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  1. If anyone else has been waiting for this particular model to drop back to MSRP, here is your chance to finally get it! The ROG STRIX and TUF series cards are the best you can get. Yes, the MSRP is higher ($480 instead of $400), but in this case you get what you pay for. Don't wait too long. This sale could end at any time. https://camelcamelcamel.com/product/B0985YLRB3?context=search
  2. Be aware that if you got Discover for free there is no additional discount for moving up to Core. From the Spitfire website: "There is an upgrade path between BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover, Core and Professional. The price you pay to upgrade from one edition to another is simply the price difference between the two products at the point of purchase. Owners of any edition can view their price by ensuring they are logged in to our website then clicking ‘Add to Cart’ on the edition they wish to upgrade to."
  3. I don't know if APD qualifies, I only asked about Thomann Music. Yes. I got an email about an hour after my first inquiry earlier today.
  4. IKM support confirmed the following: Purchases from Thomann Music qualify for the promotion. Products purchased at a discount are still valued at the IKM website price for determining your free qualifying products. So I can purchase the Modo Bass 2 upgrade from Thomann for $144 and select three free products with IKM website prices up to $199.
  5. No longer relevant. See my follow up below.
  6. Up to 50% off. (Spaghetti Western is now $199, only $50 off. Still too much for me. 😞) https://www.fluffyaudio.com/
  7. https://www.softube.com/tape promo code BLACKFRIDAYPRICE
  8. Additional required accessories are hella expensive, behavior is quirky at best, and the response is unpredictable.
  9. VMware rocks. It still seems magical that I can fire up any OS I want on my Windows 10 desktop. 🤩
  10. Windows 10 users can use Classic Shell. I don't think it's being developed any more but it still works great. Set the Start Menu style to "Classic with two columns" to mimic the old Windows XP flyout menu style. Windows 11 users can use StartAllBack which offers similar functionality.
  11. My backup software (Macrium Reflect) is great at catching SSDs at the first hint of a hardware problem, but before anything gets lost and before any other utilities notice there is a problem at all. They have a free version but I purchased it to help support the developer. Highly recommended.
  12. I own the (first?) Soundiron bundle that I purchased from NI in 2017. I'm not eligible for the upgrade price on either Collection 2 or Vocal Suite 2, even though I already own half the products in those bundles. 👎
  13. Against my better judgment I was going to purchase the SSRC because it's only $7 with the jampoints discount. During the checkout I got an error I've never seen before: "The following billing fields are missing or invalid: zip code." Everything was entered correctly, so I cleared the browser cache and tried again. Same error. I tried two other browsers and repeatedly got the same error. I finally accepted this as Divine Intervention telling me, "You know, you really shouldn't be paying for this."
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