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  1. All good..just that it doesnt remember which knobs i have activated once i close and re open cakewalk..the A pro remembers?
  2. Woo Hoo!! Got it! yep a little confusing at first (for me) but once i read everything carefully I worked it out and now it does exactly what i want..so thank you
  3. OK getting closer. Thanks aszlow ,i now have the AZ controller and the x touch mini preset installed and is responding to sonar. but i still cant assign both Layers A + B . i can ONLY get one or the other... i dont care about any other functions e.g transport mutes etc all i want is to assign 16 discrete rotaries to 16 knobs on my EQ via ACT..simple ,right? well not for me. Also the lights on my x touch mini that indicate layer A or B are not working (they did before) that would be inconvenient..any idea whats happening there? anyway good piece of software and thankyou for taking the time to help me. OK the lights are back on... the only time i can get ACT to function in my plug in is when Layer B is LIT UP other wise the x touch just controls pan..vol etc still cant get A + B to affect 16 knobs
  4. Thanks Azslow..it was the behringer editor that was open.. Ok so now it works in ACT Midi Im getting closer to what i want to achieve but have hit a stumbling block. i am using the in built cakewalk ACT template with a good degree of success. As some of you know the X touch has 2 layers... A and B.. i can map layer A to bank 1 of the template and also layer B to bank 2 but i cannot stop certain encoders (once mapped) from affecting others EG. layer A encoder 1 ,2 ,3 are fine but 4,5,6,7,8, also control Layer B 1,2,3,4 etc this means when i want to map a VST plug with ACT learn when i get to knob 4 it not only controls say eq band 1 but also controls eq band 5 this is not workable...so either i limit myself to Layer A encoders and forget about the other layer or perhaps someone much smarter than me knows the solution to this problem made so much more frustrating seeing that i am so very close to achieving my goal anyway thanks for reading.
  5. Thanks for that... now when i connect the x touch mini i get... midi device failure...there is not enough memory available????? i have been using windows a long time and have never seen that one. any one know whats going on? thanks been doing some research... 1. it seems its a mainly cakewalk/sonar based problem (please correct me if i am wrong) 2. ive looked in device manager hidden devices and found that i have minimal midi devices , still i deleted what i thought i could but no luck 3.is it my imagination or are these problems more present when the behringer x touch series is involved? looking forward to your replies.
  6. Hello..I have just recently purchased the X-touch mini in the hope that i would be able to control plug-ins EG. eq knobs etc in the same way i can with my roland A300 keyboard which responds to Sonar ACT. ive tried for a few hours and it seems that the X touch will not respond to ACT. is this correct? am i doing something wrong? Its just that the A300 is quite large to put on the desk every time i want to mix tracks and i was hoping to utilize the small footprint of the x touch. Thanks
  7. from appearing everytime i want to split...i seem to remember years ago (sonar days) being able to turn it off . and for that matter any dialog box? how? thanks
  8. Thanks aslow i already have a Behringer x touch which works fine..what i want to do is get something small for my studio desk that will learn (thru ACT?) the vst plugins (Knobs /sliders) EQ /comps etc..i find ACT much easier than going thru the XTouch presets so what i want is something like Behringer Mini/korg Nano that i can assign buttons quickly like i can do with my A300 with ACT Thanks
  9. thanks for your detailed response.. i will try all this when i get home from work thanks
  10. thanks azlow, thats precisely the information i need, do you know if the Korg Nano works with ACT as well. it is more attractive as it has 8 sliders plus the rotaries
  11. thanks but thats the first thing i tried...no can do i cannot assign seperate midi channels from within cake walk.. very frustrating
  12. ok still mucking around with this i have Kontakt up with 2 different sounds; keys and strings how do i control the keys with midi ch 1 and the strings with ch 2 the only i have been able to do this is by changing the channel manually on my external KB controller . i would have thought that i would be able to change the ch internally( without manipulating by ext kb) but if that is so i cant work out how to do it. thanks
  13. Thanks all...so which is it? use omni coz it doesnt matter or use a separate midi channel for each soft synth. ive been checking youtube for something that might help..but nothing yet
  14. thanks so if i have two synths and i want to send to them on two different channels where do i tell the synths what channel to respond to..in the synth itself..or somewhere in the track options? thanks
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