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  1. So I've fallen in love with Sonnox' "Drug Gate" plugin. Sometimes I record drummers that are pretty heavy handed, and leave me lots of bleed between mics. So it's not uncommon to sacrifice the high end presence in a rack tom or snare because the high hat is cutting through too much. Sonnox sort of deals with that. I can more or less eliminate everything but the drum hit thanks to AI (I assume). Does anyone know of a similar plugin for vocals??? For example, recording a band live on stage (or in studio) where everyone is in the same room and even the most hypercardioid mics tend to bring in more of the band they should. I'm not really interested in making that mic bleed "work" for me. In many cases, it is not "magical", it is only problematic - especially when given a short amount of time fix and mix everything. Maybe Izotope? Or anything else AI based?
  2. Yep, that did it! I love this place. Thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!thank you! thank you!thank you! thank you!thank you! thank you!
  3. I've been looking through menus for a setting, but I can't find it. Is there an option to disable the scrolling time stamp on the time ruler? (see screen shot) I want to see the measure/beat info, but that annoying time stamp covers it up. This makes drag and drop a much bigger hassle than it needs to be.
  4. Rehashing an old thread here, because I procrastinated.... and now I'm running into an issue installing Windows on an external drive. Most procedures I've seen involve installing Windows on a virtual machine on the internal harddrive. Then using an app like WINtoUSB to transfer from the virtual realm to the physical external hard drive. Simple enough, right? I'm running into a problem with Fusion's VMWare. VM does not 'see' my external SSD (which is mounted in a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure). And therefore, I cannot load Windows externally. I don't know if this is a limitation of VMWare or Bootcamp. Do any of you guys use an external SSD in a Thunderbolt enclosure? If so, which virtual environment did you utilize? Or is there something in the OS setup & sharing that I'm missing here? Considering how much of a push Apple made for TB3, it's a bit frustrating at the lack of instructions for such a venture.
  5. I updated late last night. I only started one session for a minute or two. It'd didn't get stuck, but I'll want to do more extensive testing tonight. I hope this is finally over. I read the early release notes and there was mention of a zoom control (related to centering the scroll bar or something?). I was hoping this meant additional zoom fixes. So I really hope this works. I've been using Pro Tools for the past couple weeks. And I tell you... we really take for granted how awesome CbB really is. Especially when compared to other DAWs. My only wish (other than big free performance) is to finally have a proper Mac version. I always paid for my renewals prior to Bandlab, and I'd happily go back to that model if it meant development hours for a mac version. If the latest update didn't fix this for you, you might try a workaround suggested by Lord Tim earlier in this thread. Open up your ASIO control panel (in my case the MOTU control panel), and change the latency/buffer - or - change the clock type. This stops the audio engine, and gives you control again. It's a serious hassle, but at least you won't have to "end-task-and-lose-all-your-work".
  6. I'm fairly certain it's not the slide speed. It would seem that if it's going to lock up, it lock up the instant I touch my mouse to the slider. It just jumps right out to the max level and gets stuck. I just doubled my memory from 16 to 32 GB (and I used faster RAM). I was hoping to avoid dumping more money into that machine, because it's time to upgrade. I literally just did this last night before I went to bed. I booted up Sonar to see if it would still get stuck in my task manager after I closed. It does. I gotta say, I've been using Sonar/Bandlab for 18+ years. It's been rock solid across multiple machines. And now all of a sudden, I have two deal-breakers after the same update. It's a real bummer, and I sincerely hope the next release gets this sorted out. I've looked at other DAWs and ....yeesh.... no thanks.
  7. Quick follow-up. I updated graphics driver, and.... now I can make it get stuck EVERY time. Buy it mainly seems to be only when I zoom in to the sample level. If I go in too close, boom- it's over. I have to stop my internal clock or end-task. Prior to the graphics update, the slider would zoom all the way in and get stuck even if I barely touched it. Now, it seems to offer some level of control - up to maybe 75% of the slider's travel - before it's f###ed. It's only been 10 minutes since I restarted - so I feel this might be a possible step. So I'm being cautiously optimistic here. It's literally been about 10 minuets since I restarted my computer. I need to plug in my X Touch and see if those zoom controls act any differently.
  8. My machine is fairly old by today's standards, but running an i7 with 16GB RAM. I replaced the MOBO a year or two back, and upgraded my video card at the same time to support higher res monitors. I mainly use this machine for mixing (these are dense sessions with 100+ audio tracks, 10-20 are running Line6 Helix Native, and maybe 5-10 more tracks of different virtual synths). But... since I'm mainly mixing, I tend to run my buffers higher (usually at 1024) to avoid drop outs and crackles. According to Task Manager & CbB's meter - I should be well below any point of concern. And this "glitch" appears to happen regardless as to how many tracks I'm handling (could be 1, or 150 tracks). Since this started, I've taken to freezing and submixing more. I haven't isolated it to any plugins either, but I have been running into a separate issue involving Waves Scheps Omni Channel plugin. I made some time tonight to go through and update my drivers, and check for a BIOS update. It'd be great if this fixes it. But we'll see. So after BIOS/Drivers, I'll test it with one of these larger sessions. If it happens again, I guess I will start from scratch with an empty session, and start adding audio files (no VST, no plugs) to see what happens. EDIT: Forgot to add that I'm taking the video card comments to heart. Back in December I added a ultrawide monitor, and have seen some minor visual glitches (mainly upon startup, or when switching users). No crashes or anything bad, just some head scratching quirks that go away. So fingers crossed.
  9. Scott - I've used Sonar for a hundred years, but I'm new to the X-Touch. I found this thread, and am wondering if you ever made a batch of overlays. And if so, do you have any left?
  10. BTW, Alt-Tab over to another program hasn't been helping me. This has me on the edge. A few times I've had no choice but to end-task. What the heck happened with CbB over the past two updates? It's been rock solid up until this. This is listed as a bug fix for the most recent release. Well, it didn't fix anything. If anything it's worse. The version prior only got 'stuck' once in a while. But now it's happening about 50% of the time I reach for that slider. Sorry for vent; but since there still doesn't appear to be a way to submit a bug report (none that I can find), I guess I'll just do it here. I've been with cake for far too long to leave now. And this is my first real bug/problem. But it's such a deal breaker for me considering how frequently I use this little tool. So I sincerely hope this gets resolved ASAP. Because I can't continue if it stays like this.
  11. Resurrecting an old thread... I've been running into this issue, and I suspect it is being caused somehow by a Waves plugin (Scheps Omni Channel). Up until the last update, this was not a problem. I also still suffer the zoom/scroll bug that is still happening. New update = new problems. My PC is getting old - so I obviously need an upgrade But getting back to this thread (CbB staying in task manager after closing the app). It seems if I work on a song too long, memory starts to spike and I run into audio engine problems. So I close the program. But in order to start up again, I need to end-task. I have a theory, but don't know how to test it. I suspect there's an issue with a Waves plugin (Scheps Omni Channel). With this most recent update, I notice that it takes a very long time to remove this plugin form a track. It'll hang for anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes (with CbB showing as "not responding" in task manager). I love this plugin, and it works fine as long as I'm not trying to remove it from a track(s). But after this last update, it can no longer be removed a track (easily). Anyway, at the end of a session - I decided to see how long CbB would hang up in task manager. It hung (not responding). Then after 10-15 minutes the memory usage started to go down slowly. After a couple minutes, it got close to zero - then paused (task manager said "suspending" for a moment and then it quit). To my knowledge Waves / Scheps Omni Channel is a 64bit plugin. Anything else worth looking at / testing?
  12. FYI - This is still happening in the latest release. Those release notes indicated there was a fix for this. I would actually say it's worse than it was before. And the alt-tab trick (switching to another window/application) doesn't work.
  13. Thanks guys - this is immensely helpful. I do like the idea of having a separate physical/external drive for this. Seems easier to setup. Though I think I still need Bootcamp in order to load a Windows OS. I'm not a big fan of mac, personally. But Thunderbolt for windows leaves much to be desired - and - everyone in my circle uses Logic. I've been using an old macbook to export audio files for use in CbB. I was heartbroken when Cake abandoned the mac project, for a brief moment I thought I might be able to convert some Logic users. Sure, a DAW is a DAW is a DAW, but Logic just feels like a toy to me. So I won't be giving up CbB anytime soon. And who knows, maybe someday our Bandlab overlords will resurrect the mac option .
  14. Recently purchased the new Macbook Pro 16 and switched to a UA Apollo Thunderbolt 3 interface. I've worked in Logic for some time, but still consider Cakewalk to be my home. I still have a windows desktop PC running CbB. I know some of you are running Windows via Bootcamp, and am curious if there's a useful procedure write up that you might share? Some questions: - Partition? File system? I assume I still need to create a Windows partition. Is there a file system that will be recognized by both Windows and MAC? Or is NTFS on the Windows side my only choice? I understand Mac can read form NTFS, but not write to it. Does this mean I could copy audio files recorded in CbB over to the Mac partition to be worked in Logic? Or vice versa? - Could I install Windows onto an external SSD? Is Thunderbolt 3 fast enough to handle OS and/or write files while tracking? Apologies for the noob questions. I've been recording in mac and windows for decades. Somehow this is the first time I've ever considered using one machine for both environments.
  15. If you don't use "per project" folders, then you have to include the song name at the front of each file name. But it seems to me that if you ARE using 'per project' folders, you should be able to tell CbB to leave the song title out. This has always been annoying, so I don't necessarily expect it to change.
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