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  1. Well... Another major upgrade for the software, but not even a mention about this problem. Because, it IS a problem. A DAW that is hindering the functionality of an audio interface, is most definitely a major problem. As I wrote in the OP, this issue has been mentioned, requested, and implored to be solved for thirteen years... 13!! And as far as I have seen, not once has it been acknowledge in a serious manner by the developers. For all the amazing other features CbB might have, this one thing just prevents it to be taken seriously as a professional mixing tool, and literally throws it at the bottom of the pile for this purpose. What a disappointment.
  2. kc23


    Sorry, I was away and posted from memory. The correct tip is: Put cursor on fader or knob: "+" or "-" in numeric pad change value by 0.2 or 0.3 (basically, 0.25) Put cursor on numeric value, press enter: While value is highlighted, "+" or "-" in numeric pad changes value by 1.0. I´ll edit the previous post with this correction. Cakewalk[1].mp4
  3. kc23


    Put cursor on fader or knob: "+" or "-" in numeric pad change value by 0.2 or 0.3 (basically, 0.25) Put cursor on numeric value, press enter: While value is highlighted, "+" or "-" in numeric pad changes value by 1.0.
  4. Set Snap properties to Landmarks-Events. Before clicking, turn off time-snap in snap-module in control bar. Click near start of clip, cursor will snap to start.
  5. Hit record, recording will start where cursor (now-time) is. Or, make a time selection, go to punch-in module in control bar, press "set punch points to selection" button. This behavior has been implemented a long time ago.
  6. Use PluginManager. Make new layout. You can set as many folders and subfolders as you want. Drag plugins where you want them. Save layout. Upon loading new fx, go to plugin layouts, load saved layout. This feature has been implemented for many years.
  7. Make presets. Load a kit, click on presets, write name, save. Load new SessionDrummer, click on presets, click name of preset, kit will load. Presets have been implemented for many years.
  8. If you select group, and then copy: -Put cursor on time you want to paste, normal paste (cntrl-v) will paste accurately where the cursor is. -Put cursor on time you want to paste, paste-special (cntrl-alt-v) will paste accurately in time you set in "starting at time" slot. Just tried it, it is expected behavior.
  9. Inspector is showing "multi" because in a group there are multiple clips grouped. Individual clips in a group can also be selected. Click on the "body" of the clip, then check inspector. Also, select group, check selection module on control bar, it will show start of selection=start of first clip.
  10. No assumptions. The facts shown by your operation and your answers lead to this inevitable conclusion. Ideas, suggestions and creativity require to know the correct operation of whatever tool one wants to wield. Again, the facts shown by your operation expecting the desired result, and furthermore your answers to the questions asked and suggestions given, show you don´t know the way the tool works, or the reasoning behind it. This answer further proves the point. Haven´t insulted anyone. In any of my posts, in any of the threads I have posted. I have addressed you directly in one other thread. If you are tired, get a rest. However, you do have insulted at least a couple of posters in other threads just this week, not counting your insult to me just now. You just don´t like being called on it, and then take it personal. Nothing to give up here. My pair are well grown in to maturity, something your answers say otherwise about your own. Again, just because you don´t like an answer given to you, does not mean it is an insult. I would think in order to "belong here", one would have to know what they are talking about, or at least be willing to learn about it, none of which seem to apply to you at the moment. No more left to say on my part.
  11. These answers suggest you don´t have a good grasp on how signal flow and/or the routing in CbB work. The question and later suggestion are showing the error in your assumption. And the solution to the desired routing. Which will end up in a mono sounding track on the bus configured as Master, most likely raised in level by 3db. Hence, it is not a bug.
  12. My suggestion would be to try to ignore the ones with this attitude. I´ve seen them not only here but on some other pages, they tend to answer fasy and take it personally. I´ve had a couple of interactions when I think they go over the line... but try for the most part to not pay attention. And, I like to think they are not the norm, usually most other folks with a more down to earth demeanor come and pitch in, in a reasonable and helpful manner (as you may see has already happened in this thread). I fail to see what are you referring to with cakewalk´s "clip automation" vs protools "clip gain". Cakewalk´s clip gain editing IS clip gain, with the feature that is automatable. In my experience they work almost exactly the same, both present themselves as an envelope you drag to meet the desired level. The one thing I think is different is in ptools you also have the "little fader" on the edge of the clip, which sets the level for the whole clip by changing the envelope level. If working with deessing, I would think for that workflow to be more cumbersome for one clip at a time, as you would have to first split at the beginning and then at the end of the "ess" clip, and then grab the little fader to adjust. In cakewalk, you change to clip gain editing once, and then within the clip, select (highlight) the "ess" portion, drag from the top to adjust, move to the next. This works across multiple tracks. To leave clip gain editing just shift-click anywhere in the clip, and to get back you shift-click on the envelope again. Maybe for multiple clips there would have to be a few more clicks but not so many... first make your splits, change to clip gain editing, press F7 (to change to the move tool), cntrl-click to select all your "ess" clips´ envelopes (that is, cntrl-click on the envelopes themselves), and drag on one of them to adjust all. This works across multiple tracks also. I think it may be just one or two clicks more than ptools...? Perhaps you could be more explicit as to what workflow you want to achieve as it seems it´s not clear enough to know if maybe its already there... or indeed it´s not?
  13. I would say the OP was referring to a problem you seem to have. No need to be on the defense, or to attack him as you just did, or to assume everything is about what only you need. It´s not like he is posting requests every other day about whatever he just thinks he and only he wants... Most of the requests he has made seem to be thought out and with an explanation, at least for his workflow. He took the time to think of them, group them, and make a post about them. Even more, he just came out with a solution to one of them, and more so he has shared it with everyone, in the hopes that it will improve the workflow of whoever needs it. So, if you don´t need his solution, then do not use it, leave it at that, and do not take it personal, just because you don´t seem to find a need for it or understand what he is after. Otherwise, indeed it seems as you are the one with the "can´t read, can´t understand, why is it not for me" problem.
  14. Hi I just run across this video showing the StudioOne´s implementation for Pipeline, their version of the External Plugin. It is a really nice implementation, with the ability to introduce notes and pictures for easy hardware recall. Although this video is showing a stereo use of the feature, at time 10:15 you will see, on the plugin menu on the right, there is a Mono version of Pipeline. And, even being a really nice implementation with lots of bells and whistles, I think we Cakewalk hybrid mixers would be more than happy even with just a mono version of the existing External plugin (of course, if it can be improved, please by all means!). For the pictures and notes there´s already other solutions, like the Snapshot plugin (for which I´ll leave a link). But the mono capability is what is hindering the full use of CbB as a real hybrid mixing tool. Also, note this video is from a couple of months ago, if anybody is still wondering on the relevance of a hybrid setup. Still hoping for this on the next update... or at least some comment from the developers even on just a timeline. Bye. Snapshot: https://non-lethal-applications.com/products/snapshot Pipeline:
  15. this operation takes three clicks... what more of a shortcut could you be looking for? -swipe to select tracks (1st click)-cntrl -click on output for quick grouping (2nd click) -select "new stereo bus" (3rd click) I think any other option for this operation would result in more clicks or "movements"...
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