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  1. Cool feature (workspaces) and nice index....Prob solved....thanks!
  2. Hi John, Yea...I did update 3 months ago and love it; just not hip to some of the CbB features. Can you instruct me on this workspace thing or give me a link. thanks!
  3. Hi John, hmmmmmm, this is new to me and may need more direction. Presently, I'm saving as I always did in Sonar....a normal .cwp save. Perhaps this workspace thing is a Bandlab convention?
  4. Hi guys, I like to use modules/mix, as it allows me to quickly have the global mute and FX on my control bar. I can't seem to save this in a given project. Upon opening the project again, I have to reinitiate it. advice? No biggie but irritating...... Thanks! T
  5. Kawika


    Thanks guys....and john V...you are 100% right, my bad.
  6. Kawika


    I have some loops entitled X--Mix. Are theses cakewalk samples? Am I allowed to use one in a song? thanks, David
  7. I am wanting my TriplePlay VS2 to control OmnisphereVST3. I want Tripleplay to ignore OmnisphereVST2.
  8. Any interface with a female 1/4 input will likely work and (as mentioned) the Focusrite Scarlett is an affordable good quality one. As mentioned, computer processing speed undermining latency is important. I just went Thunderbolt (available on laptop?) and am very happy I have vintage Marshalls, Fenders, Gibson amps, but I just finished an LP using only S-Gear Scuffman software for guitar sounds. I love it! You can listen to David Gale "Down in Smoke" album to hear both clean, crunch and heavily distorted sounds. By the way, you will find support on this Forum to be terrific....very helpful. Take it from me, some who knows very little about such matters.... good luck,
  9. OK Terry....So a Vst2 controller can direct a VST3 synth?
  10. I have a Fishman TriplePlay controller that is a VST2. I have 2 synth files for Spectronics Omnisphere; a VST2 and VST3. The Vst2Trip can only find the Omni VSt2 which is a problem because the Omni VST2 is not up to date. Question : Do Vst2s and Vst3s get along generally and work together? thanks, David
  11. Thanks....I'll have to find out the path Tripleplay uses.
  12. Ok...latest problem: I have Fishman Triple Play controller and Omnisphere synth. They are both updated. However....Triple Play won't play with Omnisphere b/c it thinks it is not supported by the latest update (though it is). I noticed that they are in separate folders: Trip-ply is in cakewalk/vst plugins and Omnisphere is in Steinberg/vst. ( I haven't otherwise had difficulties using any other instruments from both folders). Is there something I can do perhaps in plug-in manager to direct Triple Play from the old file to the new file? Thanks, Kawika
  13. "....using any VST as if it was a ProChannel module...." Interesting! I think the reason I have not gotten around to using ProChannel is b/c I feel very comfortable with certain vsts e.g, fabfilter eq.
  14. Yea, I look forward to exploring the pro channel. I don't suppose you can drop in your eq and/or compressor of choice?
  15. Happy to do so. And, it might have been a "productive mistake" as I was sending to 2 mixers in the interface which seems to me would allow me to simultaneously record a dry and wet (interface fx) in the future.
  16. Ok, cool , been meaning to explore Pro Channel!
  17. For the most part I have used 3rd party plugins such as Fab filter (eq), SoundToys (delay) S-gear (guitar). I imagine there are some under-the-radar Cakewalk FX that I haven't tried rivaling these companies. What are your favorite Cakewalk plug-ins (FX or inst)? thanks, Kawika
  18. Problem solved: was a routing issue in Antelope Goliath mixers. Thanks all!
  19. Fabulous...thanks for that trick, scook !!
  20. Scook and John Vere, you're both right. I'll post back solution. Thanks for your time.
  21. thanks guys, I am using Antelope Goliath. This is not a latency issue. There is virtually no latency with Thunderbolt; RT is at 4.1 ms. The issue is I am hearing the effected sound (in this case a distorted gtr plug at the same time as the unaffected sound, like I am monitoring twice, somehow.
  22. Thanks! Look forward to trying this tomorrow!
  23. Hi all, I now hear a dry signal and wet signal when tracking guitar with a 3rd party gtr plug in (never happened before w/same plug-in). I first noticed this after installing thunderbolt. I also noticed that in preferences/ mixing latency, the buffer slider is grayed out yielding to making such changes in ASIO. Some of these observations may be irreverent. The guitar is recording only the wet sound but I'm not digging hearing the wet/dry mixture while tracking. Ideas? thanks, Kawika
  24. Is it possible to bypass all audio FX (using fx button), except the the track you are recording? There have been times I wanted to free up resources by bypassing teh FX, but I wanted them (FX) on the track I was recording and monitoring e.g., a guitar plug in. thanks, David
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