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  1. Thank you so much, guys. It means a lot to me that you enjoyed it, especially without the lyrics for some of you.  Thank you for your time and for not bouncing off in the first few seconds. Also, thanks for the brief explanation on streaming FJ. I’ll look into the new BandLab mastering tool for future posts. 
    Again, thank you guys.  🙏🏼😊

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  2. Hello again, fellow KWalkers 😃.

    Quick question first. Does posting songs on Bandlab preserve their fidelity? I find that files lose quality in SoundCloud. It doesn't allow me to switch streaming from standard to high quality audio. Hoping to hear what your experience is with that. 🙏

    So...about this song:

    This was the song I moved onto after I learned enough about programming guitars with MusicLab's RealGuitar and RealStrat on "For All We Know", as I mentioned in my last post, so all instruments here are also VST. The song is an original in Spanish that talks about missing someone and if Spanish is not one of your languages I would love it if you could show it to a friend.  Yes, it's mine BTW and it's definitely not mastered either but I hope they get the idea. I didn't wanna bore you all with the translation here but I can add it later if anyone cares. 🤙 Meanwhile I hope you can listen to it and treat my voice in your minds just like another instrument.

    (I'd prefer to be a guitar in your minds if it's all the same to you LOL)

    At the time I wrote it I envisioned making it in the style of "Jesus To A Child" by George Michael, but that changed with the passage of time and under other influences. When I finally  recorded the track as posted here, I had been listening a lot to John Mayer, so I ended up experimenting with some of his approaches to dynamics and arrangements.  He doesn't have a powerful voice so they  use a close mic-ing technique and they put kind of a flat EQ on his lead vocals (I hand held a Shure Beta 58 for this one) . They also put the lead vocals up front so the diction cuts through, and then they surround it with alternate vocal and instrumental melodies that become part of the chords in the arrangement. Maybe because of that they also don't mix the bass and drums as a typical rock mix. This is most often how they mix pop in other languages too, so to  Spanish language listeners (me included) this approach feels natural.

    Though I can reach the higher notes in the backing vocals here, I used the available Melodyne and lowered the entire bounced track as needed to punch in some of the phrases and then moved those punches to the original song's key for mixing.  The advantage I found to doing it this way is that the slight difference in texture (format) makes the harmonies more interesting. (Not feeling like the Castrati was another welcome benefit LOL)

    I hope you guys enjoy or at the very least can relate.

    Be well, KWalkers




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  3. So humbled, fellow KWalkers. 

    I think for most of us here music making has been a journey filled with exhilarating  highs and heartbreaking lows.  That’s why I am so grateful for your kindness. 
    Thank you, Jack c, Bjornpdx, Noynekker,  KurtS, Esther Brulard, David Sprouse, Lynn Wilson, for letting me know you enjoyed it. That one’s work is enjoyed by others is one of the greatest rewards any artist could have.

    Thank you so much for that🙏🏼 

    I am really looking forward to participating  in your journeys. 

    Be well, KWalkers 😊 


  4. Wow guys. Thank you so much for your kindness. It can be so scary to be vulnerable in the presence of other artists and enthusiasts, so I’m touched by your encouragement.  I’m really looking forward to sharing more and also to getting to know all of you and your work here. 
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank youuuuuu 🙏🏼

  5. Hi fellow Walkers.

    First time here. I've been using Cakewalk since it was just a MIDI program that came in a Floppy LOL. With the pandemic I found myself with a little more time for some stuff so I opened up some old sessions. Though I normally record in Spanish I found this and figured I'd share it here. It was done in the old Sonar version of Cakewalk but I realized that every effect and automation I used there is also present in Cakewalk By BandLab. Amazing! 

    At the time this was recorded I had just bought RealGuitar and RealStrat by MusicLab (no relation LOL) and Komplete 8 by Native-Instruments  so I wanted to learn how to program with those VST instruments. You guys know it can be daunting  to write while also dealing with technical stuff . As a result I chose a Carpenters song I loved instead and gave it a Bossa Nova twist to avoid some of the heavy lifting associated with writing a new song.

    Anyways...I put up an old CAD E-200 and had some fun with the vocals since the point wasn't to mimic Karen.  It was exciting to find out what could be done with my new toys so I  moved on to working on original songs and I left well enough alone with this one as I couldn't really use it for anything other than as a fun learning project.  I'll post some of those originals here  to run them by you guys as I unpack them in the new Cakewalk By BandLab eventually, but for now I hope you all enjoy.  I'm glad to be part of this community and I'm loving what Cakewalk has become. 


    Be well, everyone.





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