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  1. Grigorios

    Waveform 10 Free

    In addition to Cakewalk, I also use Logic Pro X, Reaper and Cubase. I came across Tracktion a few years ago and was content at the time to just play around with it. I expected that I would quickly cast it aside but surprisingly I began to take a liking to it's quirky interface and workflow so I never entirely did. Things changed when Waveform 9 came out with the chord track. I never really thought I would make use of this kind of tool in my workflow, but at the time I thought at the bare minimum it might help me better organize the structure of my music. Turns out along with the MIDI pattern generators, I found it to be a fun and useful tool to create progressions and quickly generate some MIDI content which then gave way to further musical inspiration. This free version obviously does not feature the chord track but it does allows you to experiment with different chord progressions and generate and tweak content via the MIDI pattern generator (Chords, Arpeggio, Bass, Melody). Unfortunately although somewhat controversial among DAW users, these music theory aids are absent from Cakewalk at present. Of course there are numerous 3rd party utilities and plug-ins that provide this functionality for additional cost. Not only is Waveform cross platform, but it's relatively light weight, so it shouldn't burden your system should you be interested in experimenting with it. I can attest to the fact that previous versions have been somewhat buggy and prone to crash. But then again, I've experienced this in most DAWs depending on which plug-ins I'm using. Waveform 10 Free can be authorized off-line. You login and go to generate the offline file and in this case I had to select "Waveform". If this answers the question. Regards, G
  2. Where might I find the EUCON Cakewalk plug-in so that I can try to work with the Protools Control app? One link that I found supposedly offers the 32bit and 64bit version but requires an old Cakewalk/SONAR account login to download which I don't have and cannot create: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013271/EUCON-Control-Surface-Support-for-SONAR-X1 I found another link that doesn't require a login, but it appears that it is 32bit and it won't install. Thank you, G
  3. Yeah, that's too bad. I had watched most of Chernobyl Studios' old videos and was happy to find that newer videos were being produced. I can dig into reference manuals with the best of them, but sometimes it's nice to have some decently put together Cakewalk by Bandlab oriented material. What's more disturbing is the possibility of encountering these problems myself. I have yet to work on a substantial project with Cakewalk. Prior to having a go with Cakewalk by Bandlab, I had been using a combination of Cubase, Reaper, Logic, and Tracktion. I was really enjoying Cakewalk's interface and workflow and even though picking it up has been relatively easy, it does take a little work getting used to the ins and outs and the small feature details. Now I'm wondering how much time I should devote to Cakewalk until or even if these issues get ironed out. I can understand how frustrating this can be. Though Reaper is typically solid, about 5 years ago I was having some issues with a few projects in Reaper that resulted in quite a bit of lost time and alot of frustration. I am also not a big fan of the UI, despite the insane customization options. Ahh well. I guess all we can do is stay tuned I guess...
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