems to be that SONAR 8 (that is my SONAR versión) don't recognize the plug - in. I suppose could be becouse is a very old SONAR versión right now and for that reason is not compatible with VST3....I suppose. Or maybe I don't know to do It...
  4. Hello: CbB team is a plug - in? Do you know how someone have to get access to this? Thank you?
  5. Thank you very mutch for the reply. I see that sadly seems to be that the option of change the pitch of an audio file using an automation method (envelope) is missing in fact So..... meaybe the next Sonar edition could have including the option. Thank you and Regards!
  6. Hello comunity. My cuestion is: Is possible to apply an Audio envelope for PITCH? I see that the Gain and Pan envelope are very easy to find and apply in one audio file, but I don't see any audio envelope to modify gradually the Pitch? Do you know how I can do that? Thank you and regards!
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