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  1. Thanks aslow i already have a Behringer x touch which works fine..what i want to do is get something small for my studio desk that will learn (thru ACT?) the vst plugins (Knobs /sliders) EQ /comps etc..i find ACT much easier than going thru the XTouch presets so what i want is something like Behringer Mini/korg Nano that i can assign buttons quickly like i can do with my A300 with ACT Thanks
  2. thanks for your detailed response.. i will try all this when i get home from work thanks
  3. thanks azlow, thats precisely the information i need, do you know if the Korg Nano works with ACT as well. it is more attractive as it has 8 sliders plus the rotaries
  4. thanks but thats the first thing i tried...no can do i cannot assign seperate midi channels from within cake walk.. very frustrating
  5. ok still mucking around with this i have Kontakt up with 2 different sounds; keys and strings how do i control the keys with midi ch 1 and the strings with ch 2 the only i have been able to do this is by changing the channel manually on my external KB controller . i would have thought that i would be able to change the ch internally( without manipulating by ext kb) but if that is so i cant work out how to do it. thanks
  6. Thanks all...so which is it? use omni coz it doesnt matter or use a separate midi channel for each soft synth. ive been checking youtube for something that might help..but nothing yet
  7. thanks so if i have two synths and i want to send to them on two different channels where do i tell the synths what channel to respond to..in the synth itself..or somewhere in the track options? thanks
  8. Hi all.. im a bit new to this and its a bit confusing... my question is ..how do the pro's control several soft synths..ie all on OMNI or dedicated midi channels. whats the best practice for using several soft synths. if some one could answer/point me to a tutorial/youtube clip etc that would be great Thanks
  9. thanks Traveler..now i know its not just me. yeah i can automate mute from the track screen just weird it doesnt work.
  10. Sorry its me again.. I am trudging thru the very brief and not in depth MCU help file in Cakewalk so please bear with me...most things ive got sorted but i might take the liberty of your knowledge and experience with the things i dont/cant understand. Right now i cant automate the mute button ..the pan and fader automates fine and im sure im following the instructions correctly but i cant get the X Touch to affect the mute button..it works from within Cake but not otherwise. Also (not important) the MCU help file indicates that i should be able to switch auto read on and off with the (yes) the read /off button but it doesnt do that. PS ...any links to more in depth manual/tutorial etc will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  11. Thanks steev but thats the the kind of experiment i am trying to avoid by makng this query i have the X touch the one with 8 motorized faders and the jog wheel and yes i know it can can control the plug ins but its not as easy as when i use my A300 and just assign whatever buttons /faders i want so without having to buy something only to have it not do what i want does any body else have a suggestion?
  12. i appreciate that the x touch does plug in control.. but it is still not as intuitive as just ACTing the few buttons i need rather than deciphering the led s on the x touch all i need to know is if the nano works with ACT
  13. it is so much simpler to just touch and assign the button/knob/slider i want to control.. this is the only ability i want ..i have the x touch to do everything else. also prefer the nano coz it has knobs AND sliders
  14. thanks for that.. so are you saying it will work the same as the A300... i press ACT learn on the vst ,touch a knob on the nano and one on the vst and hey presto it controls the knob?
  15. Hi all.. I already have a Roland A300 pro which does ACT learn/control of my plug ins knobs perfectly. I also have a behringer X Touch which also works perfectly.the only thing is that i am restricted for space so when i am not using the A300 for midi input i would like to find some thing much smaller i.e no keyboard which will do ACT learning and control my plug ins .E.G does the x touch mini have ACT capabilities? thanks
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