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  1. I would say the OP was referring to a problem you seem to have. No need to be on the defense, or to attack him as you just did, or to assume everything is about what only you need. It´s not like he is posting requests every other day about whatever he just thinks he and only he wants... Most of the requests he has made seem to be thought out and with an explanation, at least for his workflow. He took the time to think of them, group them, and make a post about them. Even more, he just came out with a solution to one of them, and more so he has shared it with everyone, in the hopes that it will improve the workflow of whoever needs it. So, if you don´t need his solution, then do not use it, leave it at that, and do not take it personal, just because you don´t seem to find a need for it or understand what he is after. Otherwise, indeed it seems as you are the one with the "can´t read, can´t understand, why is it not for me" problem.
  2. Hi I just run across this video showing the StudioOne´s implementation for Pipeline, their version of the External Plugin. It is a really nice implementation, with the ability to introduce notes and pictures for easy hardware recall. Although this video is showing a stereo use of the feature, at time 10:15 you will see, on the plugin menu on the right, there is a Mono version of Pipeline. And, even being a really nice implementation with lots of bells and whistles, I think we Cakewalk hybrid mixers would be more than happy even with just a mono version of the existing External plugin (of course, if it can be improved, please by all means!). For the pictures and notes there´s already other solutions, like the Snapshot plugin (for which I´ll leave a link). But the mono capability is what is hindering the full use of CbB as a real hybrid mixing tool. Also, note this video is from a couple of months ago, if anybody is still wondering on the relevance of a hybrid setup. Still hoping for this on the next update... or at least some comment from the developers even on just a timeline. Bye. Snapshot: https://non-lethal-applications.com/products/snapshot Pipeline:
  3. this operation takes three clicks... what more of a shortcut could you be looking for? -swipe to select tracks (1st click)-cntrl -click on output for quick grouping (2nd click) -select "new stereo bus" (3rd click) I think any other option for this operation would result in more clicks or "movements"...
  4. It is indeed annoying. Sadly, so far there´s not any info if this will be addressed. As another poster said, in the past it has been said it would be, but years have gone by and it hasn´t. To the developers...: Is it possible to know if these feature is in the works? maybe a timeline? Or even if it won´t be addressed at all? Thanks.
  5. Select he tracks you want. Cntrl-click on the output of any of those tracks. Select "New stereo bus". A new bus will be created and all tracks selected will be routed to it.
  6. All tracks have an "effect rack", which is the fx´s bin. To do parallel processing, make a send (pre or post facer) to an aux track or to a bus. Or use plugins with wet/dry control.
  7. Pro Channel has a light indicating clipping. Every processor has a level indicator as well. Do your due diligence and keep your levels in check. Better yet, use appropriate gain staging, and never worry about clipping.
  8. Screensaver is not a Cakewalk feature. Disable it in Windows.
  9. I referenced this post about the external insert in the update thread, and it also got acknowledged there by Noel, although with the same answer about it being in the "to do list". Also, I see a lot of other issues and requests get almost immediate response from the developers. But, after two months, 25 replies and 510 views, not this one. Not even a comment about the request, or maybe a timeline as to when we could expect this fix... or if they can offer at least a temporal alternative... or even if they would be able to fix it. To be honest, that´s a little disappointing, to say the least. I´m one of the many people that bought in to the gibson lifetime offer, and one of the reasons I did it was the hope that by supporting the company, this issue would get a solution. Glad to see there are lots of other users wanting and hoping for a solution too. But so far, it would seem we will have to keep waiting... or start (or keep) shopping around for another daw that has a better developed feature for this. Love Cakewalk, but can´t keep an empty hope and so far, it seems it is exactly what this is. Nevertheless will try to keep a bit of faith on that "to do list" for a little while more.
  10. No one is forcing you to do anything. The software owner has established certain conditions for you to use their software (free by the way). So, if you don´t like the conditions, then don´t use it. That is not "honesty". You are just making a tantrum because you don´t like and don´t want the conditions in which this free software is being offered to you, and want to impose your own. So again: owners and developers have established their conditions on how to use their software. They don´t owe you any explanation about it. If you want to use it, you abide by said conditions. If you don´t like them, you can´t use it. Couldn´t be easier to understand.
  11. I didn´t say "frustrated", so don´t go misquoting what I said, that´s not only disrespectful (again) but also false, as in a lie. And then you spread this notion about "covert software deployment", questioning the company owner of the software, but without any proof or fact... just your paranoid ideas. Without proof, that statement is again false. You are just spreading misinformation. If you are so concerned about what you install, then it seems common sense to google what it is you are installing before installing it. Other people do, that´s why you can find the answers given to them if you would take the time to do the leg work. The fact that you don´t should matter to you and you only.
  12. As far as I know, swipe is part of the multitouch implementation, which predates StudioOne by a long time. I´ve been using it for several years now. Right click whatever mixer view or track view knob or fader, and on the context menu you´ll have a "revert to"-the previous value that control had. Is a just one-level "undo", but it is there. Having said that, I also wish knob and fader moves were part of the "real" undo command.
  13. Then google this stuff and read. Newsflash: you are not unique in this world, others have had the same questions, although have expressed them in a polite and respectful manner... and they have been answered. So, go do your homework, instead of coming here complaining about and demanding stuff you ignore because you just don´t want to take the time to research about it. Want some help? start by helping yourself. Don´t like what´s being offered? then don´t install, nobody is forcing you.
  14. This observation was already made, so I posted about both issues on the feedback forum. Thanks for that link, I actually looked around and didn´t find it. Got a couple of other request, so will put it to good use. Great! Actually I thought it was related to my system, so I endured it till it was time for my usual system restart. I just did it, and also just got the chance to confirm it on another system. Any way, thanks for the attention and quick addressing of the issue. Will try and be more careful about keeping things on topic.
  15. Hi On this option, documentation says: "Single Bounce Per Track Check this if you want to create a single clip for all the bounced audio. If you don’t check this, each separate clip on a track creates a separate clip when you freeze the track." However, when unchecking "Single bounce per track" option in the Freeze Options dialog box, freeze function will only bounce first clip and make disappear remaining clips in the track. It has been like this for several past versions of CW, including present 2020.07 Early Access version. Already tried this in two different computers with same behavior on both. To verify: -Open a track with several audio clips in it. -Right click on freeze button to open options dialog box. (Fig 1) -Uncheck "Single bounce per track" option. Hit "Ok". (Fig 2) -Click Freeze button. CW Freezes only the first clips, and remaining clips disappear. (fig 3) -Dotted line indicating presence of clips remains, but they are not visualized and can´t be played. (fig 4) -Press Control-Z to undo, CW unfreezes only first clip, remaining clips still can´t be visualized, even though dotted lines indicate their presence. (Fig 5) -Upon opening take lanes, disappeared clips can be visualized only in main track lane but not on take lane (Fig 6), but still can not be played. (Fig 7) As stated, have tried this in two different computers with exactly the same behavior, even after complete system reformatting/restart. and clean install. It doesn´t matter what audio clips are present. It happens with and without plugins instantiated in the fx box. This has been happening since at least the last three CW updates, including present 2020.07 EA version. Please fix this evident bug, as it has been always working and has ceased to function, and is clearly not intended behavior. Thanks. P.S.: Also, please fix the External Insert plugin, for it to have true mono routing, as requested in this thread: Thanks.
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