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  1. Hey, I'm getting the odd dropout, very quick and occasionally in Cakewalk. I'm on a new Win 10 computer using UAD thunderbolt Apollos. The computer is overclocked, It's a 3.60 GHz but it's been overclocked to 4.73 GHz Has anyone heard of issues in Cakewalk with overclocked computers? I've also asked the UAD forum in case it has to do with that. I didn't have any issues previously running UAD firewire on Win 8.1 but this is a new system for me. Thanks! Jono
  2. Never mind, I found the setting in vst settings. Thanks Jono
  3. Cakewalk is only letting me open a single plugin at one time. What the heck is going on? I need to see multiple plugins like always. Is there a setting preventing me from doing this? I can insert as many as I like but I can only access one at a time. Please help! Thanks J
  4. Hi, I have forgotten how to set cakewalk up so when you add an audio or midi track, it isn't minimized but rather a particular size/height you set up. Something to do with the "lock height" but I can't remember how to get CW to always open them that way. Thanks! J
  5. Thanks, didn't know about the + - buttons! I was able to remove the ruler I didn't want. Awesome! J
  6. One more question on this: I get that Cakewalk and some other programs don't scale properly at any other percentages than 100% 200% 300% etc. but I'm wondering this: If I open a windows menu from Cakewalk, like "import audio" or "save as" etc. they look fuzzy as well.., shouldn't they just look like all windows programs? This isn't part of Cakewalk's graphics is it? Thanks Jono
  7. Hi, I would just like to view M:B:T in the Cakewalk time ruler But it seems buggy now (update?) No matter what I select in the time ruler format options, it show two things, M:B:T and H:M:S:F I only want to see one thing on the time ruler - M:B:T Is it broken now? I seem to remember not having this issue before. Also, when I go into time ruler format options, the check marks turn off and on randomly, they aren't the same every time I click on them. Is this a bug? @Noel Borthwick Perhaps you might know if this is normal behavior? Thanks! Jono
  8. I just moved over to a brand new computer, pretty smokin' specs, Windows 10 (formerly 8.1). I thought perhaps after doing that I might have better sync with mp4 video and quicktime video in Cakewalk. It's actually worse, can't believe it! (relating to exporting the audio score you create and it being a frame or two out of sync in other programs) After years of trying to get an answer for this, I was finally told that is was a problem with the Windows audio architecture and there was nothing Cakewalk could do about it. Other windows audio programs don't have this issue. It would be so great if some brilliant person out there could think of a fix or work-around for this... like some sort of way for cakewalk to calculate the amount that mp4s/quicktime files get "padded" in a Cakewalk session, and then create some sort of accurate offset that would ensure your exported audio would sync properly when delivered to another workstation. It's also a bit random depending on the video files codec, how much they will be out of sync, otherwise I could just set a simple offset or slide move when exporting. It's kind of silly to have to load up all your final score mixes or stems in another program and move them back into sync and then re-export. My original post about this issue here:
  9. Ha! I just wrote a post now saying that! Ya, it looks good at 200%. The only down side is switching it back and fourth all the time. It would be nice if in the cakewalk.exe, you could go to compatibility settings and set a particular scale for that program, rather than just the setting for ignoring high DPI scaling. That would be good. Thanks J
  10. That gives me a workaround actually. If I set the scale to 200% , it's nice and crisp and big but not huge. I suppose I could set it like that when I'm working in CW for now. PS. It's less about the graphics of the program really, more about the text. The menus (File,Edit etc.) are fuzzy; shouldn't the menus look the same as any other windows program or are they part of the non-vector based graphic you're talking about? Cheers Jono
  11. @Noel Borthwick Hi Noel, I'm combing the internet trying to get some advice on this and wondered if you can shed any light on it? Basically, Cakewalk is not responding well to scaling on a 4K display monitor. It only looks good at 100%. Other programs I have look perfect at different scaling percentages. At anything other than 100%, Cakewalk looks all fuzzy and blurry. I have a few other programs that are behaving this way but for the most part, the majority of my programs look excellent on the 4K monitor at 150% scaling (this is also the percentage Windows recommended automatically for my 4K 32" display) Any ideas would be appreciated, thank you! Jono
  12. I'm guessing you have your computer display settings at 100% for scaling?... with a monitor that big, I imagine the fonts and programs are all big enough at 100% I can't see anything unless I set the video scaling up to 150%
  13. Many other programs, like any Microsoft programs, word etc, all look like I would expect. Just certain ones including Cakewalk,Sony Vegas or Sound Forge are all fuzzy and worse than I'm used to. Windows automatically adjusted my video's scaling to 150% and everything looks the right size. It seems like the latter programs I listed like Cakewalk, don't react properly to video scaling and the other ones do. My monitor is 32" as well. Already way bigger than I need. And seriously, if I set scaling to 100%, the size is ridiculously small, even for someone with 20/20 vision. (Cakewalk's resolution seems only correct at 100%) Not sure what to do. It would be great if I could set Cakewalk to run at a lower resolution just so it wasn't blurry. J
  14. I just got a 4K monitor for the first time. Pictures and video look fantastic. But Cakewalk and most other programs are all fuzzy and look like crap! I've read about scaling and tried various things including Windows 10 dpi fix but nothing helps! Programs seem to look okay at 100% scaling but they are ridiculously small! Even Windows recommends 150% Anyone have any tips for making this work correctly? Really hoped this would work! Jono
  15. Hi there, I like to have my plugins in Cakewalk arranged by manufacturer...all good. Is there a way to keep it like this but hide certain plugins without having to create a plugin layout? Reason for this is my UAD plugins; I only own a portion of them and the full list is huge. They aren't alphabetical either as their names all start with UAD. Kind of a drag. I just want cakewalk to show the ones I own. Any ideas out there? Thanks! Jono
  16. Hi there. noticing that the new updates for Cakewalk have removed the scrolling cursor during a real-time render. It is very important to see the cursor during a render for different reasons. Why would they remove that function? How can I complain about this change? Assuming the forum is mainly for users. Is there a direct email anyone could suggest about this sort of thing? Thank you! Jono
  17. Hi there, I recently asked and learned about the setting: "Hide Related VST2 Plug-ins". I've been told some or many manufacturers don't support that feature and that's why I still see vst2 and vst3 in my lists for some manufacturers. Is there a way to hide the vst2 versions manually when the manufacturer doesn't support "Hide Related VST2 Plug-ins" setting? Remove a dll or something? Thanks Jono
  18. Hey there, I'm pretty sure my cursor would scroll while rendering a file in real-time but it's not anymore. Anyone know why not? A setting perhaps? It scrolls during normal playback... Thanks! Jono
  19. Thanks! scook informed me it was likely one of the programs was not set to run as administrator and he was right. It worked after that! Cheers! J
  20. Yes, you are right! (Don't know how you know all this stuff man!) thanks! Great tool! Just made sure both CW and SF were running as administrator and it worked! (one of them was not set to run as admin...) Jono
  21. Can anyone let me know if I can reverse whatever this tool did so I can try again with sound forge? Thanks Jono
  22. Also; Is there a way to reverse whatever actions the tools editor created when I first tried to add sound forge? So I can try again? Thanks J
  23. I just added RX7 successfully to the tools menu and it works. So it seems to be a problem with sound forge (13) Anyone else get SF13 working as a tool in CW? Thanks Jono
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