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  1. I may be getting greedy, as there are no issues, currently, but I was wondering : I have 2 buffers chosen in "buffers in playback Que".....and after clicking ASIO Panel I noticed I am in the "safe" mode. Should I keep both as is?
  2. Thanks rsinger. I'll be watchful. Jim, No I was not using headphones. I have wondered about the zero latency for Goliath, as it is printed on their hardware. So it is when monitoring via headphones (good to know)? I think I'm good now: just sliding the buffer all the way to fast worked (from RT 23.3 ms to 3.9 ms).
  3. Thanks guys. It is ASIO (Goliath interface). I decreased the buffer in Cakewalk Driver settings to fastest. I will see if that helped. The roundtrip is 3.9 ms 170 samples. Clicking the ASIO Panel states: Safe mode engaged (which makes a big difference in output latency). Thanks
  4. When using a guitar plug-in and echo -on, there is a very short delay, almost imperceptible, but there. Easiest to hear when I can hear the guitar acoustically and the plug-in sound at an even level. Where or what would be the first place to look to correct this? thanks!
  5. Winkpain, I'm in a similar related boat. I have an Impulse 49. Are you able to assign CC# to any of the features (e.g., tremolo) of your soft synths? thanks, Kawika
  6. I have a drummer in Nashville and I am in California. He uses Logic, and I will be mixing on CakewalkBL. What is the path of least resistance. I'm thinking he can just send me a dropbox folder with the separate tracks e.g., hat, snare, tom..... Yes? thanks, Kawika
  7. Kawika

    Scuffham S-Gear Sale

    ED, nope. Dad was a professor at UNC. take care....
  8. Kawika

    Scuffham S-Gear Sale

    Thanks Grem. I may have just went direct on the solo, I'll check tomorrow; however, at 2:25 I bring in some distorted gtrs----That is definitely S-gear, and ,I think, a good example.
  9. Kawika

    Scuffham S-Gear Sale

    Used S-gear only (gtrs) on a just released LP ;love it.............Down in Smoke David Gale.
  10. OK abacab, I had thought a native plug- in like Cakewalk Electric Piano would be a good experiment example, but I guess not. Yea, I usually use 3rd party synths e.g., Omnisphere 2, Kontact horns, B4 organ etc. I will start experimenting with those. I guess it's not critical I map to the controller because I am able to play all my plug ins without incident and can edit afterwards; I just thought it'd be nice, and not such an endeavor to get started. Last rabbit hole: I don't have Automap although it is a recommended download for my controller. Is Cakewalk compatible with this and do you think it's worth exploring? thanks for you patience!
  11. "Usually the setup process for MIDI learn is as simple as (1) activating the MIDI learn mode in the instrument plugin" No luck yet. How do I activate the MIDI learn mode in ....say, cakewalk electric piano........... as an example?
  12. OK, Thanks for that! So let's take the cakewalk electric piano as an example. I see it has the ACT learn mode which I assume must be engaged when assigning CC number. And I see on controller how to change cc numbers. I need the cc# unique to the piano for each of its functions e.g., chorus, yes? And where do I find those numbers? thanks again
  13. No, Novation not midi learn, sadly, but thanks. Thanks Mike Z....wow, there is a lot to digest. I did find a Midi-ox way to control my Omnisphere. I just need the Novation Grid or map...not sure of correct vocab for the Bank/ Control/ Parameter/ CC# grid. I don't know where to find that. Perhaps it is right in front of me in my tiny LCD screen?
  14. Thanks ABACAB, I will try that tomorrow! I did make some progress today by accident: I noticed on the LCD "B4 org". I love the old Native instruments B4. Sure enough, the controller controlled all of it's parameters; didn't have to do a thing!
  15. I thank you both for your info. yea, Tezza, I'm not planning to use the mouse; I was just trying to understand why it triggered a more robust sound; thanks for your explanation. I read something about HUI and downloaded something called the MIDI-ox, recommended from Novation. It's a little over my head. I'm much better with chord inversions, lyrics etc he he. I'll look at it again I am surprised to hear that Cakewalk BL has not updated support for mid controllers; it seems like a priority The piano is not bad, and many people have 3rd party synths to use. Hmm. I am able to trigger (play music, just not use any of the faders, knobs) my synths with the Novation controller. Perhaps, I could just do that and tweak the sound, distortion, vibrato etc afterward in Cakewalk?
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