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  1. Yep, this fixed it. Not immediately, but turning them off in the ASIO control panel made the crackling disappear, and after I flicked it round a few times, it just worked. Thanks a bunch.
  2. (Even when these boxes in device preferences are unticked the cracking happens. Only disappears when the boxes do i.e. the amp is unplugged) Yes, I am plugging the amp (ID:Core 20) via USB directly into my computer. I'm currently using ASIO4ALL as my driver. This has been working fine for me in the past. The crackle happens throughout playback (moreso at louder sections, none at all when silent)
  3. Started a project, added some guitar, midi drums, etc. Closed cakewalk, when I came back, there is a crackle on all the audio in the project. This crackle happens whenever the amp devices show up in the device list in preferences, even if unchecked. It happens in all existing projects when they are loaded with the amp added, but doesn't affect a new project with the amp added until it is reloaded. "Turning it off and on again" doesn't help. The computer doesn't seem overworked from the graphics at the top, and I have tried everything that I could think of, so would love some help with this. Thanks
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