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  1. Thanks for your answer! But I think i haven't made clear what I wanted to do. I know the basics of the Step Sequencer but my goal is to use it for live looping. I mean playing the drumpads of my midi controller, recording, looping and overdubbing in realtime. Since I updated to the latest version of Cakewalk, I'm able to actually hear what I recorded as the loop repeats itself. So I can overdub in real time. My Problem with the Step Sequencer is that it doesn't show the notes I recorded. I'm not sure if I missed some of the basic functions of the Step Sequencer or if it just doesn't do that. And there's another problem I can't get rid of: Whenever I delete the clips in the track or close and re-open the Step Sequencer, I have to set it up all over again. Meaning the shown midi-tracks go back to default and I have to search for the Kick, Snare, Hat etc. again to be displayed in the Step Sequencer. So here's what I'm trying to achieve: - Set up a loop of let's say 8 Bars - Record/Play/overdub in realtime without having to stop the recording - Start/Stop recording without stopping the playback of the loop, so I can improvise over it and use an Arpeggiator/Note Repeat to play over the loop without recording this - Clear tracks on the fly without stopping the loop So I'm actually looking for the workflow of an MPC/ Drum-Machine and I can't seem to do this with the built-in Step Sequencer. Again, I don't really know if I'm missing out on some basics or if I actually need a third party plugin for this. I've tried MPC Beats by Akai Professionalbus using it as a plugin, it keeps crashing Cakewalk.
  2. I know it's very old and the user interface isn't exactly pretty but I haven't found a newer one yet that is so comfortable to use once set up properly. I might check out some alternatives if anyone has some good recommendations on freeware loopers. But once this problem with the presets and midi bindings is solved, I don't see any reason to get me any other plugin. I think the mobius is timeless and theres not much more you can ask for when it comes to audi loopers.
  3. Is there anyone using the Mobis Looper by Circular Labs with Cakewalk? I really love this one, it's got everything I need for audio looping and I could play around with it forever. But there's this one problem: I can't save and load my presets and it drives me nuts! Using it as standalone, I can just save a Mobius project and load it with all the presets and Midi bindings ect. But in the plugin it just opens the loops i saved but not the presets and stuff. I have to setup it completely from the start everytime i open cakewalk, the Midi Bindings are just empty and everything is set on default. I'd really appreciate some help with this issue. I can recommend this plugin to everyone who wants to do live-stuff with cakewalk!
  4. Hi there! I'm very much into the G-Stomper Rhythm App the last Months, where you can play your own Drum Samples with an 808style Drum Sequencer via Midi triggering. You can controll it with your Midi-Controller and you can also output Midi from the Sequencer to trigger third party VST like Drum Samplers and Instruments. Sad thing is, that it's an Andoid only Smartphone App and I'm looking for something similar to use in Cakewalk. I already have a bunch of good drum samples and I'm using the Sitala Drum Sampler to play them. I'm also using some Kontakt Instruments for drums. So my goal is to find a good sequencer to play around and loop in an 808-Style and trigger these drums I already have via Midi. So there's no need for me to download a drum machine that uses only its own sounds. The Idea sounds very simple but I just can't find anything that is freeware and that doesn't come with its own sound library. Any tips?
  5. THANK YOU! It worked with that old ALT-Key. I was wasting 4 hours on this and tried the weirdest stuff. But this is the solution! How can i send you some flowers?!
  6. Hi there I'm trying to use the Mobius Looper by Circular Labs in Cakewalk. It works as a Plugin via Bitbridge (it's a 32bit Plugin). I can route Audio to it from severel Instruments but I don't seem to be able to send Midi Controls to the Mobius (I'd like to push record, switch betwean tracks etc. using my Midi Controller). I tried the "Configure as Synth" Option in the Plugin Presets and made a Midi-instrument out of the Mobius. In that way I can controll it just fine with my Midi-Controller but now I'm not able to send any Audio to it. With the 64Bit Plugins I can just enable Midi input in the VST dropdown menu. This doesn't seem to work with Bitbridge. Can anyone help me, I just want to start looping!
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