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  1. Hi Tom. 

    Thank you so much for the kind comment and the suggestion on the snare 🙏

  2. 8 hours ago, FJ Lamela said:

    Es una muy buena canción aunque logicamente se nota el paso del tiempo en la producción y en la calidad de sonido.

    Pero rehaciendo partes de la producción y rehaciendo la mezcla tienes un Hit.Me encantaria re-producir este tema contigo.


    It's a very good song, although logically the sound quality and production sound a little old. But redoing parts of the production and redoing the mix you have a hit. I would love to re-produce this song with you again.


    Saludos desde España.





    Hey FJ!

    Gracias por el comentario y la oferta. Ahí te mantendré en mente cuando la vaya a rehacer.

    Muchísimas gracias!

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  3. John! 
    A million thanks. The words are roughly: 

    Verse 1

    With only a look at you my heart skips a beat, and I jumble up my words and lose all reasoning. When I'm with you I smile stupidly, and I think of things that are done between two people. In the moments I see you pass by I know that my eyes can't help but to touch your back. I wanna have an accident in your curves and fill you totally  with pleasure


    Uh Uh baby I wanna submerge in you, I'd wanna be able to be covered with your essence like that, honey. Uh uh mama, to savor your body like a chocolate (candy bar)

    Verse 2

    I wanna have you without shame . I wanna taste in my mouth the sweat of your neck, to see you smiling under me, cus you know exactly why we're here. I want your breath shortened from loving, and to fill my hands with your warm breast. I wanna have an accident in your curves. I wanna  fulfill  you like a man would a  woman.




  4. Tom!

    I’m so so glad that you were able to make all that out. You’re on to me😂.
    When I was a kid (in the 70s) in Cuba I would listen at night to pop in English on a little AM radio we had. Sometimes If the weather was just right I would be able to tune into stations from Florida or the Caribbean from the rooftop  of the building I lived in. I couldn’t make out the words at the time but I could feel the emotions in the music.  Those long chord progressions and prominent melodies made me dream. Thanks for the feedback on the strat. (pun intended) 😉

  5. 4 hours ago, mark skinner said:

    Miguel , Very nice energy . I think your guitar work is Fantastic ! Listening to your other songs I think you sing as well in English as you do in Spanish or Spanglish. Very talented ..  mark

    Thank you so much, Mark. Sent you an email here. Hope to hear from you on that 🙂

  6. Hi everyone.

    Found another old session that fully opens with Cakewalk by BandLab since all the effects I used in it were from the included Sonitus bundle.

    About the song: I liked this girl very much and I told her I'd write her a song of any style she wanted. She spoke in "Spanglish" a lot and she thought it would be funny if it were either gospel or disco (go figure). I chose to do something like a Maroon 5 song so it wouldn't be pure disco, and did the old Swedish “track and hook” songwriting  trick as well as used minor-major tonality and key changes. Wrote it in Spanish but using some terms of endearment in English that are recognized by people around the world and that counted as "Spanglish", did one take of the lead vocal to an acoustic guitar recorded with a click track, and it came out with a good energy so I built the rest of the song around that.

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  7. Thank you, Paul.

    I really appreciate the feedback, and thank you for the kind comments  on the track and vocals. it means a lot to me. 
    I’m just a guy with a plastic keyboard  and a computer who likes to write songs, and I’m not a guitar player, or a bass player, or a drummer, or even a singer for that matter, so I’m always looking to learn from real musicians. 
    …do you have any suggestions on how to achieve a tone you would prefer on the solos?

    What amps, pedals, speakers, mics, rooms, etc would you use?  Any tricks you could share to achieving your sound?  Any help would be appreciated 🤙🏼😊

    Much thankful. 


  8. Hi Esther!

    Really enjoyed the song. It has a nice energy. It was mentioned here that the vocals may be a bit up front. Obviously these are matters of taste specific for whatever or target market and audience are.  If you wanna explore some of the feedback of our fellow KWalkers here, there’s a fairly easy trick to keep vocals up front but more inside the mix. If you roll off the bottom end with a high pass and  a -6db curb from about 300-400 Htz before compression, it takes away some of the proximity effect of the mic.. This normally helps the lead vocals sit in the mix without having to compete for dynamics. You can sweep the frequency higher or lower until you find the sweet spot in your specific mix. It’s all a matter of taste, of course. 
    Great job already. Love your voice and your energy. The song is ready. 

    Be well. 

  9. Hi Treesha! 
    Great job! I loved it. 😉👍🏼
    Nice stew (of free stuff) 

    Best of luck with the fires and I hope you and yours stay safe 🙏🏼

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  10. Thank you so much, Nigel! 
    Especially about the vocals. I think they are the hardest thing to approach for a singer/songwriter since we have never heard the song sung by anyone else before we step up to the mic lol   
    Bummer about the mastering in streaming services, huh?

    Thank you so much for listening  🙏🏼 


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