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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBMc9s8oDWE
  2. Gentlemen, Thank you for your help and advice with my laptop I have a couple programs like Ultimate FX and the real color version of Matisse for anti aliased calligraphy I would hate to lose I don't have the installation 3.5 floppies any more or the serial numbers to reinstall External USB 3.5 drive was a necessity of the time Now a paper weight Computer guy local says he may be able to blow out debris under the pad or clean with a solvent, some sort of big enclosure for all the keys if I understand correctly Thank you also for not trashing the outcast likes of me and brother John He said you guys got to go light on me to not scare me off Don't want to scare John off either but think he is of a tougher brand of metal and here for the duration regardless The feeling of this new forum does seem a lot more open minded and receptive Pray that it remains that way
  3. My lack of punctuation to answer previous valid concerns revolves around a 10 year old Levono laptop I am typing from now and sorry if it inflicted grief on anyone The period key crapped out on me years ago I get perhaps a period strike out of a thousand that works The computer still is great otherwise and has many of my older but still useful graphic programs that can no longer be authorized if I switch Does everything I need to do for but the period key John, I do not entirely know where you are going with this but as if building a house one brick at a time I sort of understand what you are leading to though Please continue without reservation In the defunct forum, I did see the incredible discussion about reincarnation and the ignorant animal level response you got There is always progress from crude to the subtle The moderators here have been kind to allow this discussion to continue, so let it all hang out Likely no one here knows anything about reincarnation I know because of having started on the ascent very young and thus precluded the shutoff of memory all of us have access to It is way more difficult to remember and less important now in older age What I did there and then is more of a distraction than the task here and now I recognized from the vibe of your post that you know about this first hand Not some philosophical crap argument but direct experience So join my “club” All the opinions about reincarnation that were posted and likely to fire storm in the future are worth less than a dead rat’s ass Either it is or it is not Verification depends upon a certain level of subtle cognition, ability to process unconscious data outside the periphery of the idiots arguing for yes or no They do not have the slightest clue If you need to include a reference to reincarnation to bring your explanation full circle, bring it on Let any others that need do their 2001 Space Odyssey diarrhea blast, bring it on as well There is as much room and love for all In my culture, hyenas barking at the heels of a lion Please continue Were we at chapter three?
  4. Yes Craig you are allowed, and a cute play on words for sure John, no knuclehead for you yet, but keeping an eye on you to reel you in if you dive too far off the deep end You never know There are some strange people on this topic Voyager brings up an interesting point about ownership of karmas since as you explained, anything that changes position creates karma Since inanimate things can only maintain presence with precursory levels of support or existence inside and outside space Why does a rock not own its karma but a human does My own philosophical base does not address this well Please educate
  5. Dear Voyager, Can I interject an opinion into this while waiting for John’s response You asked how hard is this and if what you are going through is worth it Pramahansa Yogananda said that if someone is trying to deliver this message, then a hundred people will go by 99 will have no interest or scorn the messenger out of ignorance, but one out of a hundred may stop to listen Take a hundred who have stopped to listen and only one will take up the practice Take a hundred who have taken up the practice, and only one will be successful These are your grim odds and determines your ultimate resolution in a personal fight against death The goal of real yoga is to bounce off of the death experience while you are still alive because that is what we have come here for If you rely on tribal religions to get the virgins when you are dead, then you will sadly find yourself a day late and a dollar short Yes you are being blown apart, disassembled and reassembled Odds are severe against you but you have been given a valid path to prevail The gods envy your chance to fight One of my favorite stories is about ancient saint Bodhidarma which I hope will put some of this in perspective for you Precocious kid had a spiritual thirst that could not be answered in his land An old priest pulled him aside and told him off the record, there was good news and bad news There was a spiritual Master that could answer all his questions That was the good news Bad news was that the location of the Master was in an isolated ice cave at the top of a mountain that few survived to climb Worse that the hidden cave was a thousand miles away over several impassible mountain ranges and valleys to even get to the foot of the mountain Bodhidarma was determined and took off to find the Master The story tells of the struggle of the voyage. Frostbitten on mountain tops Lost in steaming jungles Attacked by tigers, snakes, diseases, insects He barely made it to the foot of the mountain No guide would take him up because it was an impossible ascent Bodhidarma started the climb on his own Scripture tells of the climb Close to death from starvation and the cold, he found the cave and the Master inside He prostrated himself at the feet of the Master and requested teaching The Master refused telling him that he was not strong enough to glimpse Immortality Thanks for his interest but it was a waste of time to engage in something he didn’t have the strength to achieve Bodhidarma countered with all the trials and sacrifice he had endured to get there The Master was unmoved and told him to go home Bodhidarma was broken but tried to get home Story tells of all the reverse traumas and perils He arrived back in his village a paper thin veil from death He recovered after a time and realized that this was a test He went back with all the same assaults and damage again but miraculously made it back to the remote mountain cave He entered the cave and for a second time begged for the Master’s teaching The Master replied that he did not want the gift enough to succeed and to go home again Bodhidarma told the Master that he was not leaving He would sit outside in the ice and fast until his instruction was granted or he died Bodhidarma parked himself outside the cave and began his fast About on the fifth day, Bodhidarma was getting near death Frostbite, dehydration, the cold was about to take him out and he realized that the Master was just going to let him die In a last act of desperation, Bodhidarma dug down through the snow and unearthed a large rock He broke the rock into a piece with a jagged edge and sawed off his right arm He took his bloody severed arm into the cave and shook it in the face of the spiritual Master. He said “I have still not found Peace” The Master thought a few minutes and told Bodhidarma that if he really wanted Truth that bad, then there was a slim chance he could be successful Bodhidarma received the science of introspection and was ultimately successful After his Enlightment, Bodhidarma set out on his mission to take the Gospel from east to the west, or maybe it was from the west to the east Can’t remember The old woodcuts show Bodhidarma on his mule traveling from here to there to spread knowledge, but you will notice they only show him with one arm I am not advising you to saw off your arm, but take this in context that what you are seeking is at minimum a figurative impossible climb to the snow cave John mentioned the concept of a “norm” around which we embrace our sense of what is safe and accepted Problem is that what is normal is not always what is in our best long term interest You have been given a key to the highest most incredible journeys that a human being can enter into The price of entry is the death of all your norms, all your concepts, all your safety net of those around you in the same clueless condition, lemmings diving off a cliff This will not come easy and for awhile will be dogged with pain and struggle until you can get clear Do not give up in the face of rebirth They say Jesus had to be crucified We are no different if we want to get free
  6. Yes, you can ask but will have to pry the secret formula from my dead hands
  7. Dear John, I would gladly gather up all my Hindu idol statues, all my tea leaves, all my tarot cards, chicken entrails, magical amulets and dive into the flames of the sacrificial alter for you. You have asked for something though that is impossible to comply with Ask anything else but not the family guarded recipe for pickles You of all should know why this is forbidden If you are near an Asian food store you can pick up Patak brand pickles If still not satisfied you can PM an address and I will send some jars of what my family has kept in treasured secrecy for thousands of years Love and kisses, Jyotishvarii
  8. Voyager Best of luck to you on a fantastic voyage ahead You are in good hands with John’s contacts You can PM me as well if you want to hook up with other like minded people You have already begun studying Ananda Sutram Continue this and return with any questions Please pick up a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda You may be surprised to know that John at one time was an Acharya and then trained in western medicine You might search through the old Cakewalk Coffee House because he has some interesting writings there on several fringe and taboo subjects The impact of his thoughts are evident in the 2001 Space Odyssey mentality reaction Your 2001 analogy is hilarious. Mine would have been Pearls before Swine but as I dug up and played the DVD opening sequence, I am still laughing my ass off Diet in yoga is not something critical for a couple years or so There is no demand upon you to give up anything Just understand the philosophy and hold it in the back of your mind as a place keeper for now A couple years ago John was doing some kind of ethanol fueled rant on the old forum and mentioned the Essene Gospel of Peace I thought how funny that in a place like CH someone knew about this Google for a link where these are all published and read The teachings are the highest integrity of dietary observances but too hard for the common person to adhere to, myself included Please read these as well, and for you Voyager, pay close attention to book four because this contains an essence of what you are seeking My cooking instruction is a more watered down version It will not be perfect but a good start Jesus might have said my heart was in the right place but I missed the disciplinary mark trying to pervert you guys to a lower standard Diet in yoga is based on a couple principles one of which is “Ahimsa” or non injury This presents a problem because we have to kill something else to live You get hungry and can eat a dog or a banana The banana cells get killed You eat the dog and the dog gets killed The greatest harm to the universe is in taking the life of a more developed organism doing its thing to get to higher ground and not necessarily volunteering itself for a quick trip inside our gut We are accountable even if we think we are free after the last decaying fart It so happens that the path of Ahimsa is closely in line with what is more healthy for us Processing of any kind also takes down vitality and health benefits Christ said in the Essene books that any environmental condition that you would feel uncomfortable interacting with your body also affects the healing properties of the food we eat Too hot too cold too dead etc The rabble were confused and asked him how they could cook their bread He introduced the sprouting process, sun baking and the recipe for what is called “Essene Bread” which you can buy commercially or make your own. One last offering on how yoga classifies dietary elements There are three major fields of force that mold primordial substance into rock over progressive stages and eons of time They do have English equivalents sort of so can control the urge to speak in tongues and get myself in trouble with JohnG Sentient force, Mutative force, Static force Everything around us is bound by the static force although there is what you might call a reflection effect where physical elements can mimic mutative and sentient influence Food substances predominate in one of the three properties and have a profound effect on physical and mental wellbeing Sentient foods nourish the body and mind to do the best in can under genetics Examples are grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, milk products in moderation and the like Mutative foods flog the system with energy but it is not a focused mental state Physical cells are agitated These foods may or may not be harmful to the mind and include coffee, hot spices, chocolate and others Static foods impart inertia and mental clouding They are bad for both body and mind Examples are meat, eggs, fish, onion, garlic, intoxicants, alcohol (I am filing for an exemption for my wine but not getting my hopes up) These classifications are not cut in stone because there are environmental factors that can cause shifts in the way we process John knows a lot more about these and is welcomed to explain further I think for me best to take a hike from this discussion because of the ugliness that was predictable from the get go. If good non cannibal recipes and techniques are not too pagan, I will start a new discussion somewhere up the line
  9. InstrEd Consider the fate of a cow It lives, procreates and drops dead in spite of an immaculate diet suited to the organism’s innards We cannot get close to the purity of a cow, a rat, a dog not yet destroyed by human contact Vegetarian or cannibal, we collide with the same endpoint of nescience after a few short years Our temporary probe into reality has failed and has been mercifully recycled so not to cause further interference to the greater plan Yeah got some good recipes but you guys got to be instructed to the why of it all if my contribution is to make any meaningful impact on what you need to learn Get your aprons on Get your kitchen knives sharp As painful as it will be, I will return to cause unrest
  10. Alright you rude crude dudes You asked for it You are now in Jtotishvarii's kitchen Back off and learn More to come J-
  11. John It is my hope that you have read and deeply studied JohnG's response to your original posting and can correct your tribal level grammar I am unfortunately having to put your nomination for global poet laureate on hold until you can provide a certificate of grade school graduation and high marks in English On an issue of lesser consequence I have a question Since everything has a prana aura within airial factor, can we therefore assume that everything is alive We have our pranic kosa and so does a coin but there is nothing inside the coin saying I am a coin What makes us any different on the airial level of expression from a rock?
  12. Another curiosity You said that there are medical devices that can detect the second body What are they
  13. Yes thank you John This took a lot of literary effort to answer my dumb questions but I have a grip on what you have explained I was unaware that jadasphota was restricted to aireal factor to solid factor so that a steady state of things could not be reached by material disintegration alone In addition the exit route of matter is incremental in higher evolved organisms as you graciously clarified my understanding One minute of the Buddha contemplating Reality is not the same as one minute in the life of a fly drooling over a pile of feces That is why without reincarnation cycles void of universal intent, rudimentary life forms created in the clash could not keep up with the influx of matter If this were the case I would be seeking an iron bra Did I get this right? Regarding Einstein I am sure you are aware that the egg shaped universe was known to the mystics thousands of years ago Einstein "discovering" the arc of the universe is like Columbus discovering America The whole concept and practice of valid yoga is about on the same platform It will take a few rock stars and celebrities and maybe a few regarded politicians to become involved before it is accepted in this blind culture Once they give it the green light, they can claim we "discovered" it and knew it all along Then yoga will become mainstream Somewhere up the line can you give an example of jadasphota happening on what you call atomic and molecular levels Am I about to disintegrate? I am aware of the example of collapsing star vortexes, but inside our bodies???? More within my idle curiosity is the function of our double, our second physical body It is there for anyone with the "eyes" to see but what does it do and what is it there for Original question about the second sheath is why its armpits don't stink This is safe so waiting for your thoughts
  14. Okay John Our subtle second physical structure is still encased within the confines of space but has no crude physical reference It outlines and follows the dense physical structure if we move from here to there It extends beyond the dense focus with a clear margin perhaps less than a quarter inch thick The next band is a deep wine red color about as thick as a piece of paper Beyond that the aura radiates several feet beyond the physical body It is like the color of a pastel blue sky filled with turmoil and lightning strikes that respond to our level of health and vitality Depending on our interaction with things in the environment and upon the level of spiritual evolution At one time as a child I thought everyone was aware of this I had said being aware does not include why So why or what does it do? This is of course after you throw some thoughts about why my breasts will sag even worse in a concrete universe devoid of cosmic "intent"
  15. Brother Grem I should be thanking you And Geez, John (blush) Is there any way you can get my husband to buy into half your compliments If you can do that I have an irritating daughter-in-law I'd like you to talk to Regarding the second physical body and an acceptable rationale to go forward with, what about this If you do not take a bath for two weeks why don't the arm pits of our second body stink? It is there for all to see with a little bit effort, but what is it there for? We have enough trouble with the dense structure There, you are set up to let the scriptures flow like water over under or in between the radar As I look at this though, I am finding an open minded community here that says go for it I would still like some explanation on sagging female anatomy This was always somewhat vague I will try as well not to invoke vague Sanskrit jargon if there is an English equivalent What's your spin?
  16. Alright John You done seen the better part of the sentiment around here and there are a lot of really really good guys saying to let it roll Get your backside back in the ring and answer some questions I appreciate your sentiment to not cause a flame war but think of it this way If a hundred jerks go ballistic out of ignorance but you get one soul to research a speak in tongue term, then a seed is planted before the thread is locked Is this not a victory service in the balance Looking at brother Mal's axe and it was unfair I did a lot of self study The "intent" issue is resolved on my account and you would definitely be in collective trouble if you answered Let this thought pass If the forum and moderators can tolerate discussion about rocks read my lips Rocks dudes Rocks dudes Nothing religion Nothing political about rocks you can read between the lines and spaz out about Pick you up off the floor later if this is too much for you Question is that if "intent" were out of the equation why would not the process of jadasphota not protect the egg shaped universe from being filled solid wall to wall with dense matter You referenced a "hook" that should do the job as well I have even a greater idea to give this discussion long term legitimacy and viral participation status Would the increasing gravity of a more dense universe cause a chick's boobs to sag prematurely You are set up for life now Any thoughts?
  17. Craig The discourse will continue if we have not driven rev John off into the woods never to come back Appreciate your feedback So far he is the only remnant I have collided with who knows about the second subtle physical body I have intuition that he actually witnesses it and speaks beyond scriptural books from first hand knowledge I have no idea what his former credentials are except for a (former) high ranking swami guru person in possibly the only system that understands an iota about the human condition or our ultimate destiny Hey John You got many more posts before you can compete with Mr Bapus random thoughts Let it so rock and roll Get the post count rolling Current stasis is an explanation of non unit intent and ramification of universal demise if the dead unit cannot contribute Then why jadasphota would not ultimately build Trumps wall without a penny of government funding and possibly fend off universal shutdown Then questions about our second physical body Just because you can see it does not mean you can understand what it does or what it means What is it there for What utility Why do we even have it and drag it around when we got a solid structure for mentation to work through for our decaying 3 score and 10 before the snapshot expires Jyotishvarii
  18. Afterthought on this I cant play any instrument but what about a prog rock song called Yoga Blues
  19. Craig This is partly my fault going off the deep end in public and egging brother John to explain things that are completely outside the radar but I could not resist These obscure questions and answers deal with the real practice of yoga This is not the incense choking parlor scene with middle aged moms in spandex trying to limber themselves and chant in Swahili There is no religion only science involved Those that understand the science are few and far between and more precious than any wealth to be had They are our teachers and benefactors if there is the eye to see and the ear to listen By chance I found a similar soul in beer drinking John For my life I have carried a treasure that cannot be shared with neighbors with PTA members with fraternal orders of this and that My husband Eric is the touchstone of American family responsibility but his eyes glaze over and he tunes me out when I get a metaphysics attack I would not be surprised if John bears the same frustration Was it George Harrison who said Look at you all see the Love there that's sleeping While my guitar gently weeps Hey John We can carry this conversation offline or continue here for the glorious irritation of it all J-
  20. With dear brother Grem here John Waiting for more at 11 I think I know where you are headed with this but please go forward and tell your side of the story Now that you brought it up the idea of a concrete universe is a scenario we will not face a few trillion years from now because everything is working on tap the way it is supposed to If intent were taken out of the design is there not another safeguard in place What about jadasphota Encroachment of buildup of solid factor should face one of three determinants to trigger the reaction and keep the Cosmos from being encased in some form of hyperdense matter Excess pressure on interial seeking vectors Would this not amplify reactive momenta to dissociate physical substance back into the four remaining tattvas Thus a solid universe could never happen even if god took a break for awhile
  21. Okay John you asked for it In an ancient Cakewalk post you deemed that the SRF chapter in Autobiography was nothing more than hallucination In the Ananda Marga tradition of you and my father I find death critical conflict enough to blow the validity of your philosophy out of the water There are discourses regarding metempsychosis interims claiming active intent to reconnect This does not resolve Videhe manasi, na kartrytwam Na sukhani, na duhhani A hundred percent in opposition, contradiction At least SRF is consistent whether in error or not Looks like you and my father could not make up your minds and left the common rabble hanging without a clue which way to go My mind as open as a mind can try to be if you have some thoughts to explain this
  22. Hey John Your clarification is liberating Much better and I can rest in peace It all makes sense now and your nomination for Nobel prize in literature has been submitted I do have some more questions about the pagan yoga cult you and my father ascribed allegiance to Fair enough? J-
  23. John!!!!!! My joy of seeing you here is only second to finding Frank Harvey who got drunk and vomited all over my prom dress years ago Your introduction here is filled with the perfume of humility and poetic excellence I was wanting to nominate you for some Nobel Prize, or maybe some Poet Laureate to a deserving country I do have a question however and I thus quote you "From the fishes of the air to the fowls of the sea" Obviously there is deep esoteric meaning to this but far beyond the realm of understanding for us mere mortals Forgive me if I have fallen into doubt but is this what you really meant
  24. You are right Emerald, I cant keep up with it anymore Many beautiful places to be and experience Can only be here in the moment wherever I am My traveling days are numbered Have as well missed a foggy sunrise on a mountain in the Argentina range Beautiful brisk day following melting rivulets of ice and water on a Siberian tundra Missed the northern and southern lights on both poles Missed a high tide and surf on a beach in New Zealand Didn't get a chance to witness springtime in all its glory on a far distant planet Got to find the beauty and be thankful for what is here before us Jyotishvarii Hmmm they wanna know why I edited this post Answer is because I edited it
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