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  1. Wow, bitflipper and SirWilly!!! Thanks for all the work-arounds. I have been working on this problem for the last 2 days, 4hours per day. It was very frustrating because of the intermittent nature of the problem: That is, sometimes just playing and/or recording for a full 2 minutes without incident and sometimes the problem happened after 2 notes/events. I did spray -dust the wheel. Anyway I contacted Novation and we will see what they have to say. Between your plentiful suggestions (thanks again guys/gals) and Novation support, I 'm confident the problem will be solved if only for buying a new controller. In the mean time, I found my old 2-octave-midiman Oxygen8 in my garage. Surprisingly, I was able to locate a Legacy driver. It works great! I can finally do some music, today. Thanks again, Happy New year, Kawika
  2. oops, I thought I had it. It will be fine for a few recordings and then suddenly jump up 1/4 tone. I checked event list and there is a pitch wheel notated at the point of departure. I tried using Automap unsuccessfully and am now using ACT.
  3. Hi Byron, Nope, nothing in either Plat or bL.
  4. Hi, In attempt to use Automap4, only Sonar Plat was a recognized as a DAW choice, not Cakewalk-band lab. Anybody know why? thanks, David
  5. Thank you all for your time! I found the problem: Apparently my 2-year old son turned a pot on the midi controller which is designated to pitch. Bringing it back to 0 solved the problem. I should have looked there first. Thanks again!
  6. By the way, "Event List" does not indicate any "pitch wheel" activity. Thanks
  7. It happens in all projects, and in all soft synths e.g., cakewalk SI electric piano, and Omnisphere. It does not seem to matter if it is VST2 or VST3. It happens with the mouse as a trigger. It is consistently 1/4 pitch out. I have wiggled the controller pitch wheel. I am up to date with Windows and CakeWalk band. thoughts? thanks!
  8. Hi , This problem happens even when triggering a soft synth with the mouse. Does that eliminate the controller as the culprit? thanks, David
  9. Hi, thanks, All audio files are in tune (checked against multiple sources such as 2 different gtr tuners, youtube-pitch examples, tuning fork etc). I am sure the difference in pitch in the midi instruments is around a 1/4 tone (between a half step such as B and C.)
  10. Hi, I haven't recorded in a few months and came back to find all of my midi instruments (e.g., cakewalk, wave piano, Omnisphere) all producing sounds that are around 1/4 tone sharp to standard 440. I checked it with multiple sources. They are consistent with each other. Is there some sort of global tuning to be found in Cakewalk by Band Lab? Thanks, Kawika
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    Thanks John
  12. Kawika


    I think I screwed up: So I need to right this ship moving forward and see if the loops are to found in a back up, If not, I do have an unopened bottle of Jim Beam. I must have deleted all my loops somehow during "clean audio folder". The good news is , I did not lose any audio attached to ongoing projects. So, I checked my Folder Locations, and it reads: 😄 Cakewalk Content\Audio Lib\ loops. My Global Audio Folder is simply D:\ The few loops I have in the C drive are still there. My intention was to put my loops on my D Drive entitling a folder "loops" (which is now empty). How can I set up my system to guard against similar problems moving forward? Thanks, Kawika
  13. Kawika


    Hi, Yes, I was looking in Media Browser from within Cakewalk. So....I went to my D Drive, where the loops folders live....and no files in the folders! Thhis is concerning as I have/had 600.00 worth of loops. I am running latest Cakewalk. suggestions? Could I have lost it all using "clean audio folder" while working on a song? Thanks, Kawika
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