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  1. Hi everyone, I've put together a few suggestions here in the hope that they might be useful for future updates of this great DAW. Since I still haven't made the switch from my bought SONAR Version it is possible that some of my suggestions have already been implemented by now, so please treat this list rather as a kind of checklist. 1. when importing midi files you can optionally migrate all of it's tempo changes into the current project. 2. audio files can be easily inverted on the track. 3. the score editor allows to insert system breaks (similar to a marker) which are then taken into account in the print layout. 4. I still remember Cakewalk Homestudio 2002. At that time the snap to grid function only worked in the score editor, whereas in my last SONAR version somehow only the piano roll reacts correctly to the grid. This definitely needs to work for both. 5. it has happened to me a few times that I have dragged an audio file that I actually wanted to drag to another audio track onto a midi Track by mistake. Cakewalk then tries to analyze the audio file and create midi notes from it. Depending on the audio file, this can either take a long time or even lead to a crash. I would like to see a way to prevent this problem by first confirming that you really want to convert the file to Midi. (6). I know that this is very unlikely but I would also love to see the old Cakewalk plugins get a new version and be made available to the world again. If I didn't still own Rapture Pro or Adaptive Limiter, for example, I would miss them very much today and that even though there are more powerful plugins available on the market now. Have a great day everyone!
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