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  1. Another freebie from VSL: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Violin_Runs
  2. The computer I built last year is the one I always dreamed of: absolutely dead quiet with NO water cooling: Ryzen 5600x w/ Dark Rock Slim cooler Fractal Design Define 7 Compact case Corsair RM750x PSU all NVMe/SSD (this set me back a bit but it was worth it) MSI GTX 1070 (still waiting for a reasonable price on an RTX) all stock settings I literally cannot hear a sound from this system, even when gaming.
  3. That's a great price. I got 6% off with my slices for a total of $74.26 for the full guitar bundle upgrade.
  4. Not enough here upgrade-wise to rock my world. Maybe Black Friday 2023...
  5. I own everything from AAS except this. Every modular I have ever listened to has left me underwhelmed.
  6. Apparently I am a red-headed stepchild. I have Mesa 1 and my MESA220 discount was only $15 for a total cost of $34.99 for Mesa 2. Looks like I'm waiting for the GB.
  7. Be advised: "How does PA_EXT work? PA_EXT is the 1st pop-up store. We will offer you plugins from our new EXTernal brands with a best price guarantee. These offers will be time limited, valid for 48 hours only! After that time, these offers will be removed from the PA store. PA_EXT brands will not be sold via PA permanently, and they will not be included in our subscription bundles."
  8. This is what I did. Three plugins for less than $15 each, one of them being the AMEK 9099. Really didn't think I'd find a use for the $50 voucher but this deal made it way too easy. 😁
  9. FYI, if you're new to Thomann and buying in US dollars you may see the price fluctuate to $66.77 briefly until you set the correct country.
  10. Big Al was on my list. Just picked it up with the Suhr SE100 for $24.99 with the monthly voucher. 👍
  11. I got an email this morning from VSL for a free Fujara Flute. During the installation the Vienna Assistant also automatically updated Synchron Player. Now my entire VSL library is missing except for the flute. I found out after that the new version of Synchron Player - which is required for the flute - won't work with the eLicenser libraries (that require the USB dongle). I will either have to uninstall the flute and roll back to an earlier version of Synchron Player or reinstall my 400GB VSL library for the software-based iLok in order to be able to use the flute.
  12. Just the SQ-80 V AFAIK. (Sorry for the echo. Didn't see the previous post.)
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