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  1. I made it clear that I was looking for the most simple set up. I'm well aware it won't be the most performant, but I don't need studio quality when I'm just practicing. For those that mentioned WASAPI, that worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello, I'm having trouble getting Cakewalk to output audio to my computer's 3.5mm jack. My goal is to mimic what I was able to do with GarageBand on OSX; connect my guitar through a USB interface, play with GarageBand's amp emulator, listen through my 3.5mm headphones directly from the computer. My setup: Guitar -> Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen (Input) -> Cakewalk v2021.04 (build 175, 64b) -> Scarlett Solo (output) I am able to hear output audio from the Scarlett Solo 6.5mm jack, but for convenience it would be nice to use my computer audio. I'm just learning and trying to get the most simple practice setup I can on Windows. For starters, Cakewalk recognizes my Scarlett as the only audio device. Is there a way to add the windows audio drivers here?
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