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  1. I've some olds projects that i'v recorded at 44.1hz. With my Behringer X32, i used to set the bitrate to 48hz. But when I load my old projects, I have to quit Cakewalk (it won't play the 44,1 file with 48hz by default) change the bitrate on the mix desk et re-open Cakewalk. It's a waste of time. But, ok, it is some olds projects. But. I forget to change the bitrate for new projects and, at some point, I realize that I have made good progress in a new project whose new plugins seem to be optimized for 48Hz. And that bothers me cause I'm in 44,1hz... There is no way that Cakewalk can't read on the fly these audios waves with another bitrate ?
  2. Same for me. Copy and Paste doesn't work at all...
  3. Articulation Maps, I’m waiting this for years. Thanks you!
  4. @Kevin Perry you've got the point ! That was actually what created these stranges files. Problem solved !
  5. So, I've delete these "_" before "Caches directory". Nothing different happens. I've verify the "Always Open All Devices" parameter, it's uncheck. Unfortunately, nothing different happen. Again. There are always about fifty files created before reading. I do not find the manipulation that forces to rewrite them? In any case, it certainly happens every time I load a new VST. Take a look to my others preferences :
  6. I changed the language of Cakewalk and the result is the same ...
  7. These files are unreadable and their size is only 4 ko. I cannot copy them out of the folder as they are "being read" by Cakewalk.
  8. Hello, Every time I create a project, Cakewalk automatically creates a significant number of wave files as soon as I insert a VSTi. The program erases them and recreates them regularly. Take a look : Sometimes it is long. After a long time of work I can arrive at numbered files close to 9999! It bothers me when I work on an SSD because it "unnecessarily" uses my disk ... Not to mention that the erasure and creation time is sometimes one minute between the PLAY key and the playback of the song? It's annoying. I've also make a screen video:
  9. Chek this one by Soniccouture : http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/18-exclusive-free-content/p233-estey-reed-organ/ A very good one !!!
  10. Hi, I work a lot with instruments tracks, but how can I change the input of an instrument (eg: assigning inputs 3 + 4 rather than 5 + 6) ? I have to divide the instrument track to see the correct entry, change it and append again !
  11. I wanted to modify a detail in the system preferences, and looking for where the appropriate checkbox was, I found a bug that closes CbB. It's happen only in French, not in the English version. Here are the screenshots:
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