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  1. I'm not pretty sure this is a 2021.12 issue, but my vst windows rest in front of cakewalk windows (like staff view, piano roll, as cakewalk itself). I cannot send them to the background.
  2. Hello, 1. I’ve a request on the score view. It’s possible to add a double white note for writing on scores? A simple white is ok, unfortunately the longest note disponible (a white pointed note) is rather rare in use ... 2. I’ve just seen the new bitwig DAW, I found that the multiple native LFO for control everything is a really good idea. Imagine the power of control, as the random life who comes with that ! Thanks to developers c.
  3. I have a regular error with this version. Still on the same dll. Every time I click on the ruler to change the position of the marker during playback.
  4. Thank you very much ... I had made up my mind and considered having to reinstall my computer. This is good news !
  5. After a few manipulations and installed build 2, PC2A still does not appear in my Pro Channel modules? However, I added the link to the right file. But nothing helps? I only see the 2A version of Native Instruments
  6. I just tested it by recording some blather on my phone and uploading it to my project with "Browse Bandlab Project"... It works perfectly 😍 I just saved hours of handling ... thank you, thank you, thank you !!!
  7. Tempo track is very cool ! And show values on automation envelopes will be very usefull.
  8. Thanks a lot !!!! By the way I don't see PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier in my ProChannel module list ?
  9. I've some olds projects that i'v recorded at 44.1hz. With my Behringer X32, i used to set the bitrate to 48hz. But when I load my old projects, I have to quit Cakewalk (it won't play the 44,1 file with 48hz by default) change the bitrate on the mix desk et re-open Cakewalk. It's a waste of time. But, ok, it is some olds projects. But. I forget to change the bitrate for new projects and, at some point, I realize that I have made good progress in a new project whose new plugins seem to be optimized for 48Hz. And that bothers me cause I'm in 44,1hz... There is no way that Cakewalk can't read on the fly these audios waves with another bitrate ?
  10. Same for me. Copy and Paste doesn't work at all...
  11. Articulation Maps, I’m waiting this for years. Thanks you!
  12. @Kevin Perry you've got the point ! That was actually what created these stranges files. Problem solved !
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