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  1. ok I get it now...you guys are so helpful!!!! I appreciate all you guys that give great effective feedback to newbies in this industry. Once my piano arrives ill give it a shot. Thank you Scook!!!🥰
  2. the other thread is about interface in general this thread is about the blue swirl issue...upon my observation, some of these issues are multifaceted and can stem from hardware or configuration so please just let the guys give their knowledge and feedback. There are times, topics can crossover..so not sure what your intention is but i find your intention as disruptive and unneccessary drama behavior. The guys here are not stupid, they don't need to be micromanaged by you.
  3. wait sorry let me start over i removed asio4all ok then i will download the drivers for the focusrite interface.... then at any point, do I involve wasapi? sorry i sound clueless...im learning as i go😟
  4. Gregy I removed asio4all im confused...wasapi has to be downloaded? i thought it was already an aspect within windows 10..maybe i misunderstood what i read on a thread?
  5. ok sorry to bring up the past lol thank u for sharing your thoughts with me😎
  6. Wookie I keep seeing the acronym CbB in threads...what on earth does that mean?
  7. omg i know! hearing them and reading comments drove me nuts. I think i disliked videos because i got annoyed haha!
  8. thank you abacab!😀 I could not move forward without u guys. I have tried researching all this stuff even on youtube and the confusion just is frustrating. Men are better at self learning engineering stuff than us ladies imo..or maybe it's just me lol
  9. thank you old joad! i feel more encouraged...i wanted to slam everything and quit. It's great meeting knowledgeable musicians here😀
  10. Hih Old Joad! I don't think mine is 2nd generation..ill have to look! So relieved to hear🤩
  11. I didn't know they had an online community...i'm learning everything all at once...it's literally like learning a foreign language with EVERYTHING. I don't even know if I should go with focusrite..it just landed in my hands because my sister bought it for youtube. But i'll have to look there as well if anyone can provide valuable experience and knowledge. But I was leaning towards a mass of people that have experience with daw and recording audio so when i downloaded bandlab and cakewalk, i discovered the resources here so it makes sense as well
  12. Hi Scook!😀 I think I understand the clarification you're providing. I think the interchanging on terminology i'm reading online is confusing me so much. Ok so does this make sense if I do this: ill look for an audio interface that is built with ausio drivers...then i'll install it. Then in cakewalk, I'll configure my audio in and output settings to Wasapi exclusive.....
  13. i can understand you perfect martin! so you're recommending...not to use wasapi? i did install asio4all drivers but another guy advised me to go with wasapi is that what you mean?
  14. HELP! I'm a novice trying to learn all this recording engineering language at the same time researching the equipment etc. Anyone know which audio interface is compatible with cakewalk? I don't need anything fancy...just great working but not luxury. Here's everything I'm using: laptop: Dell 15 3000 Digital piano 88 key: Roland GO I just configured my cakewalk audio settings to wasapi exclusive ***also I have a scarlett solo interface i bought few months ago for youtube..but would that work with my recording situtaion? i couldn't find much info online about the scarlett solo for cakewalk
  15. within cakewalk, I change the audio in and out to wasapi exclusive or shared....but do I need to first change my general settings within windows? I can't find a youtube tutorial about this....im confused. To back up a bit, do i need to first hook up my interface before changing all these settings or can I configure first then hook up?
  16. also does it make sense for me to be configuring this without hooking up the interface yet? i looked online..they say wasapi is a feature within windows 10...so i looked on youtube to see how i can configure my audio to wasapi...i found one tutorial but his settings were nothing like mine at all so nothing made sense. This is a crazy process just to record....i miss old cassette style recording
  17. where do i go to download wasapi?
  18. Hi Wookiee🙂 I'm a novice learning daws, recordin, etc....I dug up info online for this issue and downloaded asio4all. I then opened cakewalk and the swirl is gone. I then was able to ensure asio were checked off for my audio settings. Looked like it automatically did it in cakewalk so i didn't have to do anything manually. That was nice. But I don't even have an interface connected yet...i just have my new laptop and downloaded cakewalk when I got those issues yesterday. But now i found out the focusrite interface I already own ( I was going to use for recording) is not compatible with the asio4all drivers. Does it sound like I'm doing good so far? If you have any recommendations for interface, PLEASE let me know. I'll only be recording with a digital 88 key piano as my only audio instrument. Hoping to find something under $50
  19. I left cakewalk opened last night saturday...I just woke up and it's sunday...it's still swirling the blue circle cursor. Closed the program by force close thru task management ctrl alt delete. Opened cakewalk again..same thing. Super annoyed
  20. I literally have a new laptop I bought yesterday Dell 15 3000 i5/8GB The ONLY program other than cakewalk/bandlab assistant is Reaper that I downloaded just fine with no issues. I can open cakewalk but it never lets up the blue swirling cursor...initially I got that message at the top (not responding)...but that went away...i can click on stuff but it takes a long time lagging and the blue swirling NEVER goes away. Anyone having this issue? Need help SOS!
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