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  1. Of course, I split the Instruments track each time to access the mod wheel parameters. But I would prefer it to be implemented by default.
  2. Hi, It wuld be nice to have full options when loading Instrument Track. If you look at the image attached, I loaded an instrument asking for 2 track per Outputs. On the second, the automation options are not complete. In addition, I find that it lacks the MIDI automation which should be there by default whatever the instrument loaded (it's annoying to have to find the CC assigned by Native of ModWheel in a list as long as the arm .. .). Many thanks for continuing to work on Sonar !!!
  3. It may already be reported, but when I commit arrangement to project and one of my track is filtered on volume or other curve : the audio of these tracks disappears. And are not rendered of course...
  4. Thank you so much. But, honestly, do not you think that it could be integrated into the program, is not it?
  5. I'm used to using a friendly name for MIDI and audio. Unfortunately, I very often change the configuration of my studio .... And the friendly names are unchecked gradually. The big problem is that the names of the associated instruments keep the order of preference. For the example : SYNTH1 = Patches name synth1 SYNTH2 = Tones name synth2 SYNTH3 = Performance name synth3 Next time : SYNTH1 = Patches name synth1 SYNTH3 = Tones name synth2 SYNTH4 = Performance name synth3 oups...
  6. I do not know if it is possible (I am not a computer expert), I would like an improvement for the MIDI configuration. Let me explain: I have a lot of synthesizers (really) but they do not all work at the same time. Some are even occasionally connected via USB. Sometimes I forget to connect the power to a part of the studio that I don't need and the USB hubs that power the MIDI hubs are not active. As a result, for each launch of Cakewalk, I have to go to the Preferences>MIDI>Instruments to assign the right instruments to the right MIDI ports. After 20 years, it starts to become boring:) Is it possible that Sonar remembers the reference of the drivers corresponding to such a port? Thus, it would be stored in memory and automatically recovered in each branch until one decides to forget this event for a reason? This rather than a constant shift of the MIDI ports.
  7. I have been using Cakewalk since 1996. I will not be anything without it! Love Bandlab !!!
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