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  1. Hello everyone. 

    This song was recorded on Cakewalk using a Quad-Capture interface, a Behringer V-amp 2 amp simulator, a Strat, a Yamaha Five String Bass, a CAD E 200 mic, and EZ Drummer and Dimension Pro as the VST instruments for drums and keys. We used only the included Sonitus Suite effects and automated the daylights out of the tracks to optimize the sound of a band format in comparison to the original, in which they used a band aaaaand an orchestra.  

    The song is “Ilegal, Inmoral, o Engorda” by Roberto Carlos. It basically posses the question: Why are things we like often illegal, immoral, or fattening?

    I have loved this singer and this song since I was a kid but I always imagined him doing it a little tighter, a little angrier, and without the orchestra, so I did it that way. 

    Bellow are the original and my version.   hope you enjoy them 😊



  2. 23 hours ago, Wookiee said:

    Other than the rather weak sound of the lead guitar the mix works well here.


    22 hours ago, freddy j said:

    Not only the mix sounds great to these unsophisticated ears but the entire song, from lyrics to performance, sounds good.  To me music is a qualitative experience and thus perfection depends upon the listeners and composers individually.  Of course consensus tends to rule, so sign me up as a vote that it sounds doggone good as is!


    Nice one!!!


    Thanx for checking it out for and chiming in 👍🏼

    Freddy 😊

    Thanks for listening with your heart and please keep your ears unsophisticated. Music is so much better that way.  I appreciate you letting me know. 
    Muchísimas gracias.  

  3. 19 hours ago, mark skinner said:

     Miguel , I Really liked the sparseness of the clean mix , and the Great vocals. I loved how the backing vocals "felt" thru my headphones when they came in. Totally surrounding and immersive. I my opinion  , I do think from that point forward , the main vocal should be wetter and brought up a little to match the power of the backing Vox.  Another Fantastic production     Loved it ..  mark  


    18 hours ago, KurtS said:

    Sounds good, my only crit is the lead guitar sounds dull and quiet. Personally I think a classic nylon string guitar sound would be nice there.


    Thank you so much as always for your encouragement and the helpful feedback. It's good to hear that you felt the immersive backing vocals cus that's what I was going for there. When I mixed it I checked it through several systems (headphones, car, studio monitors, home theater, small office bluetooth speaker) and compromised between all those, so in some systems that are a bit heavier in the mids and lows the backing vocals may sound louder. I'll definitely take your observation into account if I redo the song. 

    Thank you always



    I always look forward to your comments. Thank you.



  4. 12 hours ago, Lynn Wilson said:

    I agree with your friends, that it's good the way it is.  Sometimes there's no need to over polish a gem, and that's what this recording is.  I had to listen several times to just let this sink in.  Well done!


    Thank you for listening so wholeheartedly.  It is the best gift to any artist. Thank you for that.

  5. 15 hours ago, treesha said:

    I like this song, I like your voice and the mix sounds good over here. The only feedback I would have is the tone of the lamenting moans is a little muddy and a little dark. Comparing to the tone of the ooohs which I think feels better. Just taste. Hope you get a chance to do more project$. 

    Thank you, Treesha. Likewi$e 😉

  6. Hi KWalkers .

    Are we monetizing our cakewalk? I've always thought that any gear or software I buy should at least pay for itself. One way to do that is to produce material for sale. Some time ago a buddy had the opportunity to submit material to Sony for an upcoming album of this pop star from Mexico named Kalimba. He kind of styles himself a bit like Usher and a bit like Lenny Kravitz but Sony was asking for R&B stuff. I didn't think any of the stuff I had ready at the time would do it so I sat down to try something. Made a two bar drum loop and programmed a few chords on an elec piano sound to hum a melody over. The melody and structure emerged pretty quickly.  Then I wrote lyrics to the melody, recording each line as I wrote it, added some background vocals, and had a band mate at the time play chord inversions in two acoustic guitar tracks that I panned moderately wide to flesh it out even more since the track was so sparse. The whole session took about six hours over one night and I planned to add bass and pads later as well as to redo the lead vocals and the drums. In the end I was never able to submit the song because the friend that asked for it traveled and we lost contact during the time window we had to submit it, but as I started showing it to other friends they actually liked that it was sparse (short drum loop with no bass line or pads) and that the lead vocals sounded imperfect and dry.  Given the subject of the lyrics they thought it was appropriate so I left it like that. 

    I didn't know what to name it cus the hook is meant to sound like a moan or a sigh lamenting something, but how does one spell that? 👀

    Anyway...here it is 🤷‍♂️


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  7. 2 hours ago, Lynn Wilson said:

    Good luck on your quest to get a recording deal from a record company because you definitely have the chops and skills to get one.  Don't give up on being original, however, because people are looking for the next "big" thing all the time.  I'd love to hear more of your work!


    Thank you for the vote of confidence. As I mentioned, a record deal was a possibility we were exploring at the time but we eventually went a different route. These days I'm actually content with working on music instead of trying to be the artist.   As for being original, I have a bunch of originals that I'm revisiting and I'll continue to post here. They're all in various stages of development (I'm sure most people here can relate😂), but the push back then was to give a potential backer a remake to release as a way into a market so that's why we made a bunch of demos of remakes (to gauge interest). We were thinking South America first and then the US. 

    Because of that the majority of my originals are ballads in Spanish. We all know those can be tough to sit through if the listener doesn't understand  the words but I will post them eventually when I get more comfortable with that fact.

    I really appreciate your encouragement, Lynn.

    Thank you.


  8. 6 hours ago, mark skinner said:

     Miguel , Extremely well done on the vocals. Your vocal range is Very impressive. I love the cadence of the lyrics on a well sung song in Spanish. I also think it takes a lot of confidence to post a cover song  with the original.  Enjoyed it .  mark


    Thank you so much for your kind comments.  I really appreciate your observations.  I'm a fan of how you craft your music. Thank you for taking the time. 🙂

  9. Wookiiiieeee!!!

    i’ve heard your music. This is definitely not your thing. So I really appreciate the comment and the feedback. 

    May the force be with you ✋🏼

  10. Hi Esther! 
    Both versions are head and shoulders above most of the stuff here. Sound color and tone are subjective and both masters sound great to me. 
    Great song. Great singing. Great performances all around. Great mix.  Great work. 😃👍 

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  11. Hi Kwalkers.

    Some time ago a buddy and I decided to seek a record deal in Spanish. The record deal hadn't been an attractive thing for a long time already but it would still be a shortcut cus larger record companies have the infrastructure to get an artist exposure. A friend who was a former industry executive offered to help and asked that we look for hits to remake since those songs already have an audience. We picked a few songs from the 70s through the 90s and made a few demos to gauge interest. At the time we were fans of big-voiced singers of those decades so we chose some of their songs to remake. This is one is "Adios. Hoy Sobran Las Palabras" by Fernando de Madariaga, He used to be backed by full orchestras and big productions, but we did it more in a Vocal pop group format.  No loops. No samples.


    This was the original


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