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  1. Has anyone used this product with Sonar? I am especially interested in the voice sound sets
  2. Okay, I live in a bubble. Had not even heard about Bandlab Cakewalk until Celemony told me they don’t even test Melodyne with SONAR Platinum any more. I’ve just been happily using SONAR Platinum with infinite updates. I’ve been a Cakewalk user for almost 3 decades, and always kept up with every upgrade, so this is a little odd. But all that aside, now I need to know whether switching to Bandlab is the right thing to . I understand it’s FREE? That seems insane, and automatically makes me a little leery. I’ve always believed you get what you pay for. Furthermore, I’ve seen hints out there (since my antenna are now activated) that perhaps switching to Bandlab Cakewalk is not necessarily a positive move. So I’d like to hear from those who’ve made the move. Recommended or not? Also, one small issue is that one of my two Platinum installations is on a machine that can only be connected to the Internet with great difficulty. Does that figure in? Thanks for your input.
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