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  1. I think the issue is that my Melodyne isn't activated. Which is odd, I thought the version with Cakewalk was the full version.
  2. This works to open up melodyne, but now it says it's only the player, not an editor. I would have thought cakewalk comes with the editor.
  3. Cakewalk version 2021.04, build 125 Melodyne
  4. I try to drag an audio clip to a midi track, select the processing algorithm as melodic, it loads, then nothing appears in the MIDI track after that. Any ideas?
  5. Nope, nor does it happen if I bounce to clips.
  6. This only happens in one project on mine - all others are fine. Playback lag doesn't happen except in transition between clips. I'm using the same VSTs I normally use and I have tried freezing tracks, changing drivers, increasing playback i/o buffer size. Any ideas? Thanks!
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