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  1. Hi all. I'm having trouble getting my Roland v-drums to trigger Superior Drummer 3 in Cakewalk. Please bear with me as I have little experience with DAWs, VSTs and recording in general. When I play in stand-alone SD3, everything works great. My Roland TD-11 is connected via USB to my PC, and I hear what I play through PC headphones. No latency, no issues. In the Audio settings I use ASIO as the audio device. But when I add an SD3 VST track in Cakewalk, my v-drums don't trigger anything. I was expecting the plug-in to work exactly the same as the standalone program. I thought that maybe my TD-11 needs to be connected to the PC via midi cable? Or are there audio settings somewhere that I need to change? Secondly, the one thing I miss is the ability to turn on the TD-11 and play along to music from my phone on the fly, like from Youtube or whatever. Is there a way to play along to music with Superior Drummer using Cakewalk? The only way I found is to add audio files in SD3 and play along, but I find this quite limiting. Someone suggested I might be able to do this with a mixer, but I'm not sure exactly what the setup would be like. Thanks for any help!
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