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  1. Valid point. I was looking into several VST Host applications, all of them had upsides, downsides. Cantabile looked promising, along with Hermann Seib's VSTHost, but none of them had a builtin MIDI player with playlist, so at this point, having already needed an external player (using Media Player Classic Home Cinema with default MIDI device patch in Windows registry together with loopMIDI), I tried setting up Cakewalk for live use. Probably the biggest selling point to me was the Console layout (like a digital mixer), ease of use through that GUI, I create all the MIDI backingtracks in Cakewalk, Sonitus FX, TH3 Cakewalk, and the other plugins being there are also a big plus. The 2 features I am missing from this setup are: setting tempo from outside and MIDI patchpoints (along with proper MIDI signal flow control to the plugins).
  2. I know. My problem is, that I cannot alter the central tempo in Cakewalk with external clock either. So if I would like to use Cakewalk live as an audio engine with several VST plugins loaded in, then trigger some MIDI horn riffs, then everything is ok except the tempo, which I will have to adjust manually in the GUI.
  3. Today I found Matrix view. Together with loopMIDI I can load a full MIDI song into a cell and have it play properly EXCEPT the tempo. Although the tempo is incorporated into the MIDI file, I cannot get Cakewalk to follow the external clock's tempo. Would be nice to have an option to play the MIDI files in the cell in their own tempo.
  4. I sent a project with which I reproduced the issue.
  5. I am noticing cracks too for the last 2-3 weeks, but for me the issue is definitely not related to the last version of CbB. I have a Dell Latitude 5580, 8 cores, 16GB, Win10, ASIO latency does not matter with DVS (6ms DVS LAN latency, did not test with 10ms yet), cracks are still there. I suspect either BIOS update or Windows update messed up something.
  6. Yes. In my use case, I create MIDI multitracks for live use, main (Master) mix is for myself during creation, but each track is sent to a dedicated hardware output (Dante Virtual Soundcard) via Send. I usually send stereo channels, only the Metronome aux (stereo channel) and the Bass (stereo channel) is sent mono to a hardware out L and R. In this version both the Metronome and Bass were present in the hardware out's L and R, while in previous versions I had the Metronome in L and Bass in R. Did notice, that changing the Metronome aux to mono did solve the issue for the metronome, I presume, that changing the Bass channel to mono would have solved it for Bass too, but I did not test it, I rolled back. I presume, that this is not intended, sends to a mono hardware out (more specifically, to only one channel of a stereo hardware out) from a stereo channel should not creep into the hardware out's other channel.
  7. This is messing with my projects too. Prior this release, if I sent via Sends from a stereo track to a hardware output's Left channel only, then the stereo signal was downmixed and sent to the Left channel only. Now it is downmixed and sent to Both channels... Luckily, I was testing it before letting everybody hear the metronome in the PA besides the Bass guitar...
  8. I've been using the Copy/Paste Special feature and I am missing the option to transfer - MIDI Bank/Program - MIDI CC7 (Volume) - MIDI CC10 (Pan) in a way, that it should apply the values on the GUI too. An Import MIDI Special feature would also be nice that would offer to import the checked options.
  9. Yes. My issue with that is, that all the projects have the same plugins loaded, with the same samples. Having 16GB or RAM, 2-3 projects quickly exhaust all the memory.
  10. Extra step, but it works. I did notice, that after import the Undo action is a Undo Paste action, so I presume, that the Import process is also a Copy/Paste process. Would be nice to have the option to choose what to import. Anyway, thank you for your input!
  11. I almost got it working. Albeit I need an external MIDI loop tool, but as far it is working fairly ok. I discovered, that saving the project as MIDI Format 1 file will save most (all?) MIDI related data, even markers, so I will keep my projects in .mid files. I then have a main project with all instruments loaded and just play the MIDI file with an external player. I have 2 minor issues: - importing a MIDI file to the current project will not import tempo changes (Tempo Track), Meter/Key changes and Markers - Cakewalk as MIDI slave will not change the tempo upon received tempo changes Am I missing something or are these bugs in the software?
  12. Hi All, I would like to describe my use case, and ask if anyone can help if I can user Cakewalk in this manner. I have several backingtrack projects, all in Cakewalk, that are using mostly the same patches (VST). These projects are usually played live (through Dante Virtual Soundcard to an Allen&Heath SQ5 mixer equipped with a Dante card) in multichannel mode, so the mixing guy can mute the tracks, where the player is present, and also mix them live with more accuracy. My problem is, that changing between projects takes a considerable amount of time, not to mention the amount of RAM required to host the VST plugins for each project. I tried merging multiple projects into one, my problem here is, that dragging a new project in to the existing one will only paste select features at the cursor (it omits markers, tempo track), so it is a lot of work to reenter them, but doable. [feature requests: have Cakewalk insert everything into the project upon drag-and-drop] I am currently experimenting with VSTHost hosting all the VST files, then I play back only MIDI data with Cakewalk (since it has multiple MIDI devices support) through loopMIDI. My problem here is, that I have to stop, switch, start each project. [feature request: .cwp playlist] I am still fitting into 16 MIDI channels, if I use banks/programs, so I can use MPC-HC, VLC, even WMP to play MIDI files, with playlist(!), and except MIDI clock functionality, it works. I even can have Cakewalk act as a VST host only. My problem here is, that I have to configure Cakewalk each time I record or I use it live. I I would very much enjoy using the interface of Cakewalk, as upon recording I find very easy to set my mixing channel levels and leave the Dante sends untouched. [feature request: ability to change hardware profiles with one click or command line] So I would like to use only Cakewalk with the least amount of extra work upon planning the project setlist.
  13. We are using a lyrics projection system, that has a built-in web server for remote control API requests. Would be awesome if Cakewalk would be able to do http(s?) GET/POST requests with a simple Marker like fashion. Pre-recorded muti-tracks would take care of lyrics projection, in case of missing personnel...
  14. 1 to 1 works flawlessly, using it to save on analog inputs on an SQ5. However until Dante arrives, it would offer a perfect opportunity to finally relieve the one workhorse PC and take some of its roles to a another PC on the network in another location...
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