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  1. Mik Urrey

    Bad rendering quality

    All answers are "Yes" I'm not but I tried many different settings and all avaliable output formats, results are same (but if I disable 64-bit engine I get an invalid vaw file). I found only "Remove DC offset during record", nothing for externally imported audio. It's switched on. I know you're right but I'm not a profi and not need extra quality for the time being, standard quality and features + ASIO drivers are enough for me. But I tried some other DAW's before and had no problems with rendering. May be these problems caused by CbB's "analog sound oriented" engine? P.S. I recreate the project with same samples and FXs, it was rendered very well. But when I add one more sample, I got invalid output vawe. When I rendered another project with VSTi's and no samples, I got fine quality every time. So I assume now that some of my manipulations with the samples cause these errors.
  2. Mik Urrey

    Bad rendering quality

    Hello! I have bad rendering quality in CbB. Whichever file format or samplerate or bitrate I choose at the output I hear clicks and pops in the file what I don't hear while I play the track in DAW. Also source samples has this pops and clicks (visible to the naked eye DC offsets) and I can't remove them as DC offsets, using fade tool only. How to deal with it? Windows 7 x64, built-in audio interface. 1.mp3
  3. Unlike the LoopBe1, LoopMIDI allows to create more then one MIDI port. So I can use one internally in CbB and have another for connect external programms to CbB. And yes, seems it protected from loops
  4. Thank you! It works properly now. I saw your post about remote control via LoopBe1 on another board and tried to make that but LoopBe1 can not provide in and out for one app at the same time and throws warning. So I thought it's my mistake again and abandoned this way. Now I have installed LoopMIDI and it provides needed ability.
  5. Thank you scook! I know about Sonitus Surround but panning is just example. I'm looking for a free multipurpose LFO tool can automate any knob and change its own frequency by another automation lane.
  6. Hello! I try to automate the stereo balance of the track by LFO using MIDI Shape shifter. I found this instruction http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3198292 OK, Octave down/up works fine. But nothing happens when I try to pick preset "LFO" fnd attach the Pan fader to MIDI CC 7 Ch 1. What am I doing wrong? There's a photo of my adventures
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