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  1. Hmmm. In Sound Forge, you select one bar and go to edit tempo and say how many beats are selected, it does the math. I thought there must be something in Cakewalk that can do it as efficiently. Perhaps audio snap or something. There really should be a simple plugin for that. I have on for iphone that creates a tempo map etc.
  2. Hey, is there anything I can use within Cakewalk that will tell me the tempo of an existing clip? I usually bring it into sound forge and do it there but wondered if there was something I could use in Cakewalk. Thanks Jono
  3. I'll try to reproduce the issue and send a small bundle file. I know that consolidating the clips or trimming would prevent this, but sometimes you want to keep the clips un-bounced for various reasons. Like you might not wish to commit something. I only mentioned it as I don't remember it happening in the past. I rarely use the process/apply effect methods much anymore as there are so many ways of doing things nowadays. Cheers
  4. Hi, I've noticed a bug in Cakewalk, where you select multiple clips, apply a gain effect, and get crazy distorted or missing clips after. If you do them one at a time the problem doesn't occur. The clips I've noticed often have clip fades on them. Anyone else get this?
  5. I've got most of this info in my brain now, a few things I didn't know. The main thing I'm wondering is: How to get audio snap to put so many random, poor markers, right in the middle of a transient. Not even sure why it decides to put them there. It would certainly help to find a way to add the marker in a better place.
  6. Thanks for the info Clovis, such a great feature! Though, by the time I go through and correct all the weird markers etc. it's close to the time that it takes to do it manually. I will dig in and find out what I can. Just trying to get it to work better. Cheers JG
  7. Hi, Is there a place one can go to adjust the settings of how Cakewalk will "Split clips at audio snap pool"? Audio snap puts it's markers at the peak of the transient, I feel like that's not the best split-point when trying to quantize real drum multitracks. Also, after splitting, it seems to put crossfades but they don't cross, so there are gaps all over the place. Wondering if I can tweak any settings to get this working better? Thanks J
  8. Thanks everybody, gonna try all these things! Cheers
  9. Thanks! I think I need to figure out how to do #2 method... I'll give it a shot.
  10. PS. I see that groove clip looping can do this but the quality is terrible in comparison. Is there a way to get better quality out of groove clips, similar to the quality of the audio snap algorithms? Thanks J
  11. Hey there, I have a problem I need to solve. I'm using audio snap on a full song mix, I set it to (set project tempo from clip) after that, I set it to (clip follows project) and at that point is make make a simple tempo map and the audio follows it really nicely. (using the Radius mix algorithm) All good! My problem is: Now I need to deliver the track but I need to do a split mix vocal and music separate. When I try to do this, the vocal track doesn't follow correctly, it's all crazy. I assume because it can only do (set project tempo from clip) properly from the music track and that the vocal is different in that regard. Is there a way for the vocal track to follow the tempo map the same way as the music is? Difficult to explain this, but if anyone has a clue I'd be very grateful! Thanks Jono @msmcleod
  12. Hi, Cakewalk added "all external inputs" I don't know what this is, but it goes to the top of the list when I go to choose a midi input on a track. I have to go in and choose a different input all the time. Is there a way to get rid of it? I can't easily find any info on it...
  13. Hi, there's a little button (X) up in the transport "mixdown audio window" that will cancel a render if started. There is a bug with it that sometimes it disappears during a render and you can't stop the render (even by hitting escape). Annoying when you start to render a long file nd realize there's a problem You can't stop it and have to wait until the render completes. This is a bug. Jono
  14. I disabled some other midi devices to test and got my keyboard controller working again. Something in the new update is messing things up though. I see some new features. Something in inputs now called "External" Not sure what that is yet. Thanks J
  15. Hi, I just installed the latest Cakewalk update. Now I have no midi input. Settings are the same Please help! Thanks Jono
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