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  1. Hmmm. In Sound Forge, you select one bar and go to edit tempo and say how many beats are selected, it does the math. I thought there must be something in Cakewalk that can do it as efficiently. Perhaps audio snap or something.

    There really should be a simple plugin for that. I have on for iphone that creates a tempo map etc.


  2. I'll try to reproduce the issue and send a small bundle file.

    I know that consolidating the clips or trimming would prevent this, but sometimes you want to keep the clips un-bounced for various reasons. Like you might not wish to commit something.

    I only mentioned it as I don't remember it happening in the past.

    I rarely use the process/apply effect methods much anymore as there are so many ways of doing things nowadays.


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  3. Hi, I've noticed a bug in Cakewalk, where you select multiple clips, apply a gain effect, and get crazy distorted or missing clips after.

    If you do them one at a time the problem doesn't occur.

    The clips I've noticed often have clip fades on them.

    Anyone else get this?

  4. On 4/4/2021 at 8:45 PM, Clovis Ramsay said:

    You know whats funny about Mike's is that he avoids a step to keep from crashing his session which is EXACTLY THE SAME FOR ME!   To be able to quantize and slip edit multiple tracks longer than 30 secs long would be an ability I have not yet experienced with audiosnap.  The future is funny like that

    I've got most of this info in my brain now, a few things I didn't know. 

    The main thing I'm wondering is: How to get audio snap to put so many random, poor markers, right in the middle of a transient. Not even sure why it decides to put them there. It would certainly help to find a way to add the marker in a better place. 

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  5. Thanks for the info Clovis, such a great feature! Though, by the time I go through and correct all the weird markers etc. it's close to the time that it takes to do it manually. I will dig in and find out what I can. Just trying to get it to work better. Cheers


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  6. Hi, 

    Is there a place one can go to adjust the settings of how Cakewalk will "Split clips at audio snap pool"?

    Audio snap puts it's markers at the peak of the transient, I feel like that's not the best split-point when trying to quantize real drum multitracks.

    Also, after splitting, it seems to put crossfades but they don't cross, so there are gaps all over the place.

    Wondering if I can tweak any settings to get this working better?




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  7. 8 hours ago, marled said:

    The problem is that the transient detection on the vocal track is not accurate. Thus there are 2 ways you can fix this:

    1. Correct the transients in the vocal track manually.
    2. If you are satisfied with the transients of the whole mix, then you can also extract the groove (in AudioSnap!) of the mix to the vocal track and then let it follow the project. I only don't remember if it is necessary to disable all the transients in the vocal track first.

    Thanks! I think I need to figure out how to do #2 method... I'll give it a shot.


  8. Hey there, I have a problem I need to solve.

    I'm using audio snap on a full song mix, I set it to (set project tempo from clip) after that, I set it to (clip follows project) and at that point is make make a simple tempo map and the audio follows it really nicely. (using the Radius mix algorithm) All good!

    My problem is: Now I need to deliver the track but I need to do a split mix vocal and music separate.

    When I try to do this, the vocal track doesn't follow correctly, it's all crazy. I assume because it can only do (set project tempo from clip) properly from the music track and that the vocal is different in that regard.

    Is there a way for the vocal track to follow the tempo map the same way as the music is? 

    Difficult to explain this, but if anyone has a clue I'd be very grateful!






  9. Hi, Cakewalk added "all external inputs" I don't know what this is, but it goes to the top of the list when I go to choose a midi input on a track. I have to go in and choose a different input all the time. Is there a way to get rid of it? I can't easily find any info on it...



  10. Hi, there's a little button (X) up in the transport "mixdown audio window" that will cancel a render if started. There is a bug with it that sometimes it disappears during a render and you can't stop the render (even by hitting escape).

    Annoying when you start to render a long file nd realize there's a problem You can't stop it and have to wait until the render completes. This is a bug.



  11. Hi, I have a file with the synth "Nerve" by xfer.

    I try to turn up one of the pads, like the kick drum. Soon as I hit play cakewalk seems to be telling it to turn back down to where it was. It's driving me nuts!

    There is no volume envelope or anything, it just keeps resetting. The track volume it at 127.

    When this happens in Kontakt, I open the instrument options and tell it to ignore standard controllers for midi and pan and it seems to let go of Kontakt and allows me to adjust a volume. This is so annoying.

    Anyhow, nerve doesn't have the same option that I can see, so for the life of me I can't turn up this kick drum.

    Any advice out there? (PS, I can't reload the Nerve drum patch because the program doesn't show what preset is loaded. Really poorly designed plug. But it sounds good and I need it...)

    Please help!



  12. Hi there, I've been experiencing something new in Cakewalk...

    My "basic" template that I open each time I create a new file, has a few synths loaded and ready. I always set up my basic template that way.

    Anyhow, recently, if I add a NEW synth, it creates the new synth with audio and midi track all good BUT it alters all the inputs of the other synth audio tracks! So if I have Kontakt in the session and I add Superior drummer or something, the Kontakt inputs change to something other that the Kontakt ins and I have to go change them back! 

    What could be causing this?? Perhaps something simple but I've never had it do this before. 



  13. Hi, I have a Korg Nanokontrol 2, set up as a cc controller. It's working fine.

    The fellow in this video below is able to use CC to also control his transport controls which I would also like to do: https://youtu.be/RnGTlJjFlFs?t=135  (around 2:15)

    I know how to set it up as a control surface using Mackie control but then the CCs don't work. He is able to set them in Logic under CC somehow.

    Can Cakewalk do this? (I was looking in key bindings as well but it doesn't seem to work)

    Any help appreciated, thanks! Jono

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