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  1. Kawika


    Thanks John
  2. Kawika


    I think I screwed up: So I need to right this ship moving forward and see if the loops are to found in a back up, If not, I do have an unopened bottle of Jim Beam. I must have deleted all my loops somehow during "clean audio folder". The good news is , I did not lose any audio attached to ongoing projects. So, I checked my Folder Locations, and it reads: 😄 Cakewalk Content\Audio Lib\ loops. My Global Audio Folder is simply D:\ The few loops I have in the C drive are still there. My intention was to put my loops on my D Drive entitling a folder "loops" (which is now empty). How can I set up my system to guard against similar problems moving forward? Thanks, Kawika
  3. Kawika


    Hi, Yes, I was looking in Media Browser from within Cakewalk. So....I went to my D Drive, where the loops folders live....and no files in the folders! Thhis is concerning as I have/had 600.00 worth of loops. I am running latest Cakewalk. suggestions? Could I have lost it all using "clean audio folder" while working on a song? Thanks, Kawika
  4. Kawika


    Hi, Any ideas on the following problem: None of my loops folders show any data. Thanks, Kawika
  5. Thanks! I did not know about automation lanes, and in doing so, I was reminded of take lanes! Take lanes were very helpful to me in tracking multiple full drum takes a while back. cool!
  6. Hi, I have a track with automated volume. I like the automated curve and want to keep that. However, I would like to operate on the event, (split, cut out a bit and rerecord a bit). Cakewalk won't let me split the event, even when I uncheck the automation. I have to delete the automation (that i like) in order to operate on the event. suggestions? thanks Kawika
  7. Cool feature (workspaces) and nice index....Prob solved....thanks!
  8. Hi John, Yea...I did update 3 months ago and love it; just not hip to some of the CbB features. Can you instruct me on this workspace thing or give me a link. thanks!
  9. Hi John, hmmmmmm, this is new to me and may need more direction. Presently, I'm saving as I always did in Sonar....a normal .cwp save. Perhaps this workspace thing is a Bandlab convention?
  10. Hi guys, I like to use modules/mix, as it allows me to quickly have the global mute and FX on my control bar. I can't seem to save this in a given project. Upon opening the project again, I have to reinitiate it. advice? No biggie but irritating...... Thanks! T
  11. Kawika


    Thanks guys....and john V...you are 100% right, my bad.
  12. Kawika


    I have some loops entitled X--Mix. Are theses cakewalk samples? Am I allowed to use one in a song? thanks, David
  13. I am wanting my TriplePlay VS2 to control OmnisphereVST3. I want Tripleplay to ignore OmnisphereVST2.
  14. Any interface with a female 1/4 input will likely work and (as mentioned) the Focusrite Scarlett is an affordable good quality one. As mentioned, computer processing speed undermining latency is important. I just went Thunderbolt (available on laptop?) and am very happy I have vintage Marshalls, Fenders, Gibson amps, but I just finished an LP using only S-Gear Scuffman software for guitar sounds. I love it! You can listen to David Gale "Down in Smoke" album to hear both clean, crunch and heavily distorted sounds. By the way, you will find support on this Forum to be terrific....very helpful. Take it from me, some who knows very little about such matters.... good luck,
  15. OK Terry....So a Vst2 controller can direct a VST3 synth?
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