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  1. [SOLVED] Changing the Drive letter solved the issue and I was able to successfully get the CBL reloaded on the computer with the updated version. Thanks so much "Promidi" & "scook". I was at a dead end until your assistance gave me hope and I am back in business again.
  2. @scook Thanks for this lead. Gonna try the above suggestion "PROMIDI" gave me to rename the hard drive when I get home later tonight. If that fails I will attempt the clean install you suggest. I am hesitant to bother the registry, but if need be.. I am committed. I really appreciate your input.
  3. Thank you @Promidi. The previous D drive crashed and I had it replace with a new 1TB internal hard drive. The replacement was labeled Drive " E" when I got the computer back. I do have room in the computer case to install another empty 500GB HD i have from a previous computer. I will attempt to install it and label it with the Drive letter D with also folders CBL is looking for already established. I still don't understand why removing the old CBL (using the Windows uninstaller ) & install a fresh copy of CBL from the Bandlab Assistant did not correct this issue,. Thanks again and will see if that works.. Will post an update soon.
  4. Hello All, I previously had CBL installed from Jan 2021 on my desktop..without issue. My secondary hard drive died (where my "VST" files were located) and had a replacement and changed it changed the drive letter from "D:" to now "F:" When I tried to update the Cakewalk software, it keeps asking during the install process to put the "VST" folder in the old "D:" location and will not give me the opportunity to select a different location. Both the location and the "BROWSE" button are ghosted gray and I cannot find away to select a different location. The only option is to cancel the upgrade and I am stuck. Then I read , to uninstall CBL and try a fresh install from Bandlab Assistant. I did but I am, same issue on new install of CBL. Next I tried uninstall again but added removing all the adds component software (drum replacer, software suite, etc). That went well except for the MELODYNE RUNTIME component will not UNINSTALL. I get a warning that the Administrator is blocking the removal of the Melodyne Runtime. So I try to run the CBL installer a 3rd time and still am stuck at the same VST FOLDER point. What can I do to get past this point and get the CAKEWALK installed again. I am out of ideas. Computer Specs: Windows 10 / ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard (ATX) / Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Desktop Memory / 500GB Solid State (Drive C) / 1TB 7200rpm HD (Drive E) / Additional Plug & Play 2-Bay Drive Docking station( extra storage from old drives ). Thanks in advance.
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