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  1. Thanks for the responses, wouldn't you know it i opened Sonar and the problem has now vanished Now realize i did have a setup change - My Amplifire3 was usb connected when it was faulting, now its not plugged in and it not faulting. DUH!
  2. I am using Sonar x3e and have suddenly started having a strange issue. (Nothing im aware of in system has changed, no new drivers or config changes) When in playback mode the source midi tracks send their data to the VSTI selected in the "Output" field for the midi track, and things work normally. However as soon as i start the transport on "record" mode, any midi input triggers EVERY vsti in the song, not just the one that the record enabled track is set to "output" to. So if say i have two midi instrument tracks, one being a virtual drum track with an associated midi track set to get its input from my electronic kit, and a virtual keyboard track with its associated midi track input set to a controller keyboard, once i start recording hitting a drum also triggers the same midi note in the keyboard vsti and hitting a keyboard note also triggers the same note on the drum vsti. Does anybody have any idea of what might be causing this? thanks,
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