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  1. jjattar

    Gig Performer 4

    It is! It is generous towards everyone with the exception of people that bought the very same software they are selling the upgrade to. Again, not one cent of the money you put for the earlier version goes towards the upgrade. None. Anyone gets the same price. On top of that, they did a huge sale with the clear intention of having people pay twice. Which, hopefully, won't work. It was free at launch, with a pretty huge (for audio software, at least) marketing campaign behind it . It was pretty generous, for sure, and it's a good piece of software. But I doubt anyone will actually spend money on it, as it is a stripped down version made for the purpose of the marketing campaign and it costs almost as much as the full version.
  2. jjattar

    Gig Performer 4

    GP4 was announce long before the sale, yes. And I didn't expect it to get the upgrade for cheap, mind you. What I didn't expect was that GP4 will cost the same whether you've bought GP3 or not. Again, the upgrade from the free Ampeg amp costs the same. What I expected when they did the sale was that, at worst, It'll cost exactly the same as buying the new version outright. Not more. When I say "money down the drain" I meant that if you want the new version you'll pay $99 for it whether you bought GP3 or not. English is not my mother tongue, so is probably my fault and I'm making a mess of words. My apologies. Of course I can use it! And I intend to do so. GP4 is $99 right now. Not $169. To most people, at least. I mean, maybe some people don't qualify for the upgrade... but considering a free amp gives you access to the update, I'm betting most qualify. I paid $39.99 for it, almost half of what the new version costs. So the new version costs $140 for me instead of the $100 that it costs for (almost) everyone. What I'm saying is, if you were interested in the newer version, not buying on the last sale (which, I might add, they did 16 days prior to the launch of the newer one while having a 14-day refund policy) would have been cheaper. I'm not saying they should give it for free; quite the contrary. But charging the same for the upgrade to people that bought the previous version as for people that didn't right after doing a big sale is... well, it's not nice.
  3. jjattar

    Gig Performer 4

    That $99 price is for (almost) everyone... upgrading from the free Ampeg amp costs the same as from Gig Performer 3. I'm not saying it should be free, but at least take into account money spent on the 3rd version. I mean, if the problem is that there are people who got it for cheap, that'll solve the issue, right? As it stands, if you are getting the new version anything you paid for the previous one is money down the drain. Unless you never cared for version 4, obviously.
  4. jjattar

    Gig Performer 4

    That's just not true. Upgrading from "Ampeg SVT-VR Classic" (which was free!) costs THE SAME as upgrading from Gig Performer 3. Whatever money you've put towards the 3rd version 15 days ago (I put 40 dollars, which is a very large sum where I live) you threw it down the drain if you are intending to buy the newer version. Furthermore, the sale ran the very last day it could if they were concerned about the refund window they offer. I don't think it was unintentional. There is an easy fix for this. Like "whatever you put into version 3, you get it as credits towards version 4". But if the intention was to double-dip from the start (and it looks like it was) it'll never happen. And I'll never buy from them again.
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