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  1. Hi, this must seem like a very dumb ass question, but how to I open the whole amps page? I stumbled on it by clicking a button in upper right area of Cakewalk but now can't find it again after pressing every conceivable button and menu. I created a track for electric guitar audio, so now how to get to the amps from there? Darren
  2. Hi, I'm US based. Afrodrum or Stephen, thank you for replying. Do either of you have any time Monday to give a bit of help? Or any other times soon? Thank you, Darren
  3. Hi, I'm an older guy itching to make music using Bandlab, and am struggling to do some of the simplest things that are apparently not explained in the tutorials. Is there anyone skilled at using it with midi keyboard, drum loops and guitar who I can hire for an hour or two to talk me through getting started? I'm using Steinberg UR 22 USB Audio Interface to bring guitar and mike into the computer through a USB port. I'm imagining that you could either be on the phone with me while both of us having the program open, or do a screen sharing session? I'd love some help! Darren
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